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Top 5 Webinars for the Event Industry in 2018

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Every month, different industry experts have delivered presentations on key topics of interest to event planners. These free webinars offer the chance to explore topics in greater depth, offering top takeaways and tips.

What’s more – if you are looking to gain CMP credits, watching the webinars is a great way to do so!

In case you missed them, here are five of the top webinars of 2018, available to watch on demand.

Top Webinar #1

From Events to Experiences – Ten Steps to Take NOW

Participants want to participate, be immersed, inspired and engaged. Organizations investing in events need participants to leave with actionable learnings, new and deeper connections to each other and the organization. We have the power to create transformation with shared, meaningful experiences and it doesn’t always mean you need more money but does require rethinking elements and this webinar will give you easy tips to try now.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

Increase your event’s happiness factor.
Discover technologies that ease access.
Develop more comfortable experiences.
Explore simple seating updates.
Create social status through experiences.

Watch this free webinar.

Top Webinar #2:

Event Strategy: How to Get More Leads and Better Sales

Reduction of hotel commissions, increased competition, commoditization, the position as a top five “most stressful job”…many independent planners feel alone and are concerned about their future. Learn how to position yourself to get better leads and more sales, and discover the five areas to focus on to have a successful event business, and…to get a life!

Takeaways from this webinar include:

Which questions to ask.
Which processes to follow (bonus: you can start immediately!).
The five areas you should be focusing on.
New perspective on your event business.
Inspiring real life examples.

Watch this free webinar.

Top Webinar #3

10 Surefire Ways to Get Approval for Your Event Budget Increase

You know you could do so much more with just a little more money in the budget, right? But first you need to get your boss on board with your vision.

In this webinar you’ll learn to:

Master the right approach based on your audience.
Speak your boss’ language (ROI, baby!).
Communicate your “Why” and use proven sales strategies to get approval.
Plot measurable goals and timelines to exceed stakeholder expectations.

Watch this free webinar.

Top Webinar #4

5 Things Every Sponsor Wishes Event Professionals Knew!

In this presentation, we’ll examine the relationship between sponsors, properties, and the event guest; explore strategies to increase sponsorship sales, improve activations onsite and build repeat sponsorships year-over-year.

You will learn:

The foundation of relationship sales and how to find and approach sponsors.
Best practices in the sponsorship sales approach and how to use negotiation to maximize your revenue.
What benefits are valuable to sponsors and how to deliver them at low cost.
Creative sponsorship activations – before, onsite and post-event.
How to give your sponsors what they need to justify coming back next year.

Watch this free webinar.

Top Webinar #5

10 Ideas That Will Change Your Event

So many attendees have that “been there, done that” attitude these days. It’s difficult to show them something they haven’t seen. That’s why we’ve scoured the ends of the earth to come up with ten innovative ideas and actionable tips to help you create your most memorable event ever.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

Better ways to satisfy demanding audiences.
How to make your boss happy through an innovative event.
To use technology to create wow moments and delight your audience.
How to breathe new life into an annual event through innovation.

Watch this free webinar.