16 Astounding Aerial Décor Ideas for Events

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Don’t overlook the opportunity that height and aerial decor can offer your event. Add another dimension with these creative ideas.

Don’t forget to look at the overhead space to see the potential your event venue or space can offer. Aerial décor can be used to not only lower ceiling height and make a space seem more intimate and enclosed but also to add interest and intrigue. Aerial décor can be used whether you have a lot or a little to spend. From lavish drapes and hangings through to budget friendly alternatives you create yourself, you can transform the space. Here are some ideas to think about.

  1. Hanging Origami

This unique décor idea is also a frugal one that although time consuming would fit within your event budget. Creative types can string together different pieces and create stunning effects like this option which uses cranes to simulate flying above the tables. Plus, as there are made from paper you can have a variety of patterns or colours to suit your theme too. In Japanese tradition, folding 1,000 cranes is a symbol of good luck and will grant the owner a wish and at weddings 1,000 cranes symbolises luck and prosperity to the happy couple which makes this idea even more sentimental.

Credit: House Of Bunting

  1. Aerial Entertainers

Make your decor interactive and include entertainment or performers overhead that are in keeping with your event theme. There are an array of options from hoop artists (as in this example) or you could opt for something different such as stilt walkers, aerial trapeze or silks which would be from ceiling to floor to put on vibrant displays or merely be in the background.

Credit: Fiat Lux Photography LLC and Misty Joy

  1. Floral Arches

These can create an event path, or when placed close together can be used to create amazing event entrances or tunnels to transport your attendees from one aspect to another. Floral arches are also a great way to create confines for outdoor events and give the venue a deliberate feel rather than a large expanse.

Credit: AnnRiddleMX

  1. Bunting

This is a traditional idea that is budget friendly and can be easily adapted for sponsorship or branding opportunities too. Adapt the bunting to your theme or colour scheme and you can also use interesting materials such as knitted triangles or sustainable materials to suit different event types.

Credit: Emma Bunting UK

  1. Projection Displays

Use light instead of actual décor and project images or colours onto a wall or ceiling to add interest (or hide things you want to mask). You could project or create interesting backdrops in keeping with your theme or interactive light shows to entertain attendees.

Credit: Sleepy Noodles

  1. Flags

For pathways, outdoor or indoor events and particularly popular at festivals and sporting events, flags can be a unique opportunity to add some fun and colour. Plus they can be doubled up as sponsorship opportunities and event signage if you are trying to direct your attendees somewhere.

Credit: Fixx Events

  1. Umbrella Ceiling

This fun and quirky idea is budget friendly and can have some functionality at outdoor events too, particularly if you are trying to create a canopy effect across a smaller space. Opt for different colours and go vibrant or alternate and add more of a deliberate effect. Just don’t be superstitious about opening umbrellas indoors if you are using them inside!

Credit: Teresita

  1. Lanterns

A great décor idea that makes your venue easily transition from day to night and you can accommodate any colours or décor themes. You could group them together for a more clustered feel and brighter lighting in one area or spread them apart for softer, mood lighting.

Credit: The Hanging Lantern Company

  1. Hanging Light Pieces

Made from Perspex, this installation at the science museum creates a beautiful effect that when combined with the LED lights can also be interactive and change effect according to music. It helps to add some décor to this massive venue with high ceilings.

Credit: Joey Nicotera

  1.  Bare Bulbs

Make a statement with bulbs as they come in a multitude of sizes and you can adapt the length to suit your ceiling height so that they form a canopy or are more intrusive like this dining set-up. You could also opt to incorporate them in some foliage or floral arrangements to create more dynamic layering.

bare bulbs

  1. Indoor Foliage

For sustainable or eco-friendly events you can keep the floral theme without cutting flowers. Instead try naturally trailing foliage that will hang from planters. You can make or decorate the planters yourself and add a variety of different plant types to make it more interesting but ultimately at the end, no plants are harmed and therefore there is no waste, keeping everyone happy.

  1. Inflatable Shapes

Large inflatables can add an extra dimension to your event theme and can be easier to transport and manoeuvre than actual props. For bigger venues you can opt for something static and tied down or you can have floating options as well as travelling which are weighted down to string and a weight and can be moved around. This is particularly useful for character inflatables.


  1. Jar Votive

Jars are a diverse décor option that you could adapt to various colours, add props or even surround bulbs or tealights. They come in a range of colours, sizes and shapes which can be adapted to your theme and are fairly easy and inexpensive to hang. Jars are perfect for those who need DIY décor ideas too.

  1. Quirky Props

These bird cages are a fantastic example of how quirky pieces can add to the aerial décor of a venue. In this case filling them with floral arrangements compliments and detracts from the ceiling above while also creating a whimsical feel.

Credit: CasaNova Eventos

  1. Floral Ceiling

This beautiful example of a floral ceiling not only adds colour to the space without being too overwhelming but it provides a talking point and forces attendees to look up and be fully immersed. This is also a fantastic idea to create a false ceiling effect to lower the height and make things more intimate.

Credit: Doniquezlopicc

  1. Fabric Draping

A diverse and budget friendly option that can help transform a venue with minimal cost if you are willing to do it yourself. Fabrics of varying materials, sizes and colours can create a false ceiling effect, entrances, hanging décor or can be used to cover large windows to reduce and adjust the lighting in a more cost-effective way.

fabric draping events

In Conclusion

Ultimately it is about incorporating event themes and colours into your décor without forgetting about the ceiling or above height ceiling space. There are plenty of options available that are budget friendly or even homemade and you might be able to use them to save on venue hire too!