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Work-Life Balance for Event Planners [Free Report]

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A career organizing events is fast-paced and filled with pressure. Every year, event planning is voted one of the most stressful jobs, behind firefighting and the military.  


Naturally, a little bit of stress can be good and can challenge us to perform to the top of our abilities. However, too much pressure or prolonged overload is unhealthy.

If you are an event planner who has ever felt overwhelmed, you owe it to yourself to read this report.


Can Work-Life Balance Exist for Event Planners?


Never-ending to-do lists, an overflowing inbox, constant meeting requests, deadlines, and performance targets are a daily reality for eventprofs. Luckily, balance is achievable with the right strategies in place.

This report offers commonsense advice, tools, and suggestions, and provides practical ways to apply these different theories and techniques to stop you from going insane.


How Do the Top Names in the Event Industry Cope With Their Workload and Pressures?


We asked some of the top names in the event industry what they do to avoid getting overloaded and their top coping strategies to effectively deal with high workload and pressures. They put forward some fascinating and actionable tips, which we have captured in this report.

Any event planner feeling overloaded will find relief in these effective techniques backed by research and popular thought. Reading this report is an important first step to finding a healthier balance.



Stress, pressure and overload is something that will impact every event planner at some point in their career. During these intense times, it is important to have measures in place to help prevent any debilitating effects of stress when work and life get out of balance.

A healthier work-life balance isn’t a myth and can be achieved by event planners if they heed some of the tips and tactics in this report.

Take the first step.