17 Snappy Event Photo Booths

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Get the props flowing and snaps going with fantastic photo booths that are a guaranteed hit every time.

Photo booths can be a participatory activity, an ice-breaker and a way to capture the event for attendees before having them share on social media, the perfect marketing trifecta for a successful event. They are suitable for virtually any event type from baby showers and weddings to exhibitions, conventions and corporate retreats – you just need to adapt them to suit. We have found a variety of different photo booth options that you can incorporate into your event to maximize photo opportunities.


  1. GIF Booth

A GIF booth puts together a series of images or video to create an animation that you can share on social media with funny or interesting captions. GIFs are becoming a fun way to communicate and will be a novelty at your event and have a similar layout to a traditional photo booth as you can see here. A beautiful floral backdrop and some props are all you need to make this corporate event a success.

Credit: Sharebooth

  1. Selfie Mirror

Everyone loves a selfie and you’ll be able to spot attendees documenting their own take on the event throughout the day but this gives a unique experience! The mirror gives attendees a hands-free selfie opportunity as well as a digital touchscreen display for easy operating.

Credit: GoGo Booth

  1. Back-to-Back Booth

Photo booths are a popular activity at an event which can be disappointing for some if they don’t get the chance to use it or a queue starts to form. This idea is excellent for accommodating larger events or numbers by having two booths back to back and using a double-sided backdrop to preserve space and cost.

Credit: PhotoBooths of SoCal

  1. Sitting Sofa

Allow guests to take a load off with an informal style photo booth such as this one. The couch can accommodate several people with some standing behind for different tiers and large groups while the booth itself has a digital screen so everyone can position before it captures the image.

Credit: G & R Photo Booth Hire

  1. Surfer’s Paradise

Transport attendees with an inclusive booth that is themed and places them into different scenes. This fabricated and hand painted wave booth doubles up as a standalone prop but can be used with the traditional photo booth layout by having guests stand and ride the wave at this beach themed event. If you want something more adaptable and less niche, you could opt for a green screen effect rather than a fabricated one.

Credit: In House Creation Pte Ltd

  1. Big Balloons

Balloons and inflatables can provide a stunning backdrop that ties into décor and colour scheme. In this example the oversized balloons make it look like a cloud wall! The photo booth section of this layout is easily adaptable and can be moved so that you can transition the venue from one use to another throughout the day.

Credit: Photobooth Supply Co photo booth, River & Bridge

  1. Frames

An increasing trend for DIY photo booths is to use empty frames to create cool effects. Some like to create or print social frames that have event information or hashtags as a cool signage and branding opportunity while others will hang, traditional ornate frames for guests to pose with. Another fun idea is combining the frames with a head-in-hole so that guests are posing with a backdrop.

  1. LED Convention Booth

Stand out from the crowds at a trade show or exhibition with this portable, inflatable LED booth that definitely draws the eye. Plus, as it’s inflatable it can be easier to transport and set up at a convention and would create funky effects on the images with the lighting, talk about that neon glow!

Credit: RICO Events

  1. Secrecy

Photo booths don’t have to be open, they can help to create those intimate moments at a wedding or family event without everyone looking on. This booth with a privacy screen is particularly suited for introverts or special moments while also having space for a group or family photo as well. Also, putting the guest book close by can encourage more guests to write in it while they wait.

Credit: FX Photo Booth

  1. Mall Pop-Up

Spontaneous pop-up events can be powerful but fleeting in terms of guerrilla marketing for brands but you can prolong their life by adding a photo booth. This photo opportunity example also spreads awareness and creates more of an impact for the pop-up because it showcases the brand name, product placement and event hashtag alongside the visitors with a fun head in hole booth.

Credit: PhotoBooths of SoCal

  1. Photo Bus

You’ve heard of street food in quirky transport but how about a roadside photo booth like this one. This converted bus is still driveable but has fun scenes and props in the back for a fun pop up addition or to park up at your next event. The big photo signage on the top helps it stand out among the crowd and would be an excellent novelty at a festival.

Credit: SelfieBUS

  1. Venue Backdrop

This is the perfect example of how you can use your venue to create the perfect backdrop for your photo booth and pictures for those on a low budget. These wine bottles can create an intricate décor piece which is of course tied to the venue and event so the photos are still memorable but you can adapt this to suit different areas, for example are there any trees or foliage at your venue or perhaps ornate doors and windows you could use instead? Alternatively, you could use up lighting and a plain wall as a budget photo booth backdrop.

Credit: Chroma Photobooth, V. Sattui Winery

  1. Themed

This hot air balloon is a cool way of integrating themes or ideas into the booth and this lucky couple have their wedding colours incorporated into the balloons to match the bouquet. The staging is fairly simple with stunning effects and placed outside on a terrace or veranda makes it looks like it is above tree level in the sky too. Use your imagination when thinking themed booths and you could incorporate everyday elements just like this for jaw-dropping event photos.

  1. Vintage Upcycle

Just because you are on a budget does not mean your booth has to suffer and this is the perfect example of this. Completely upcycled and staged to create an interesting vintage feel the lamp is made from an old chandelier while the backdrop is actually an old set of barn doors, adorned with empty frames, add a vintage piece of furniture and you are ready to go with a professional looking set!

Credit: Nelly Pluma Glee

  1. 3D Booth

Bring more tech to your event to showcase on social media and give attendees more dimension with this 3D photo booth to capture every angle. As you can see the image is still branded and something as simple as leaves in the booth come across in detail for an excellent effect, plus it looks like a lot of fun!

Credit: Twenty156 Events

  1. Corner Cubicle

Simple and effective, particularly if you aren’t working with a lot of space a traditional cubicle can provide the photo booth service and get the job done without overcrowding the event space. Tucked in the corner you can still fit several people inside and with the professional lighting it helps to capture attendees at their best, plus with a small box of props you can encourage event fun too.

Credit: KM Booths

  1. Red Carpet

Who doesn’t want to walk the red carpet, except replace the annoying paparazzi with a photo booth camera and lighting. This love inspired step and repeat gives guests the A-list treatment and a luxury feel at this photo booth and it also provides custom prints for the bride and groom as well as their family as additional mementos of the day.

Credit: PhotoBooths of SoCal

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In Conclusion

With adaptability for space, colours and enclosure, photo booths are a firm favourite among attendees as well as social media to naturally promote your event so it is good to rent or invest in one. Just ensure that you are utilizing the signage and branding opportunities to make the most of it.