17 Dance Floors To Enhance Your Event

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Outdoors or inside, temporary or permanent, here are some of the coolest dance floors to encourage fun and dancing at your events.

Dance floors can help attendees and guests get their boogie on but they are so much more than that! They can help separate different areas of your event, use up extra dead space, and can create a focal point in the room. Many magical moments have been had on a dance floor but that doesn’t mean they are only reserved for dinners, parties or weddings.

An inviting dance floor encourages attendees to engage in addition to bringing an interactive element to your event. Plus, you don’t have to commit to a venue with an existing dance floor as many of these options are temporary staging or vinyls so you can get whatever effect you want that matches your theme, colors, or brand.

  1. Clock Face

Make your dance floor look like something else and act as its own prop! This clock face, circular idea complements event theming, particularly with era or Alice in Wonderland themes and makes a huge impact. The quirky clock is guaranteed to create awesome event photos and could even be branded to suit your marketing or sponsorship packages.

Credit: Letz Dance On It

  1. Black-Lit

This classy example shows how you can make the dance floor to be a feature in your room. With the tables and seating turning inward, this provides a boxed-in effect for guests to watch the entertainment or quickly get involved. The LED lighting and décor hanging above the dance floor also helps to make it feel more intimate in this large venue with high ceilings.

Credit: Reserve Modern Event Rentals

  1. Matte Signage

This example was used at a corporate event with a sponsored dance floor and plenty of signage. Matte colors and finishes are an excellent idea because you can also use them to project images, logos, or even animated sequences to bring your dance floor to life.

Credit: Ad Event Group

  1. Unicorn

The unicorn event trend is big right now so why not also reflect that in your staging design or dance floor? This temporary example is a plain white variation that uses lighting effects to make an impact using colored downlighters, spotlights, and star-lit effects to create a rainbow-style dance floor. The use of marquee letters are also a nice decorative touch to give the side of the dance floor something extra.

Credit: DJ Darryn McGarry

  1. LED Disco

An alternative option to the one above is to have an LED dance floor with the lights built in. This example has a lot more control over the effects and colors of the floor itself which could be adapted to suit different events as well as a change in atmosphere at different times of a particular event. Just be sure to have a ramp or small slope to make it accessible to everyone with these dance floors as they are slightly raised off the floor.

Credit: Sunil ‘soundwala’ Ahuja

  1. Outdoor Wooden

A traditional wooden dance floor can sometimes be a preference, as well as more cost-effective for some. This dance floor with sloping sides is a staple hire for many outdoor, marquee events.  

Credit: First Stop Party Rentals

  1. Classic Twister

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your event with themed floors from traditional games like in this Twister example. You could also use the colored dots by incorporating them into games or challenges to encourage attendees to engage and get involved. Dance floors like this are an excellent talking point and a focal feature (particularly when they are on such a large scale.)

Credit: Letz Dance On It

  1. Branded Floor

Remind attendees why they are here, as well as provide interesting photo opportunities for your event, with this picture-worthy idea. Using the dance floor to showcase signage as well as complementing the color palette and décor was a clever idea from this event planner, making sure never to lose sight of the event purpose or message.

Credit: No Surprises Events

  1. Black and White Classic

A popular choice and perfect for a wedding or black-tie affair is the checkerboard dance floor. Black and white tend to complement most color schemes and this example shows a twist on the traditional checkerboard design.

  1. Canopy

Dance floors and staging can work hand in hand with florals and foliage, like in this stunning example that sees a green canopy create an ethereal illusion. The canopy combined with corner trees creates a covered feeling which can create a beautiful atmosphere to intimate moments like this. As you can see, the canopy has also been used to hang little lights which gives a soft glow when the sun goes down – helping the event transition from day to night and creating a natural starry effect on the dance floor.

Credit: Greenery Productions

  1. Personalized

Make moments more special by personalizing the dance floor like this stunning example of the bride and groom’s names printed on the floor using vinyl transfers. It can seem like a pretty small detail but personalization can bring an event together and make it feel more real. This idea can also be adapted to suit corporate events by having logos, brand names, or even sponsors as a focal point instead.

  1. Light-Up Color Palette

Simple and effective, this solution uses the dance floor to complement the lighting and color choices by adding various shades of your color scheme. This funky dance floor stands out and in a dimly-lit venue it creates a feature and cool lighting effects. Of course you can change and adapt the colors to better suit your event but we think this pattern looks pretty cool!

Credit: Catwalk Events

  1. Geometric

You don’t have to rely on permanent options in order to have funky digital choices. This temporary dance floor mat inside the tent allows for different designs and light up functions so that you can change the design as the event progresses. This geometric pattern also compliments the theme well.

Credit: Bagh-e-Gul Wedding Decorators

  1. Gatsby-Themed

When thinking of themes and décor, you don’t often consider the dance floor but this stunning Great Gatsby option ties in the other décor nicely. As a focal point of the venue, it makes sense to go all out and it’s a classy option to complement the gold and black color scheme for the era.

Credit: Letz Dance On It

  1. Dance Floor GOBOs

Decorate your dance floor using GOBOs and other effects and turn a boring, permanent dance floor into a purpose-built one to suit your own event. Here you can see the beautiful effect that these snowflakes create for this winter wonderland-themed event and it didn’t require a custom build.

  • Holographic

Colorfully futuristic, this dance floor really pops in an elegant way. The dance floor is flat but the holographic effect makes it look more dynamic. Also, it goes with all of the mirror décor because it is not really one color or another.

Credit: Modish Lounge Rentals

  1. Marble Effect

Vinyl dance floors come in a variety of different colors and effects, giving you plenty of options to suit your event. This is a simple, but stunning example that uses a marble effect to complement the natural venue and uses the space to its fullest potential.

Credit: LacedVinylShoppe

In Conclusion

We bet you didn’t realize how many options you had available when it comes to dance floors and how you can implement them to enhance your event. With this in mind, always make sure your dance floor is accessible to everyone and remember that putting the extra effort into colors, design and lighting can enhance your event theme and sponsorship opportunities.