10 Clever Event Startups You Need to Try Right Now

It’s been a while I haven’t served you a proper fix of innovation. Here are 10 startups with new ideas to help event professionals.

New event services startups

I had that feeling I was missing a proper innovation roundup on the blog. Of course you had your fix over the winter holidays with 10 Event Trends but not all startups in there were new kids on the block.

I also noticed our Event Startups Pinterest Board was piling up with amazing innovation I hadn’t covered yet on the blog.

Julius, Why Do You Keep Doing This?

Fair question, my dear reader. Let me give you a couple of answers.

– You visit us to get fresh stuff. I will never include Facebook or Evernote in these roundups. You will always get something fresh, never seen before and really trying to add something new to the industry. Unless the startup is not trying to do things differently, you won’t see it here.

– It’s good for startups. We have quite a strict editorial policy when it gets to mentioning tech companies on the blog. Meaning we avoid publishing press releases and company updates. Yet I feel it is important to give some space and resonance to those innovating our industry. These posts are an opportunity to shine. Some unknown services I mentioned years ago have closed successful funding rounds and I cannot be prouder.

– It’s good for the industry. In 2013 I travelled the world talking about how those company who develop a reputation for innovation can’t afford to compete on price alone. That is an immense competitive advantage you can obtain only by spousing the curiosity of trying something new.

If I’ve not convinced you with the above, there are tons of generic roundups waiting for your clicks and eyeballs. On the other hand, if you are still with me, I want you to share this article as it will make those featured very happy. I am going to ask you this again at the end of the post.

Here we go, in no particular order.



I still remember the first time I saw SceneSquid. I believe my jaw dropped to the floor. If implementation is as cool as the premise, these guys will go far.

Getting press for your event is a b*tch. Traditional PR is broken. I mean I get my own portion of emails with ‘Hi Julian’ or ‘Hi Jane’. Who the hell is this Jane?

I guess what I am trying to say is that we need more accurate matching services to connect media and brands.



Livecube is my favourite app of the moment. They took scheduling as a starting point (an event technology still in search of a leader) and turned it into a fab experience.

The attendee checks into sessions, being then able to comment and earn rewards.



The ‘Schedule’ in the name of this startup does not refer to sessions but to your event staff scheduling. The reason why I got interested in ScheduleHead is that they looked into an area where very few are looking into.

Staff scheduling and shift management is a big chunk of meeting and event planning. Any tool that helps is very welcome.

I particularly liked SMS notifications with shift starting time to staff and intelligent allocation based on staff seniority.



TableSmart is a great idea that is focusing on dinners to create networking or mingling opportunities. The role of event planners in the future will be strongly affected by how technology enables peer to peer connection.

TableCrowd is a prime example of attendees empowerment via online networking, the result is micro events where meaningful connections are created.



I am sad I have to call innovative a startup that aims to bring stable wifi to events in 2014. But it surely is.

The sad reality is that wifi still sucks at most events. Venues have still to get their act together and realise the strength of the need is comparable to food and toilets to some attendees.

Well done to anyone who is offering similar services worldwide.


Evvnt   Home

Whatever happened to services posting your event to multiple sites? I know a little bit about it.

I would add event promotion dashboards to those technologies in search of a leader. Maybe a leader is there but the niche needs much more awareness. evvnt is definitely playing its cards right.

A super attention on local sites (as your attendees are unlikely flying 5,000 miles to attend) and a very simple and effective proposition.



I can imagine the brainstorming session these guys had when they came up with the idea. Someone must have said: “Event Planners need video, why don’t we make something about it?”.

In fact they offer simple video solutions for events that won’t kill your budget. If you are a small to medium sized event, these are the startups you should be looking for.

Of course geographic location is always a nightmare when it gets to hardware, so invest in similar propositions in your area.



You know I get sick to my stomach when I read statements such as ‘We help event planners deliver more strategic events by engaging and creating community with millions of potential attendees’. It does not mean anything, you may agree.

When you land on socialbungy website they tell you that they help you capture leads with your iPad. And I immediately get that. I also immediately perceive the value of such proposition for exhibitors at conferences or trade shows.

I am a fan.



In December 2012, I told you that event marketplaces were going to be a hit in 2013. This is when éunev started gaining speed as one of the most successful marketplaces for vendors, venues but also talent.

Sourcing is a piece of cake with them.

Immediately capturing the attention of great brands and popular names in the MICE industry and with a super enticing ‘free signup’, it’s a no brainer.



As you know, event discovery is on fire. What you probably don’t know is that business event discovery is where this game is played.

With LinkedIn leaving us in a void of business event recommendations, any platform that facilitates discovery via LinkedIn sign in will make an impact in 2014.

Pickevent is one of them. Give it a go.

In Conclusion

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Well now the time.

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