12 Summer Event Hacks to Keep Attendees Engaged

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Want to enjoy the summer sunshine and create memorable experiences for your guests? Summer event vibes are all about taking advantage of the sunny weather and long days with fun and engaging event design. Think about outdoor activities, tropical details, cool refreshments, and casual venues to bring the fun and easy feelings of summertime to your guests.

Planning for the warmer weather months of July through September offers a welcome change of pace and the chance to get outside. When it comes to hosting the perfect event for your business, capitalize on the vacation aspect of the summer season, but don’t forget the details. Here are some tips for keeping your guests comfortable and happy during a summer event.


Everyone has endured some horrible summer weather: 100 degrees in the shade, monsoon-quality rain, and scary lightning. So if you’re planning an outdoor party, make sure you have a contingency plan. A different date? A back-up indoor venue? Whatever your Plan B, keep everyone in the loop so they know how you’re handling the weather.

  • Here Comes the Sun - Be Prepared

Think back to being a kid. Remember your mom reminding you over and over again to stay hydrated and slather on the sunscreen? Well, it turns out she wasn’t wrong. Remind your attendees to do the same. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to bring some extra sunscreen and water bottles, in case your participants forget.

  • Venue Details Make the Difference

While choosing a cool activity or venue is hugely important, the location of your event is equally significant. Does the venue have significant parking or is it near public transportation? If the venue is not easily accessible, it’s probably in your best interest to provide transportation to encourage attendance. If you’re serving alcohol, do you have a plan for getting guests home safely?

  • Summer Safety and Concern for your Attendees

When the temperature climbs, so does the risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Symptoms of heat-related illness include muscle cramps, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, and vomiting. Immediate medical attention is a must for both heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Be sure to have your emergency plans in place so your attendees have access to the medical attention required, should it be needed. Review your plans with the venue and their medical response teams as well.



What’s the secret to the perfect summer outing? Here are some of our favorite ways to let your imaginations run wild and keep attendees engaged at your event this summer.

summer event hacks

  • Switch Up the Service with Fun Food And Beverage Options

Everyone loves a casual event centered around delicious food and drink, and summer is the best time for it! Plan a food truck roundup, winery tour, or a shrimp and clam boil for your guests to enjoy some summertime flavors while they make connections with their peers.

The location of your event sets the entire tone for the vibe your attendees will experience. With so many options for outdoor food events, from parks, private estates, beaches, wineries and rooftops, everything about summer says to dine al fresco.

  • Elevate Attendee Comfort for Maximum Event Enjoyment

Be sure to provide comfort for your attendees during their nosh. Ensure plenty of shade (rented market umbrellas or tenting) to protect from scorching sun and provide heaters and wraps for cooler summer evenings under the stars so that everyone is comfortable while they enjoy their food and drink.

  • Rental Chic to Transform your Event

Rental items are a trendy and fun way to elevate dinner or drinks outdoors after a long day of meetings inside. Sleek seating options, props, decorations, table settings, tents, or dance floors can all bring excitement to an otherwise basic outdoor dinner. Design creative ways to display food and beverages, like buffet risers or tables with built-in aluminum trays for chilling. These items can help you keep your attention on your guests during the event. It’s easy to assume that unless you’re hosting hundreds of people, you don’t need to rent additional items, but even a party of 20 guests can benefit from some key items to keep people comfortable and elevate the experience.



Hold a corporate pep rally to energize your attendees and show off your event’s theme and focus.

This is just the kind of fun event that summers are made for, and will keep your attendees on their feet. Invite some exciting speakers, add some music, and watch your event come to life.

For an exciting end to a pep rally, blow up balloons in colors that are a unique twist on classic event colors (e.g., if your colors are green and gold, take the neon versions of those and add a black light).

  • Give a Summer Twist to a Classic Idea

Add a twist to the classic themed dress-up days. Go a little further by serving themed food for lunch that corresponds with the day’s topic.

Encourage the creative abilities of attendees with a contest to design an event t-shirt. Have the leadership team choose the top five options, and then get attendees to vote on their favorite. If you hold the contest a few weeks before the conference, you can have the shirts printed in time to capitalize on the event’s spirit!

summer event hacks

  • Outdoor Fitness for Healthy Bodies And Healthy Minds

Get your attendees outside for some fitness. Whether you take them on a 5k color run, practice some outdoor yoga, or simply take a summertime hike, the fresh air and movement will revitalize everyone for the rest of the event.

Hosting a color run is about having the time of your life while supporting a charitable cause.  Attendees are asked to wear white and are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. After the big finish, the fun can continue with an unforgettable festival which can include music, dancing, and massive color throws, which create millions of vivid color combinations. Trust us, this is the best post-5K party on the planet! Your event attendees will remember this year after year and carry forward many discussions while giving back to the community.

