Wonderful WedTech for Online Wedding Gift Registry

While some couples opt to cut loose from gift registry many modern couples do want to be more in control of what they receive on their big day. More couples live together before getting married and so often have all the house essential covered. It is now becoming more and more common to receive cash gifts to crowdfund an experience or a honeymoon.

Online wedding gift registry and cash registry services have become a booming WedTech service! In this post we disclose the brightest WedTech companies that are breaking the old wedding planning rules by providing online wedding gift registry and wedding crowdfunding services. Here they are (in alphabetical order).

The Crowded Wedding


The Crowded Wedding is a new exciting WedTech Startup that aims to ease the wedding crowdfunding process. It helps you to raise funds by allowing family and close friends to give one donation instead of traditional wedding gifts easily online.

What makes the The Crowded Wedding different from other WedTech services alike is that it is focusing solely on crowdfunding gifts and honeymoons. It allows you to build private campaigns so the donations can come only from friends and family who received the private link.

When engaged couples have often already lived together for a while before deciding to tie the knot they might not need basic utensils and other home stuff. Instead, they might dream of a honeymoon in Hawaii or some other dream destination. The Crowded Wedding platform helps these dreams to come true by simplifying the process of cash gift donations. Basically, this standalone WedTech can be used to crowdfund any wedding idea or experience.

To start a crowdfunding campaign you need to register. Then you will be able to set up a new campaign where you will be able to set an initial goal and a description of how you would like to use the donations. Once the campaign is set up the engaged couple or anyone who is handling this process will be able to share a private link with friends and family.

Once the crowdfunding campaign ends you will receive the crowded funds via PayPal. As simple as that.

The Crowded Wedding is not publicizing any of the campaigns on their website so this WedTech service is perfect for those who are looking for more privacy and who don’t want to go public.



Wedocracy is a genius collaborative WedTech startup that includes a gift registry feature.

The main characteristic that distinguishes Wedocracy from other WedTech companies and makes it remarkable is that it has a strong focus on the social nature of weddings.

Wedocracy puts wedding guests’ interaction and communication as a priority. It allows everyone involved in the wedding to easily message each other and stay connected. Isn’t that super helpful? But it goes beyond that and helps you to keep all the messages, docs and files in one place. In this way Wedocracy works as a private social network for weddings. Professional wedding planners can make a great use of this WedTech.

This smart WedTech serves not only the needs of the wedding party but also wedding industry professionals. For example, wedding vendors can list themselves to showcase their own wedding business on the Wedocracy site for free.

Wedocracy is taking wedding branding seriously and provides a clean, attractive wedsite (we love they call it a wedsite!) that will help to RSVP and to effectively communicate all the needed information to the wedding guests. Wedocracy provides a full list of wedding planning features including:

– Wedding site and blog
– Integrated email newsletters
– Messages
– Invitations & thank you notes
– Photo sharing
– Online gift and cash registry
– Seating chart
– To do lists, reminder and a calendar
– Guest lists
– Budget management

Wedocracy is an awesome WedTech that is ideal for those who are looking for a complete wedding planning tool with a registry feature.



Zankyou is a wedding service that allows modern couples to receive cash gifts and be more in control of the gifts they receive. Zankyou is not a Startup, it has been around for a while and was one of the online wedding registry pioneers.

Zankyou is not only a wedding registry service but an all-in-one online wedding planning service that has an international online cash registry and a wedding website feature. It’s really easy to create, customize and use the platform.

Zankyou also has the following features:

– Save-the-date
– Locations
– Timeline
– Schedule
– Recommendations
– Dress code

Some modern wedding celebrations have international guests. In this case Zankyou can be especially useful as its registry services are available in the USA, Europe and Latin America and allows the most popular forms of payment and currencies including credit/debit card and bank transfer.

Zankyou acts and think global and provide customer service in many different languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch and Russian.

All in all Zankyou is an efficient service to manage wedding planning and registry online. A one stop service to try right away.



Zola is another great WedTech startup that provides a wedding registry service online. Zola’s aim is to innovate the wedding registry market and make gift giving easier for the wedding guests. Zola allows you to build a personalized wedding registry page where photos and notes can be added to reflect the style of the engaged couple.

To start using Zola you will need to sign up and then you can start creating your wedding registry website. You can add photos and use a customized URL. Then, you can set up different categories in the wedding registry such as kitchen furniture, food, decor elements, experiences and more. You can also set up a cash fund to raise donations. Guests can contribute any amount of funds – there is no minimum contribution.

With Zola newlyweds not only can control what they receive on their big day but also when they receive it. Shipping can be delayed until after the celebration. Which makes the whole wedding experience simpler for the newlyweds.

Zola also provides an iPhone app that helps couples to manage their Zola registries on the go. With this app couples can scan any product they want to add to their registry. So easy and so cool!

Above all, Zola’s design is clean and beautiful and user experience is awesome. Try to create a wedding with Zola and you will see how fun and easy it is.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a wedding planner or planning your own wedding these WedTech companies simplify any wedding registry. We hope you have now enough insight to say “I do” to these awesome WedTech innovations!

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