What Nobody Tells You About Event Registration

Over the past 3 years EventMB have been committed to collecting and sharing important event and event technology research. During this time we have collected the opinion of more than 5,000 event and meeting professionals. We have all contributed our fair share to the growth of our incredible industry.

The Good Event Registration Guide 2015 will look at what nobody tells you about event registration and best practices in maximising registration conversions to your event. It will also provide the most up to date overview of registration and ticketing providers and the features they can offer you.

#Eventprofs - What Are Your Registration Pain Points?

Currently there are some burning questions to ask #eventprofs with regards to registering guests for events and online registration. We have created a short survey which will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please complete the event planners survey here.

Registration and Ticketing Providers - Show Us Your Worth

We also want to hear from you if you are an event registration provider. If you wish to be included in the most up to date report on ticketing and registration suppliers you need to complete this provider survey here.

The surveys will be open for 2 weeks until 23 October, so please help us by sharing this research request with your colleagues and peers. It is vital that you complete the whole questionnaire. Partial responses cannot be considered.

To thank you for participating we will share the results with you with an accompanying write up and tips to help you face the latest challenges in registration and ticketing – one of the most crucial and sensible parts of the event planning process.

In Conclusion

The Good Event Registration Guide will be launched in November 2015 and will be available for free download with no contact details required. Make sure you contribute to the report by completing the relevant survey and we will look forward to sharing the results with you next month!