Another idea is to host morning yoga classes for your attendees outdoors. One of yoga’s (many) beauties is it can literally be done anywhere, and it turns out nature enhances your practice in an entirely different way than a studio does. While a vigorous hike has its own benefits, practicing yoga outside can transform a stagnant routine into a heightened experience. The beauty around you can help inspire your practice. Keep your attendees focused on health while adding some unique components to your events.

summer event hacks



Summer is the perfect time of year for making connections and building camaraderie. Guests could relax at a corporate picnic, take a short cruise, or enjoy some sailing. Involve community service by organizing a park clean-up or habitat project. Team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding with your attendees, reduce stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another. But how do you find ideas for a great team building event? Here are just a few concepts to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Cook-Off
  • Mystery Dinner
  • Professional Development Workshop
  • Room Escape Games
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Trampoline Park
  • Local Tourist Activity
  • Cart Racing
  • Laser Tag

Now you’re ready to show your attendees a great time while increasing their happiness and morale and creating an exciting event culture for success. Done right, playing a team building activity with a purpose can foster connections—often dramatically.

summer event hacks

  • Keep It Fresh And Take It Outside

Think outside the conference room. Choosing an outdoor venue can go a long way in engaging your attendees with scenic views and revitalizing breezes. Get creative and host your next meeting or event at a unique venue. Consider picturesque farms, world-class restaurants with outdoor space, and historic towns ready to provide you with an unforgettable meeting experience. If you can’t go far, a walking meeting at a local park can make a simple event seem more engaging.

When choosing an outdoor venue, make sure you factor in all the details that could affect your experience. For example, when planning an outdoor event you should always procure a back-up venue as sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Your venue should be able to provide some insight into inclement weather options. As long as you thoroughly plan for your attendees’ safety and comfort, going beyond the walls of your typical meeting space will be sure to inspire them.

  • Summer-Themed Goodie Bags For Sought-After Swag

Everybody loves free stuff and goodie bags. Keeping your attendees happy and comfortable is key during outdoor summer events. Filling a goodie bag with thoughtful and practical comfort items will help keep their focus on the activity. Little fans, bottles of water, bottles of sunscreen or bug repellant will be much appreciated.

Alternatively, offer some fun summer activities, such as adult coloring books, tumblers, cord tacos, eye masks, unique summer snacks and workout shirts. Your event budget will obviously affect your decisions, but don’t let that stop you from coming up with original ideas. Consider cute and useful goodies that will keep your attendees talking about your event and stop them from throwing it out. The goal is, after all, to expose as many people to your brand as possible. Start your planning with a list of items and narrow it down based on the theme of your event and what might compliment your brand. Have fun and get creative!

summer event hacks

  • Go Surfside For A Real Summer Vibe

A classic summertime staple, a tropical beach event can be a perfect way to encourage networking and relaxation at the same time.

Organize icebreaker games inspired by classic beach activities, like volleyball, frisbee, swimming, and building sandcastles. Attendees will love the fun in the sun while they get to know other guests.

Focus on relaxation with a low-key bonfire or mixer. Get creative with summer tasty treats by incorporating your event theme, decor, and colors into a yummy refreshing dessert, or offer citrusy summer treats to really give attendees a beach-experience. Set up fun lounge furniture for attendees to enjoy the beach during a cocktail reception without having to sit on the sand. Even on the beach, you can represent your brand; use your branding colors on pillows, balloons, and centerpieces. As the evening progresses, use lighting to create a unique colorful space.

summer event hacks

  • Summer Fun That Gives Back At The Same Time

Summer is a great time to put together a corporate fundraiser benefiting a worthy organization. The key to having a successful nonprofit fundraising event is encouraging engagement while keeping it fun. Holding a matching gift drive is a great way to double the power of supporters’ gifts.

Hold a volleyball playoff or organize a tropical-themed party with all proceeds from entry fees going to a charity. Instead of your normal race event, raise the bar with an obstacle course event that will challenge participants in exciting and rewarding ways.

Holding a nonprofit shoe drive offers an excellent opportunity for families to get involved with your organization without having to make a direct monetary donation (after all, it’s not uncommon for families to have a closet filled with piles of old shoes that they’ve collected over the years). These are just a few ideas that will keep your guests engaged and help out worthy causes.



Your attendees will love your summer event even more when you include thoughtful details, locations, and stimulating activities. Whether you are planning a summertime corporate outing, team-building activity, or networking opportunity, these hacks will keep your attendees engaged and excited about your event. Click here for more ideas on how to leverage the summertime into an amazing event.