The 25 Most Popular Event Pins On Pinterest

Pins can be popular for different reasons and as a platform for visuals, Pinterest can not only help you find event ideas and inspiration but also valuable information, infographics and expert advice. For event planners and those with an event planning business or blog, using Pinterest can boost website traffic. Inspire others by creating pins and boards to show the value of your brand and achievements or linking to helpful topics and reference material. For example, taking a picture of your event layout and then crediting and linking to vendors, rentals, or articles that can help potential clients achieve the same look will earn you more traffic and possibly more potential leads, as well as showing your value and skills. But first, what is it that makes for a great pin on Pinterest?


What Makes A Pin Popular?

  • The Image – Whether the image itself is offering value i.e. infographics, a cover image for an in depth article or a real-life picture, the image needs to stand out and catch the reader’s eye. On the Pinterest feed it is all about the image to capture the attention and be clicked on and without this it is easy to get overlooked. Images should also be large and vertical so  they are more eye catching when scrolling.
  • Description – Use keywords in your descriptions so that they show up in the search results when someone is looking for specific content but also make the description engaging so that it is read. Plus, you can also offer description or text on the image itself to explain what the pin is about.
  • Boards Pinterest boards are all about collating the best information for users so finding collaborative or popular boards to pin your content to can help with popularity.
  • Value – Pins that offer the user something straight away gain traction as they immediately solve a problem, as do title images that link straight to useful content and do exactly what they say on the tin. Infographics do well primarily because of this and those that provide instant inspiration or are a combination of images can be popular too.
  • Check Links – There is nothing more frustrating for a Pinterest user than finding what you think is a solution or idea, clicking the pin and finding that the link is broken or that it links to a home page rather than the specific content you want. It may seem clever as you expect them to then search your site for what they were after, improving your metrics but in actual fact, most will click away and avoid similar pins from you, assuming they won’t lead anywhere.

The Most Popular Event Pins

We have gathered some of the most popular event pins in a variety of different categories to showcase what does well on Pinterest and how you can adapt your social media marketing strategy for this platform. Hopefully it will also give you ideas and inspiration for your own forthcoming events.

Event Lighting

1. Stage Lighting

Giving you the lowdown on a variety of different light types that you can use for your events to create amazing lighting effects this breakdown is very popular and full of useful information for beginners.

2. DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights

Budget-friendly pins and DIY event ideas always go down well because traditionally Pinterest was used for those looking to start projects themselves. This pin has the before and after shot to draw people in and then leads to a tutorial of how to complete the effect. It also looks like a virtually free event planning idea to spruce up lighting and make it more interesting.

3. GOBO Runners

An interesting example of how GOBO lighting has been used to create a floor runway pattern with a picture fromthe 2013 AIGA Award Gala in New York. This provides a great branding and sponsorship idea too.

4. Combo Disco Ball Lighting

Showcasing how a traditional disco ball can be used to create a more sophisticated setting when combined with the right venue, up lights and table lighting to create a digital wonderland. This also links through to a bridal website that can help with wedding planning to achieve such looks. This is a useful example of how beautiful pictures can increase traffic directly to your business website.

5. Lantern Ribbons

Lanterns are an incredibly popular lighting idea because they are budget friendly, easy to organise and highly adaptable for most spaces. This pin gives you an example of how to make your lanterns stand out and spruce them up with ribbons or streamers as well as placing them as part of a ceiling wreath which is a useful aerial décor idea.

Event Décor

6. Hay Bale Chic

Hay bales are a budget friendly quirky seating idea that are more versatile than you might think. It is also easy to see why this pin is so popular because it not only provides immediate value with a selection of ways you can spruce up hay bales and arrange them as seating, but also links to 18 more ideas that you can use!

7. Balloon Arches

For intricate looking décor ideas balloon arches can be adapted for food stations, event entrances or as focal points to the room. This pin not only shows you how to create a balloon arch but links to 21 interesting ideas on how to incorporate them into your event.

8. Table Decor Ideas

This inspiration pin shows some of the layout ideas and ways to incorporate themes into table décor. With beautiful table settings, lavish seating and centrepieces there is plenty in the pin itself to help you decide on what look to go for.

9. Unique Flower Ideas

Floral displays can make an impact at your event and be used in a variety of different ways – from small table décor to larger and lavish arrangements. This pin showcases a beautiful floral backdrop and also links to 21 more flower ideas that you can try in a slideshow gallery for more inspiration.


