Looking to Enter the 2024 Skift Meetings Awards? Here’s all you Need to Know

Skift Take

Writing an award submission can be a daunting task, but luckily for you, I have the inside scoop on how to make sure your submission stands out from the crowd.

So, you’ve decided to enter the 2024 Skift Meetings Awards – that’s a great choice, if I may say so myself. As someone who has been running award programs for the last ten years, I have seen my fair share of submissions – both good and bad – and I am here to give you some insider tips to make sure your submission stands out in the crowd.

  1. Plan and do your research 

Entering an award program can be an exciting process, but before diving in, make sure you have all of the necessary details: double-check deadlines, make note of any price increase dates and take a look at the previous shortlist and winners for the category you are looking to enter. This is also a good point in time to reach out to any colleagues, clients or key stakeholders you may need input from. Gathering all of this information beforehand will ensure you’re starting out on the right foot. 

Top tip: The cost to enter the Skift Meetings Awards increases the closer we get to the final deadline. Add the deadline dates to your calendar (you’ll thank me later) and pay for your submission early to secure the best rate.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the categories

For 2024, the Skift Meetings Awards has 15 categories to choose from, and as with all award programs, selecting the category that best suits your offering is an important first step. Each category will have its own set of criteria that will need to be met to ensure our team and judging panel are getting the full picture. Of course, you can always apply for more than one category if applicable.

Top tip: If you want to take a look at the submission form beforehand, you can download a blank PDF via our online portal to fully map out your plan before you start inputting information.

  1. Be concise, but keep it engaging

When filling out your submission, condensing your entire offering into a few paragraphs can be a challenge. While providing a comprehensive picture is important, make sure that your submission is not excessively lengthy or monotonous. Our submission form has a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 500 words per section, so be sure to follow the guidelines that are clearly outlined throughout the process.

Top tip: You can edit your submission until the entry deadline in June, even after you have hit submit. 

  1. Give your submission some flair 

As much as this is a corporate exercise, we still want to get to know who you and your organization are. Our judging panel will be reviewing countless submissions, so make sure you add a personal touch so your entry stands out. Add in imagery, videos or maybe even some personal anecdotes – these elements will leave a lasting impression on the judging panel.

Top tip: Make use of every section available within the form, there are no wrong answers.

  1. Back up your submission with facts 

This is a big one – always provide evidence to support your submission wherever possible. As much as we want to hear about how amazing the work you do is, we also want to see the results to back it up. Consider including customer testimonials, sales figures, case studies, or media coverage. 

Top tip: Our form will allow you to attach assets to support your submission in the form of images, video, slideshows and PDFs, so make the most of the options available.

  1. Edit, edit, edit! 

You’ve completed the form and are ready to submit, great job. But before you hit that button, take an extra 30 minutes to proofread your submission carefully. Check for any grammar and spelling errors, and make sure your entry has a nice flow to it. You could even bring in another team member and a fresh pair of eyes to review your entry, as they can often spot mistakes or areas for improvement that you might have missed.

Top tip: We may use snippets of your submission for marketing purposes should you successfully move through the process, so ensure all information is correct. These sections are clearly highlighted throughout the form. 

There you have it. Take the above points into consideration, and you could be well on your way to winning a 2024 Skift Meetings Award. 

Interested in entering? You can start your application here.