10 Things to Look Forward to at the Skift Meetings Forum

Skift Take

At today's first-ever Skift Meetings Forum, there will be real talk about real meetings, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Our very first Skift Meetings Forum is today! It’s happening alongside the highly-acclaimed Skift Global Forum in New York City at North Javits, the new, sustainability-focused addition to the Javits Center. It’s exciting to be here, where the movers and shakers of the travel industry are gathering.

I can’t stress enough how much you are missing by not being here. This forum is like our adorable little newborn, just beginning to take its first steps. But trust me, there’s more to come – I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

There are lots of reasons to be excited, but for the sake of time, I am sharing just ten.

1. We’re thrilled to be bringing Skift’s renowned editorial excellence to life for the world of meetings. Our aim is to create a dynamic space where seasoned professionals and insightful journalists converge. By combining the expertise and perspectives of these two spheres, we’re opening up communication channels for transformative dialogue.

2. We’re also excited to bring Skift’s event format to the meetings industry at the Skift Meetings Forum. Skift’s approach features a single stage where top-level executives engage in conversations with experienced editors. This format breaks down barriers and fosters authentic exchanges, allowing attendees to gain valuable insights directly from the experts shaping the future of the industry.

3. With its cutting-edge technology and versatile indoor and outdoor areas, North Javits provides the ideal setting for the high stakes and elevated expectations of the Skift Meetings Forum. Prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary venue, where innovation and excellence converge to create an unparalleled event experience.

4. Kicking off the forum will be an interview with Maritz CEO David Peckinpaugh. The leader of one of the largest event agencies in the world will discuss how his organization is navigating the challenges presented by the post-Covid landscape and shed light on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Get ready to gain firsthand knowledge from a true industry titan and discover how to navigate these unprecedented times with resilience and creativity.

5. We’re tackling one of the trickiest topics in recent history: travel bans. The impact of travel restrictions and the perception of destinations cannot be underestimated. The consequences of controversial policies extend far beyond tourism revenue, as they can shape the trajectory and reputation of destinations for years to come. By delving into this crucial topic, we strive to provoke thoughtful perspectives and ultimately contribute to a more informed and nuanced understanding of the issues.

6. Of course, we couldn’t bypass the opportunity to delve into one of the hottest technology topics of the year: artificial intelligence (AI). With its transformative potential, AI has been making waves in various industries, and the business events sector is no exception. From intelligent chatbots and personalized recommendations to data-driven decision-making and enhanced attendee experiences, AI opens up a world of possibilities. We’re not just scratching the surface; we’re diving deep into understanding how AI will shape events, redefine the role of planners, and revolutionize the entire industry.

7. At the Skift Meetings Global Forum, we’re focused on the future of events and exploring what the next generation of eventgoers wants. We’re diving into the most recent data from Freeman to understand the preferences of younger attendees and what planners need to do to attract them. Join us as we uncover what it takes to create compelling event experiences that resonate with the next generation.

8. The future of event industry associations and communities is far from straightforward. To better understand the challenges and opportunities in this space, we’ll hear from the leaders defining what this looks like. We’ll look into how event professionals choose to form communities of practice and knowledge and what they are really looking for when they connect with their peers.

9. The pressing need for the events industry to address environmental and social concerns is undeniable. This is why we are dedicating two sessions to explore how venues and destinations can make events more sustainable. We will delve into the pragmatic advice that event professionals can implement to prioritize sustainability and the tools needed to do so.

10. Lastly, I am looking forward to sharing the experience on Skift Meetings in the days following the forum. I know there will be some great nuggets, possibly some important announcements. Most importantly, there will be real talk about real meetings, and we can’t wait to share it with you.