Sava Events: Instant Chatbot Communications for Your Event [Review]

Sava Events: Instant Chatbot Communications for Your Event [Review]

Sava Events is an all-in-one event management solution, event app and chatbot for engagement and communications before, during and after the event. Here is our review.

Sava Events is a platform for managing your event and web content. It offers web widgets for the event schedule, speakers, and sponsors, an event mobile app with push notifications and Q&A, and an event chatbot for instant communication with your attendees.

Sava Events can work for events of all sizes, regardless of the complexity or the number of attendees. It is particularly well suited to conferences and seminars as there is a live display and social wall feature to show updates on digital screens throughout the event.

The branded event chatbot can quickly be deployed by event organizers to deliver intuitive, conversational event experiences to attendees on their preferred platform (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kick, Telegram, Viber or other messaging apps).

Chatbots emulate real-person conversations so attendees can ask questions about the schedule, speakers, logistics info (WiFi, parking, venue info), and more. If the chatbot cannot answer a question it can be passed to the event support staff to respond. Using the event chatbot, attendees can also rate sessions, give feedback, ask a question or add items to their schedule.

Chatbots are available 24-hours a day and are an ideal replacement for human contact as they can provide answers to attendees’ queries at a moment’s notice. They remove the burden of being in constant contact and allow more time for event planners to focus on more pressing tasks.

Sava Events Chatbot Conversation

Sava Events features are focused around the event lifecycle and helping organizers handle typical tasks before, during, and after the event, including event content management, attendee engagement, and behavioral analysis.

EventMB research highlights that when searching for event technology, 54% of event planners are looking for modern technology and integration is a key reason for 40% of eventprofs to choose an event technology provider.

Why do you choose to work with a technology provider?

Instead of event planners constantly having to log in and out of systems, importing and exporting data, and trying to make sense of different systems that were not designed to work together, Sava Events provides one solution for event planners which integrates seamlessly into your website and your event management workflow.

Intrigued? Keep reading.

Sava Events widgets

The Main Categories of Features Are:

Content Management System.

Create and publish the content around your event and embed the ticketing service of your choice.

Mobile Event App.

Native iOS and Android mobile applications detailing the key event information. Attendees can ask questions during a session and event organizers can schedule and send out push notifications.

Event Chatbot.

Deploy a branded chatbot to provide event information via the attendee’s preferred chat app and emulate real-person communication. Schedule a reminder for a session and rate speakers directly via the chatbot.

Web Widgets.

Publish web widgets with the information you need to share, wherever you need it. Conference tracks, the event global schedule, schedules per room, upcoming sessions, speakers, and sponsor information is all highly customizable and integrates easily into your website.

Digital Signage.

Create live displays, digital signage and social walls throughout your event including rating screens, questions, Q&As, polls and upcoming sessions.

Sava Events digital display


It takes around one day to fully set up Sava Events. As the content and features offered by the solution are interlinked, let’s explore the capabilities in terms of how it can help throughout the different stages of the event lifecycle.

Before the Event

In the lead up to the event, organizers can use Sava Events to create and publish all of the content for the event and update it in real-time as required. This includes a detailed event agenda, which can be for multi-day and multi-track programs and can also use tags to help attendees to navigate a detailed schedule. Rich session descriptions and speaker profiles can be set up. The sponsors’ section can have customizable groups of sponsors and rich profiles, with descriptions, logos, “about” sections and URLs.

Information widgets can be inserted into web pages as required to build an event site with the important information you want to share. These widgets are also used in the customized live display which can be shown on the digital screens at the event. Sava Events doesn’t offer it’s own integrated ticketing services, however, any embedded ticket service, such as Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor, Ticketmaster, and SAP can be used.

Sava Events event agenda and scheduling

This information is also used to populate the event app so that information does not have to be entered multiple times. The default event app is a container app, however, a highly customized event app can be built instead if required.

