17 Stunning Name Cards For Your Table Settings

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Tell attendees where to sit in style with these 17 examples of stunning name cards to create the perfect place setting for your event.

Place cards are designed primarily to denote assigned seating at the table at an event. Escort cards are also sometimes used to inform guests of which table they should be looking for, to guide them from the reception area to their seat, to minimize confusion and lost bodies.

Place cards and escort cards can be a small but beautiful details that you can put thought and attention into. Attendees are expecting more than just the standard folded tent cards nowadays and that’s why we have compiled a list of stunning choices that range in price to suit all budgets and give your table scape a little something extra.


  1. Book Pages

These are perfect for last-minute event planning and ideal for low budgets too. You could choose a particular book and make attendees guess where their snippet came from as an icebreaker idea or you could make them random depending on what you have on hand. Either way it’s a lovely, simplistic idea.

Credit: Bookish Bliss

  1. Handmade Soap

This is a quirky idea, particularly if you are looking for ways to leave a lasting impression with your guests as this idea leaves them with a memento that they can use, take home, and remember where they got it. It’s organic and natural which will appeal to many and you could adapt the smells to suit the tone or theme of your event, e.g. seasonal scents.

Credit: Handmade & Homemade

  1. Green Agate

Think outside the box when it comes to calligraphy by using rock formations such as these stunning agate slices. A type of common gemstone that can come in a variety of natural and bold colors will make for an interesting talking point and could be for those with bigger budgets, particularly with a lot of guests.

Credit: Cocotier

  1. Pine Cone Placeholders

Inexpensive (particularly in the autumn) and a simple décor idea that can tie into a nature or eco theme quite easily. These simple tags are easy to tie on with string and you can mix it up by spray painting them to ensure they fit in with the color scheme.

  1. Gold-dipped Pear

A brilliant budget idea that looks modern, classy, and makes a statement are these pears that are spray painted white and then dipped in gold paint at the bottom, finished off with petite circular tags. Just remember not to make them too early or the fruit will start to go bad.

  1. Sea Glass

These smooth, frosted glass shards create beautiful effects but also come in different shades and colors making them all a little different. The white calligraphy sets it off and provides a lovely contrast so it is easy to read as well.

Credit: Sam Allen Creates

  1. Mapped Aeroplanes

Most people can make a paper aeroplane so this DIY idea should be accessible to everyone and making them out of maps adds a cute decorative element and more thoughtful. Add the names as the tails and allow attendees to choose their own destination, particularly with vintage, travel or destination events.

Credit: The Reserve Vintage Rentals,  Jessi Caparella

  1. Wax Seals

A stunning idea that adds a regal effect to the place cards and can also be fun to create using wax seals. You could also personalize the seals with an event or company logo as a branding opportunity too! What also makes these cards interesting is that they are done on clear Perspex slides which makes them more dynamic to both look at and touch.

Credit: PaperOcelot Studios, Wax Seals, Mason Neufeld

  1. Jar Vases

This sweet idea involves breaking apart a bouquet and adding different elements to individual jars. As you can see, foliage and branches have beautiful effects too so it is not all about the florals. Adding name cards around the vases gives a personal, rustic touch that is particularly sweet and the jars can be reused again for another event. Using singular flowers can also be a a way of cutting down the flower costs and keeping within budget.

Credit: Adorn Event Styling

  1. Oyster Shell

Shells can be a beautiful and budget-friendly décor idea but this example takes it a step further and turns them into a piece of art. Combining the natural with the calligraphy element is a strange mixture that works and will get your attendees talking as this is a quirky, memorable idea.

Credit: Bonnie Grainger

  1. Tag Ties

For low budgets this can be a simple idea for a place card combined with the setting that incorporates the cutlery that you can throw together last minute. Choose tags that compliment your color scheme and interesting string or ribbon like in this example that makes it more interesting.

  1. A Fine Feather

A simple, but sweet idea that can be quite elegant (with the right feathers) and fairly inexpensive, particularly for rustic or farmhouse styles and themes like in this example. Added to peephole tags and calligraphy brings it altogether with a human and nature combination.

Credit: Rooted Farmstead, Jana Scott Photography

  1. Laser Cut

Add a personal touch by having each guest’s name laser-cut and place them over the plate to wow them. You could also stand them up against the centerpieces or have them cut with bases. This specific example can be customized in different colors too so that you can take your event color palette into account.

Credit: Alison Caroline Designs

  1. Marble

Marble tiles are a hot table trend right now and it is easy to see why with these stunning effects. This example is also large enough that they can double up as coasters and therefore makes them multi-functional on the table.

Credit: My Creative Space

  1. Pebbles

White pebbles can provide the perfect backdrop to calligraphy place cards and generally each one is slightly different, making it unique to the guest as well. These gold-written pebbles are stunning and relatively inexpensive if you collect them yourself, (if you can do calligraphy, it’s virtually free!)

Credit: Something Old Dayton

  1. Animal Cut-Outs

If you want a traditional tented fold you can make them more interesting by adding pop-up cut outs when they are folded. These animal-themed place cards are classic and classy but have a little flair to them too.

  1. Diamante

For those who want bespoke ideas, this can be a beautiful card that incorporates a ribbon and some bling to give it some sparkle. The printed calligraphy gives it a professional feel as well as the double backing to hide the ribbon tie.

Credit: Designed By Brownings

In Conclusion

As you can see, virtually anything can be incorporated into a place card, from fruit to book pages – if it has their name on it and goes on the table, it counts! Regardless of the place card design or medium that you choose, remember to make it interesting. Even if this just means alternating colors or styles, place cards can be a talking point and small detail that makes a good impression on your guests.