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Virtual Event Tech Playbook 2020 Free Report

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A complex and evolving landscape of virtual event tech has left event professionals with a lot of questions. 

How long will virtual events last? How much should I charge for them? How do I fight Zoom fatigue and keep my virtual audience from feeling like an afterthought? What do I need?

Fortunately, EventMB has the industry’s back. We’ve assembled a diverse group of 20 experts in virtual events and virtual event tech to answer 20 of the most asked questions, and collated their insights into the Virtual Event Tech Playbook. 

Full of thoughtful predictions, practical advice, and inspired examples, this guide will help you make the right virtual event tech investments to actually support your event objectives.

Let us help you with:

  • 20    Experts interviewed on everything from the future of the industry to how to succeed in the present
  • 20    Answers to crucial questions about how to implement virtual event tech for profitable, engaging virtual and hybrid events

It’s ready for you to download.

Download the free PDF here