10 Reasons to Attend EIBTM

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EIBTM is one of the largest trade shows in Europe for meeting and event planners. Here are few reasons why I think you should attend.

Eibtm 2013

It’s that time of the year again. The time when #EIBTM13 arrives. Here in Europe it is quite a big deal. Pretty much as when any IBTM event happens around the world.

This year the blog has partnered with EIBTM for a special surprise. This is not the reason why I am writing this post though. It was just the result of my excitement.

When you walk onto the floor at EIBTM, you experience some genuine excitement. It’s a luna park for event professionals.

You know how skeptical I am towards trade shows and I am a noob when it gets to events about events. Nonetheless I got a lot out of it last year after attending. I am sure it will be the same this year.

The presentation I gave at EIBTM became a super popular #eventtech infographic and some of the exhibitors I met at EIBTM made it to 10 Event Trends for 2013.

I guess I am talking about inspiration, my dear reader. This is what EIBTM is for. It is a goldmine of inspiration for European and non-European visitors.

If you are not convinced, I am planning to change that. Mostly because I would love to meet you there. Everytime I meet a reader, I feel such a good vibe. We cannot miss this great opportunity.

Let me give you some pointers:

Amazing Barcelona

I am Italian and before November 2012, I had never been to Spain. That is close to impossible if you are an Italian. Somehow it didn’t happen earlier.

Am I glad EIBTM brought me to Barcelona? What an amazing place. The people, the streets, the beach, the wine. The list could go on.

EIBTM is a great opportunity to visit an incredible city, region and country.

It’s Free

If you plan events, meetings or conferences EIBTM is free to attend. Which is awesome.

Starting this year the organisation is charging a €225 fee if you are a supplier on the show floor without a stand. Which makes sense. Vendors who spent several thousands to exhibit must have asked to protect their investment from those walking the floor for free.

The thing is, it’s free for #eventprofs and this is who the show is for!

Cool Networking

At last year’s event I attended by chance Fresh Dinner, part of the Fresh conference movement. This is not necessarily an EIBTM related event but I had a blast and then attended at IMEX in Vegas.

It is a powerful networking event if you are in tech and like to do events differently.

During the show you can always count on stands such as Holland to be welcoming and this year the show has created Networking Piazzas to facilitate networking among attendees.

Europe Focus

One thing makes EIBTM different from other shows around the globe. There is special attention to Europe. I’ve met incredible Spanish and European companies which I haven’t met at any other show.

That makes it quite special. If you are thinking about Europe for your next event, EIBTM will inspire you.

Incredible Booths

If you never attended a trade show for event professionals, EIBTM is a fantastic experience for first timers. The booths are lavish and, being the audience quite picky, everybody is dressed to impress.

It is a show within the show. I sometimes find myself looking at stands like a child observing a giant Ferris wheel.

Tech Focus

EITBM has a refreshing tech focus. I am very happy about that. They are seriously pushing education in technology with a dedicated stream in a proper lecture theatre.

You can find great speakers such as super cool Stefania Conti-Vecchi. The full programme is here.

Needless to say, , it’s called Register Them Like a Pro. I will present it for you 😉 .

Get Targeted Advice

I probably get about 20 requests for help every week. Via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on the Contact Form on this blog.

EIBTM has asked me to share some advice for a couple of hours at their Event Genius Zone. This is a fantastic initiative to get people like Gerrit Heijkoop or Paul Cook.

I am quite far from being a genius, being that an Apple Genius or an Event Genius. Surely I will be able to share some tips with you about registration, technology and making a good espresso if you wish :-). Find me here.

Sustainability Focus

Sometimes I feel that the industry has forgotten about sustainability issues. Me included. EIBTM is reminding that being sustainable does matter and can help us with budgeting.

They are dedicating a whole stream to Sustainability. You can see the sessions here.

Innovation Focus

This year the focus is on Innovation. An I like it.

EIBTM is asking exhibitors to pitch their product in 45 seconds Spotlight Sessions. A great way to get to know about new services fast.

They are also displaying the latest gimmicks like virtual projection and 3D mapping. Geeks’ heaven.

On top of that, Fresh is having its own stream, with inspiration flowing for meetings architecture.

A Special Announcement

Dulcis in fundo, Event Manager Blog will make a special announcement on the 19th of November.

This is a proper surprise. One of those surprises that you’ll thank us for. One of those surprises you’ve loved in the past. One of those surprises that is totally free to download.

In Conclusion

I hope I’ve made a case to get you to the show this year. More things will pop up between now and the day of the event.

I am super excited and I am looking forward to meeting you there.