16 Tall and Striking Centerpieces

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Looking to dress your tables? Here are some examples of stunning, high centerpieces to consider and take inspiration from.

Centerpieces help to add the wow factor, use dead table space, tie the dining settings into the event décor, and can be themed or interactive. They can create a talking point for attendees and tall centerpieces in particular can give an air of extravagance and grandeur to a table. In addition to this, they can draw the eye and create a focal point in a venue space. By utilizing air space above rather than the table itself which can stop the decor from obstructing your guests’ view or eye line.

Taller centerpieces, tend to be more expensive so it is important to consider theme, budget, and table size before deciding what to go for and which is best for your event. Here are some examples to inspire you.

  1. Red Rose Tree

If you have a healthy flower budget this can be a beautiful option for covering the stem that holds the bouquet and makes the arrangement look like a free-standing tree. These are in bold colors and tie in with the event theme to make an impact and a statement – plus roses are always a classy favorite.

Credit: Vivio Flowers

  1. Light-Up Orchids

For evening events or those that will reduce the lighting, light-up furniture is always a good idea and also creates interesting effects and patterns on the table. These centerpieces illuminate the white orchids and also have a spotlight on the table so attendees can see what they are doing. Trailing orchids such as these are also an elegant solution on the top of a tall stem like this.

  1. Tree Stump Centerpieces

For a rustic or DIY element, these centerpieces add a touch of nature to the table and draws the eye. By adding simple flowers and foliage to the top they don’t look too out of place and give the illusion that the flowers have sprouted from the trunks themselves.

Credit: Quixotic Events

  1. Gatsby Chic

Themed centerpieces can tie the décor together and be a fun finishing touch like these Great Gatsby-esque table centers. They don’t take up too much ‘face space’ as they allow attendees to see each other but are also extravagant and have a lot going on, from the frilled feather tops and the white rose florals to the cascading beads. This is virtually all the décor that is needed for this event.

Credit: Hermosa Weddings and Events

  1. Balloons

Helium balloons can be a great temporary centerpiece that is easy to create when you are at the venue. You could opt for bunches attached to small weights such as in this example or you could choose a shaped balloon in a particular style or color to suit your event’s theme and color scheme.

Credit: Lloguers BMB

  1. Looming Florals

Make tables and venues feel more intimate, particularly if there are lower ceilings, by having extra-tall centerpieces such as this. The glass vase reflects the candle mood lighting well and the long stems add extra height to make them loom over the table without being too much. These are simplistic yet still elegant but if you want to add bulk you can add flowers in the middle to join the top and bottom.

Credit: Perfect Petals Design Group

  1. Water Candelabras

This is a fun and fairly simple idea to use and involves a variety of different levels to add more dimension to the table. The water compliments the silver and white color scheme really well and acts as an extension of the candelabras. Plus, when the lights go out, these different candle levels will create awesome lighting effects and brighten the table and room at all levels.

Credit: Set The Mood Décor

  1. Perspex Roses

This combination centerpiece works well on this small table and is a perfect example of using high space rather than low and cluttering the table. This large bouquet display combines roses, orchids, and miniature flowers to seemingly float on the Perspex rods with the addition of a mini bouquet underneath so that the table itself isn’t bare, creating a beautiful example.

Credit: De Flora Event Flowers

  1. Lamps

A simple, but effective idea is using traditional, long-stem lamps with lampshades on the table to not only provide lighting but also act as a tall centerpiece to fill the area in the room a little better. You can change the color of the shades to suit the event palette or even have the shades sign-written with table numbers or themes as well as the event name itself to make them even more interesting.

Credit: The White Boutique – Events

  1. Pedestal Mirror

This setup creates lavish effects with a black mirror pedestal balancing an ornate vase and bouquet of flowers. The three different tiers and levels make it interesting to look at while also creating a talking point for the table. The mirrors can always be a fun and unique photo opportunity but it can limit the view to the other side a little for some of the guests.

Credit: Oh My Gosh Events

  1. Butterfly Garden

These intricate centerpieces show a different level of detail and attention! There are ombre-effect butterflies hanging from the top combined with tiny little hanging cages with small flowers inside which create beautiful effects themselves. These are the perfect example of several ideas coming together that aren’t too busy for the table –it just works!

Credit: Primo Events Botosani

  1. Wire Light-Ups

These thin, light-up options make use of multi-colored LED lights underneath that shine up through the tubing, but what makes the effect even more intricate is the individual orchid flowers that have been threaded onto the wire coil inside! The white flowers seem to reflect the colors and easily light up themselves meaning you have a color-changing option throughout the event.

Credit: A Timeless Celebration

  1. Big Palms

Palm leaves or ferns can create an eccentric feel to the table and work particularly well with exotic-themed events, such as this Moroccan-inspired theme. They are very vibrant and tend to work with other colored flowers, but in this example, the centerpiece creates a mini canopy over some of the guests for more of an intimate setting.

Credit: Greenery Productions

  1. Themed

This example is an interesting centerpiece idea with plenty of adaptable features since it can be remote-controlled to change color or have certain effects. This is a classy take on the currently popular Beauty and the Beast theme which involves a large, singular rose under a glass orb and with the lighting it gives off a stunning glow, particularly in the dark.

Credit: Karen Leah Photography

  1. Wrap Around Candelabra

Candelabras can also be beneficial for creating different floral effects such as this wrap around cascade which pools at the bottom and can be an interesting substitute for centerpiece trees. Instead, this example brings more dimension to a simple idea.

Credit: Oh My Gosh Events

  1. Hanging Baubles

Spruce up a traditional vase by adding trimmed sticks and branches to create mini trees such as in this example. You can then add clear, glass baubles with battery-operated tea lights for beautiful effects, particularly for a day to night event transition.

Credit: Rosado Event & Design

In Conclusion

Tall centerpieces make a statement and if you want guests to focus on your décor at seated events then this grandeur draws the eye and is most memorable. As you can see from the examples, intricate designs can be a focal point that keep guests looking, whereas simple designs can give an elegant feel, so there is something for whichever vibe you are aiming for.