16 Lounge Ideas For Your Next Event

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Take a load off with these fantastic lounge ideas that will get your attendees relaxing, networking, and remembering your event.

An event lounge can be incorporated into any type of event from trade shows and corporate meetings to weddings and outdoor events and can be beneficial in a variety of different ways. They offer an oasis to your guests, particularly if your event involves a lot of walking or standing but they can also be an excellent meeting point for attendees to network. Creating a relaxed or informal moment during a serious event can be more conducive to starting a conversation and getting things flowing. A lounge can be turned into an exclusive VIP area, with extra bonuses or perks, allowing you to have a tiered ticket system at your event or it could be an excellent sponsorship idea full of branding opportunities. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Multiples

Create a variety of private spaces for your attendees to chat in their own groups, but in comfort. This is an excellent idea if you have a lot of space and can be more luxurious than offering just one lounge area. What is cute about these is that they have curtains for privacy but are easy to set up with the right fabric draping. The signage doormats are also an excellent sponsorship opportunity too.

Credit: Vinnie Brown, NY Lounge Decor

  1. Igloo Lounges

These stunning mini lounges are a great way to get a lounge outside without worrying about the weather. They give a fantastic experience to guests and can be filled with different décor such as these which house traditional English furniture with city-scaping behind. Perfect for winter events!

Credit: Coppa Club

  1. Hollywood

A touch of glitz and glam will be a hit and this themed lounge is effective, creates an immersive experience, and looks comfortable. The multiple types of quirky seating add a little something extra, particularly with these director’s chairs and set boxes as tables. It’s also an excellent layout to maximize seating in a limited space with these circular chairs.

Credit: Debbie’s Designs

  1. Open

An open layout such as this one can make for easier networking and allow attendees to sit down without cornering themselves off from the rest of the event. This is particularly good if there is something to watch on a stage or pay attention to and these low tables make resting drinks easier for a more informal atmosphere.

Credit: Modish Lounge Rentals, Petar Lukic Photography, Elegance by Design Inc., Ambassador Golf Club

  1. Corporate Break

Although originally used for a wedding, this layout would also suit a corporate setting. Add a lounge to your corporate meeting or conference for a welcome break and a way to promote continued conversation throughout the day. This modular seating would be easy to adapt in the lobby as well and the combination between stools and rattan chairs provides an option for everyone.

Credit: Royal Hawaiian Golf Club, Event Accents

  1. Tale As Old As Time

A popular trend is creating a traditional lounge space in different settings. For example, this décor would be suited to an old-style English living room, however, it has been adapted to create an outdoor event lounge looking like it has been inspired by the Beauty and the Beast library.

Credit: Chloe P. Bonsignore, Jessica Irizarry

  1. Arabian Tent

Give your event a luxurious vibe by providing mini Arabian draped tents dotted around the venue. This is a great alternative that is more comfortable than dining seating and offers attendees an opportunity to mingle. This wedding example provides more structure for guests if they want to get up from the tables without making them wander aimlessly in this outdoor setting.

  1. Backless Lounge

Using benches or backless seating creates a lounge that doesn’t promote sitting for long periods of time while still offering some relief. It would be perfect for networking events that require small bursts of conversations and the lounge itself is small and unobtrusive for the space.

Credit: Lounge It Up, Creations By Christine Events

  1. Front-Facing

Perfect for utilizing small spaces and bare walls, a front-facing lounge allows for people to talk without cutting them off from the rest of the event and can be adapted to suit the size of the space. Small, cubed tables in between allows for people to sit on their own if necessary offering a quiet space to take a load off. Front-facing seating can be useful for trade shows as it keeps the lounge out of the way of the main floor space but also offers attendees a break.

Credit: Allure Event Company

  1. VIP S Lounge

This exclusive outdoor lounge is simple but effective and having a combination of standing cocktail tables as well as seating can allow for different networking types. The S layout makes it easier for groups and using backless benches can utilize both sides of the seating so attendees can face in or out depending on the business or who they are talking to.

Credit: Rayne Events

  1. Pop-Up Lounge

Lounges can be small and simple, such as this box example, that promotes questions and a stopping point for pop-up events, rather than having guests stand which usually means they won’t stay as long. This thought-provoking setup has a lot of different levels and is easy to pack up and fold away quickly which is what you want with pop-up furniture.

  1. Grand Hall

Creating lounge spaces at galas or large venue events can be a welcome oasis, particularly with a formal dress code as attendees are often uncomfortable to a certain degree, particularly when a lot of standing is involved. This example shows that relaxed seating can still have its place and be elegant at events.

Credit: Reserve Modern Event Rental, Fairmont Copley Plaza, Winston Flowers

  1. Tepee

This outdoor lounge definitely makes an impact and creates a comfortable and informal setting in a classy way. Using thick, furry rugs outside adds a luxurious comfort along with the sofas and lots of pillows while the extensive lighting, particularly in the tepee helps to make this lounge transitional from day to night time events. The tepee itself doesn’t provide much in the way of shelter but it does create a talking point and is a stunning feature of this lounge.

Credit: Online Hochzeitsplaner, Gypset Events

  1. Convention Beanbags

Beanbags are easy to move, navigate, and set up which is what you want in an event lounge. This beanbag set up is adaptable on the go for team-building and discussion, while also being a comfortable and quirky seating option. They are also comfortable and add a touch of fun to a serious event after encouraging visitors to be lower to the floor.

Credit: Staging Connections

  1. Floor Lounge

This lounge is the perfect setup for a corporate retreat or team building event and is both comfortable and promotes conversation and networking. This particular lounge has been created by partitioning off some of the beach, using the fencing to provide a backdrop for the seating, and leaving an open space in the middle. It looks pretty comfy too, and who doesn’t want to have meetings on the beach?

Credit: Reserve Modern Event Rental, Nomade Hotel Tulum

  1. Indoor Garden

Incorporate your lounge into your event theme like this example which uses traditional garden furniture in the garden-themed event. Coupled with the faux trees and box hedging it is comfortable and enhances the theming, as well as having different-sized seats ranging from one, two and three-seaters which suits mixed events.

In Conclusion

A lounge can only enhance your event and improve user experience by making guests feel more comfortable and conducive to your message. A lounge that facilitates networking can improve event sales and foster long-lasting relationships which will also make your event memorable to your guests, among other things. Lounges don’t have to take up a lot of space either as we have seen in some of these examples so always consider if your event lounge can add to your event. If it can, integrate it!