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17 Giant Props For Your Next Event

Props, if done badly can look tacky and cheap (even if they stretched the budget) so it’s important to use them in the right situation. We have some fantastic examples of gigantium props being done right. Props at an event can have a variety of uses including:

Branding – Adding business or event branding to your props can not only easily get your name out there but also represent and encapsulate the brand, such as through oversized versions of products.

Photo opportunities – Props tend to draw attendees to them, and generally the bigger the better so it won’t be long before you see your props on social media (so try to squeeze your event hashtag in there!)

Sponsorship – As large focal points, props can be excellent opportunities to offer something different to make your sponsorship packages stand out.

Décor – Use props to draw the eye and compliment other room décor or even have them covering unsightly areas of the venue or larger, plain walls.

Here are some interesting real-world examples for some giant prop inspiration.

  1. Fruity Fields

An excellent example of using props as décor but in keeping with brand and product awareness is this London cosmetic campaign event with the slogan “keep calm and cherry on”. Giant cherries in the park not only draw attention but become photo worthy and the non-descript fruit makes people want to ask questions which gets them involved in this event.  

Credit: Muna’s Coolture

  1. Cartoon Cut-outs

Props can also draw on outside inspiration like these Smurfs-themed party props.These cut-outs can be placed anywhere which make them diverse and adaptable to suit the event while being  lightweight so they are easy to transport and set up! Plus, cardboard cut-outs tend to be cheaper than fully made props with other materials.

Credit: Famous Signs Inc.

  1. Popcorn Stations

If you want a quirky food station to make an impact you can incorporate giant props such as this large popcorn bucket with lollipop stands! It can stand out in a crowded event and also acts as its own signpost so people are drawn towards it to congregate,making them more likely to visit the stand itself.


Credit: Access Texas

  1. Social Frames

Social frames are a fantastic way of engaging and connecting social media to your event. They are photo-worthy and also have your event details (as well as your location and hashtag) and can inject a little fun into your event. They don’t have to be restricted to the photo booth either, they can be set up around trade shows against different backdrops so attendees can pick them up and take photos in the action.

Credit: Go Go Social

  1. Door Tunnels

The experience starts at the entrance of your event so making a powerful impression is key. These framed, offset tunnels automatically get attendees interested and thinking about the event and it can help to transport them into the right mindset and atmosphere that you are trying to create.


Credit: Experiential Inspiration

  1. Candyland

Use props to transform a venue like in this pop-up space. The giant frame along with indoor trees and large lollipops all grab attention from various floors and draw people to them. They encourage photos and help to convey the theme to guests even though it’s a small space and there are no real walls to work with.  

Credit: The Propz Company

  1. Tiki Faces

These awesome, giant tiki faces create a screen to help to cordon off certain areas of this outdoor venue allowing you to steer guests in the right direction without detracting from the theme. This private themed party also has an impromptu backdrop that can create impressive event photos.

Credit: Creating A Scene Inc.

  1. Marquee Letter Table

Marquee letters are popular and are excellent for branding and signage, but this is a new twist on the idea by turning them into a functional table like in this carnival example. They are easy to adapt and you can use themes, brands, or your event name and can use up excess space, particularly with outdoor venues.

Credit: Marquee Letters Toronto

  1. Big Board games

Have fun with props and make them playable like this giant Jenga which has also been branded and signed for extra effect. Adding elements of fun to serious events makes them more memorable and with larger props or games, they can really win attendees over.

Credit: Bright Leaf VM, The Graphical Tree

  1. Get Glossy

Attract more traffic to your booth at trade shows by making attendees notice you from afar. This 5-foot product replica is an excellent way to draw attention and although can be costly when 3D printing, the detail is amazing and will wow attendees by seeing some of their favorite products, jumbo sized.

Credit: Bridgewater Studio

  1. Surfs Up

This surfboard kiosk is an awesome prop that can be stood on to create a photo backdrop and it keeps with the beach theme of this event so it is not out of place. You can also use props like this instead of photo booths or alternatively as a quirky way to jazz up your exhibition space.

Credit: In House Creation Pte Ltd

  1. Floral Halo

Incorporate flowers and foliage into your props and come up with something that matches the centerpieces like this floral halo. It can also be used to create an altar for a wedding, like in this example or it could be placed outside to form an entrance for an outdoor venue.

Credit: The White Boutique – Events

  1. Big Size Brand Products

Showcase your products for a new launch with giant versions of themselves to introduce them to guests. These foam-sculpted props are replicas for an Avon cosmetics launch which will allow attendees to pose with them as well as be positioned around the event space for maximum impact and make attendees remember the brand.  

Credit: Coastline Creations

  1. Oversized Seating

Nothing says fun like seeing ordinary furniture scaled up and this creates a great illusion for your event as well. Giant chairs or furniture that still allows attendees to sit on can be quirky seating alternatives that are surprisingly comfortable as well as props that can accentuate an event theme.

Credit: Giant Deck Chairs

  1. Cosplay Carry-Ons

Who said props had to be stationary? They can be used as part of cosplay like in this example or given to staff and guests to carry around. Attendees can also have a turn carrying or playing with giant props such as jumbo beach balls or a big Thor’s hammer that they try to pick up!

Credit: Kal-Karot

  1. Mega Mario Gaming

Add retro nostalgia to your event by incorporating arcade games such as Super Mario and then using giant props to change the experience. Not only is this more fun to play on this mega keypad, but you can also involve 2-3 more people to play the game which is an excellent way to get more attendees involved at your booth.

Credit: Perfect Parties USA

  1. Go Travelling

This is the perfect combination of theming and giant props because this oversized passport acts as the photo backdrop and the added décor helps to frame the area. Using “passport photos” serves as an excellent guise and creates a completely immersive experience for the attendee and shows what giant props can actually do.

Credit: Creating A Scene Inc.

  1. The Carousel

These beautiful carousel horses show that you can bring elements of a theme to life without needing the real thing (who can fit a whole carousel inside a venue?!). They are excellent props that can be positioned in ways such as framing an entranceway or filling dead corner space at a venue.  

Credit: Event Prop Shop Ltd.

In Conclusion

Giant props can be invaluable to an event and whether you are going for cardboard, foam, or 3D printing there are always benefits such as brand awareness, sponsorship opportunities, and endless photo possibilities from having oversized items at your event.