17 Eye Popping Balloon Art and Sculptures

Balloons are in, and the options are diverse.

Do you have empty space to fill at your venue, boring entrances or décor that’s looking a little flat? If yes, balloons could be on the agenda and as we found in our latest 2018 trends report, they are popular with attendees too, so what’s not to love?

Balloon art can be minimal and still make an impact or you can go big and showcase some excellent fun and creative ideas. We show you both ends of the spectrum with these inspiring balloon art and sculptures to give your event the wow factor.


  1. Tunnel of Love

Creating an immersive entrance experience for this love boat themed event, this giant balloon tunnel is the perfect example of how balloons can be sculpted together. This could be elongated for wider areas but this length is still able to provide ample transitioning into the event. During evening events, uplighting can also be used for stunning effects reflecting off the balloon’s colors.

Check out the heart 💓 balloon 🎈arch created by for a Loveboat themed event onboard the @starshipsydney_starshipaqua

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Credit: Sydney Prop Specialists, Balloons Online, Starship Group

  1. Monster Photo Opportunity

Something like this monster example would be an awesome, temporary photo opportunity for your event. The background is colorful and causes photos to pop while the large sculpture makes an impact as a standalone piece to get attendees talking. Simply stand on the inside and let the fun event photos flow.

Credit: Events by Nyla

  1. Giant Vehicles

If you’re looking for pizazz and to stand out on the showroom floor, giant balloon sculptures that compliment your brand or message can help. Although this John Deere tractor took 8 hours for the 2017 Tennessee State Fair it definitely had the wow factor to get noticed.

Credit: Sam Cremeens

  1. Cat Pillars

Balloon pillars and columns are popular for creating runways, entrances and showcasing certain areas but they can also be perfect ways to utilize dead space and integrate décor. This fun idea takes it one step further by giving the pillar an identity and using a cat theme to complement this corporate Halloween party.

Credit: Infante Creations

  1. Baby Shower Bundles

This standing décor balloon stroller works well at a baby shower and is a cute accent piece for the room. With the baby colors added tied into the golden color scheme it’s a baby carriage fit for a prince but what really takes this piece away is the lighting effects inside when the lights go down. Using blue LED lights shining through the wheels, this is a talking point of the room and worth the time and effort to create it.

Credit: Designs by Javy

  1. Staff Wearables

Who said balloons had to be stationary? If you are looking for fun ways to incorporate your staff in the theme or create roaming characters then balloons can be a quirky alternative. This bumble bee wearable costume would be excellent at celebrations but also to draw attendees to a booth or area at an exhibition or trade show. It brings new meaning to the event staff uniform.

Credit: Balloon Blasters

  1. Brand Recreation

Balloons that recreate branding, products or imagery like this can be excellent corporate décor ideas and this is a cool example of balloon sculptures done right! This team created a replica of Lewis Hamilton’s car back in 2014 as part of a celebration for a race win for the Silverstone Racing Club corporate event and we bet it was talked about!

Credit: For Every Occasion Balloons

  1. Aerial Plane

We all know the benefits of aerial décor when it comes to planning and venues, however, this idea is multifunctional because it also forms part of the entertainment. This superhero party involved Wonder Woman in a clear plane made entirely of balloons that drew gazes upwards and created a dynamic and immersive experience. Plus, it’s a simple but sophisticated idea!

Credit: All About Balloons

  1. Hanging Balloons

If you are lacking in helium, time or simply want to do something different then hanging  balloons is a cool alternative. Normally we are looking for them to rise but when they cascade they can create stunning effects like this. Simple but effective this could be used as part of a photo backdrop, immersive entrance or aerial decor to make a difference.

  1. Character Scene

Using notable characters like these Looney Tune favorites; Tweety Pie and Sylvester can add a fun element to your event and generate recognition. They would fit into light-hearted events or those looking for a quirky or cartoon aesthetic and as they are part of a scene they can use the space well to fill gaps.

Credit: Pop Balloons Décor

  1. Beer Participation

A large drink or beer that is perfect to suit the tone of this event and also works as a participatory activity to incorporate attendees. This “push the beer” game not only stands out and draws attention to spruce up this venue but creates enjoyment and something for attendees to do which is sure to make it more memorable.

Credit: Lufiverzum

  1. Seasonal Walkthrough

This display is an impressive display and would certainly be considered art. This Santa’s grotto is immersive and allows attendees to walk around to experience and interact with it. The different balloon sizes and elements give a level of detail that will clearly make a big impact with plenty of creativity for attendees to look at and enjoy. Plus, lighting effects are incorporated through a lot of these which adds a little Christmas magic. This would be an excellent backdrop, walkthrough display, décor or photo opportunity for your festive event.  

Credit: Magic World Party

  1. Basketball Arches

Themed arches such as this can be an interesting addition to your venue and as you can see don’t always have to provide the entrance way. These basketball arches, for example, are being used to showcase the buffet table and highlight an important venue element which could be adapted for corporate events, trade shows and exhibitions depending on what you want to show off.

Credit: Elegant Balloons

  1. Tabletop Miniatures

Use balloon art or sculptures on a miniature scale by downsizing and using on tables as favours, place settings, decoration or centrepieces. These are cute characters for a children’s birthday party table scaping but the idea could be adapted to suit a corporate theme or layout.

Credit: Mgmoonballoon

  1. Designer Shoes

For this Louboutin inspired event, these bespoke shoes were made for glam décor. This is another example of how you can use signature products, turned decoration at your event and would be an excellent idea for product launches or displays. You could create balloon models of your products and showcase them in jumbo size!

Credit: Jill Clayton

  1. Hot Air Balloons

Combining balloons with other elements to create intricate décor pieces is another way to go and this had stunning results. Using pastel colored balloons of varying sizes (very unicorn theme trend) attached to a basket to create the illusion on a hot air balloon is quirky, fun and works well, plus it creates a feature piece. This could be a cost-effective alternative to props if you are looking to cut down your event spending.  

Credit: Belle de Balloon

  1. Mario and Luigi

Another way character balloons can be included are with these Mario and Luigi standing creations. Not only are they holding their own balloons but create a photo opportunity that attendees can be snapped with at the event. This design would also be excellent as entrance pieces because they are welcoming and could stand either side of the doorway.

Credit: Pop Space Balloons

In Conclusion

Now you see why balloons have everyone excited and are an increasing trend for event décor. Don’t forget that you can utilize them further by using them for signage or to create interesting sponsorship packages and opportunities.