Event Marketing/Social Media

10. Social Media Tool Infographic

This powerful infographic gives in depth advice on the pros and cons of a variety of different social media tools that are available today along with pricing and separates them into handy categories of use such as visual content creation, finding and saving, social media management, content sharing, productivity and analytics. A prime example of how you can provide true value to readers.

11. Content Marketing Strategies

Another infographic that is slightly more niche and corporate looking provides a detailed process outline and statistics for how to develop successful content marketing projects. For event professionals this can be an incredibly handy pin and one that has a clear and defined outline of what you need to do making each step easy to implement.

12. Platform Posting

Breaking down each of the major platforms and identifying what characteristics make a great post, this infographic is very valuable for eventprofs, particularly if you are starting out with your brand social media and need a hand.

13. A-Z Marketing

Event marketing is a fine art and not as simple as some may think. This pin allows you to go through the process step by step and ensure you are marketing your event in the correct way and not forgetting any of the basics.

Event Catering

14. Food Bars

Food bars or quirky food stations can be an ingenious catering idea that helps to save money and spruce up the simple buffet idea. You can go specific with things such as a doughnut bar or choose something broad ranging like a build your own pasta or salad station. This pin gives you insight into some quick ideas as well as linking to other food station ideas.

15. Sliding Shooters

For some foodspiration this pin gives some ideas for appetizers, finger foods and canapes that you could request for your event as well as some traditional foods that you can scale down. Serving smaller portions reduces the need for cutlery and seating areas at your venue but still fills up your attendees.

16. Alcohol Calculator

Providing alcohol and drinks for your event is often seen as essential and this guide gives an insight into beverages and the break down you should provide. It is focused on wedding guests but the information is valuable for any event planner thinking about drinks for event guests. This pin in particular is easy to read with large graphics on wine, beer and liquor servings but also links through to a more in depth post that includes bar size, guest numbers and how best to cater to them.

Event Entertainment

17. Outside Party Games

Amusing guests outdoors can be the most fun for event planners because there is usually a lot more space to work with. This gives you some immediate inspiration for outdoor games as well as linking to resources that provide over 65 different ideas. From corporate events to an informal BBQ or party, this pin has got you covered.

18. Kids Entertainment

At the other end of the spectrum is this pin that helps come up with some fun ways to amuse children during a winter wedding or event, when traditionally everyone is inside and there is little room to play. The article linked from the pin gives more inspiration and ideas while the pin draws in attention with it’s cute colouring pack ideas.

19. Picture Frame Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great opportunity for events to allow natural social media sharing, branding and sponsorship opportunities as well as being a hit with the guests. This fun idea incorporates creating your own DIY framed board in a similar style to a ‘head in hole’ creation but for entertainment in lieu of a traditional booth.

20. Hoop Entertainers

An example of how event suppliers and entertainment can use Pinterest to further their business is with pins such as this. A simple but stunning entertainer showing off an aerial trick that is very aesthetically pleasing and a fantastic entertainment idea. Plus, when clicked on, this pin links through to the services this entertainment company provides as well as the specific performer information.

Event Planning and Business

21.Determine Your Rate

This pin, aims to help freelancers work out what you should be charging per hour, how to deal with financial targets and what to accomodate and deduct. Although it is initially aimed towards wedding planners, it is completely relevant to event planners, particularly for those just starting out and wondering what to charge for their services!  You could also check it to see if it lines up with what you are charging currently.

22. Generate Leads

Prospecting is how you generate new leads and potential clients for your  event or business, but it can be a fine art. This infographic gives you a step by step guide on how to generate and cultivate leads as well as how to appeal to them and plan to reach them which can often be the most challenging.

23. Content Creation

Once you have a client or attendee it is important to keep them interested and engaged and one of the ways to do this is by coming up with fresh and interesting content ideas on a regular basis. This pin gives you things to think about as well as questions to help generate new ideas according to your specific client and attendee goals, needs and plans.

Corporate Events

24. Corporate Trends And Ideas

For some instant inspiration on a variety of aspects in corporate event planning, this pin can give you some insight, specifically from what was hot last year so that you can adapt to suit your event now. It also demonstrates how a pin can contain all of your business information too for easier information sharing to potential clients.

25. Insider Info

Nothing says event planner like the little black book and this pin links to a corporate planning survival guide. From basic inspiration to innovation, this is the guide you need.

In Conclusion

As you can see from these examples there are a wide range of images and content on Pinterest to inspire event professionals. Here are 25 of the most popular pins to show how you can pin content that gets noticed. Incorporate your own style and content, just remember that in the sea of content, those with the best images and value are the ones that stand out the most, not forgetting those that are keyword optimised and have engaging descriptions.

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