Relevant pre-event information can be provided to attendees, using a multi-channel approach. Attendees can ask specific questions and get the quick answers they need via the event chatbot, rather than searching for an email or reading through event information on the website to find what they need.

During the Event

Sava Events can increase interaction, engagement and information flow during the event through the digital signage that can be customized to show upcoming sessions across the entire event or within a specific room or track. The Q&A feature of the platform enables the audience to submit questions during a session. The questions can be moderated by selected members of the organization team to be displayed on the event screens. Digital signage can also show live audience ratings and poll results.

Global real-time announcements can be scheduled and sent out during the event through any of the communication channels, with push notifications through the mobile app and messages through the event chatbot.

Sava Events chatbot actions

Post-event Evaluation and Analytics

Metrics that can be tracked with Sava platform include:

  • Total app and chatbot users
  • Number of people who use the app per platform
  • Number of users who rated elements
  • Top-rated speakers and sessions
  • Number and type of chatbot conversations
  • FAQs
  • Questions which needed human intervention

Event Chatbot

Many events brand their chatbot to give it a specific name or call it by the name of the event. Some users require guidance when using a chatbot for the first time in terms of what it is, how to access it, and the types of questions that the chatbot can help with. There is a correlation between the level of promotion the event organizer gives and the usage of the event chatbot as this technology is still new for some attendees.

Interestingly, analysis of the events using the Sava Events chatbot has found that the most common questions asked to the chatbot are about the following:

  • WiFi password
  • Session start times (specific session that users wanted to attend)
  • Lunch break
  • Location of evening social
  • Venue address

If you think about how many times your event staff get asked questions like this in the lead up to the event and during the live event, you will start to see the value and time saving a chatbot can offer.

Sava Events setting up your event chatbot


Content Management System

  • Content management system (CMS) to create and manage event content
  • Update content in one place and see the changes reflected everywhere in real-time
  • Event schedule (including multi-day, multi-track and tags)
  • Manage speakers and create rich profiles and session descriptions
  • List sponsors by customizable groups, such as priority/contribution (headline sponsor, platinum sponsor).
  • Create rich sponsor profiles, with descriptions logos, “about” sections and URLs
  • Manage and display sponsored content
  • Integrate any embedded ticket service
  • Deliver pre-event information to attendees, using a multi-channel approach
  • Send out global real-time announcements during the event through any of the communication channels (mobile app, chatbot)
  • Post event analytics and evaluation


Mobile Event App

  • Native iOS and Android mobile applications for event organizers and attendees
  • Container app as standard
  • Highly customized apps can be built if preferred
  • Schedule
  • Speakers
  • Personalized schedule and reminders
  • Ratings
  • Push notifications
  • Ask live questions during a session

Sava Events broadcast

Event Chatbot

  • Branded chatbot
  • Can operate within target platforms attendees already use (e.g. Facebook, Telegram, Viber)
  • Can provide event information instantaneously
  • Simulates real-person communications
  • Attendees can learn about the schedule, speakers, venue details, breaks and schedule a session in their calendar
  • Refer questions to a human if the bot can’t answer
  • Speaker rating enabled during each session
  • Continually learning using AI


Web Widgets

  • Highly customizable content
  • Embed the content you need into the places you need it on the web or digital signage
  • Tracks
  • Global schedule
  • Schedule per room
  • Upcoming sessions
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors


Digital Signage

  • Social  walls
  • Display information on digital signage and big screens around the venue
  • Rating screens
  • Q&A during sessions, moderated by select member(s) of the organization team
  • Polls
  • Next sessions

Sava Events digital signage


Sava Events is aimed at event, meeting, and conference organizers. It is particularly suitable for event planners looking to leverage modern tech to be more responsive and offer prompt answers to their attendees whilst cutting down on staff time dealing with basic queries. The live display feature will work best for conferences or even exhibitions with seminar content.

The platform is scalable, which makes it excellent for managing any type of event, regardless of the complexity. The number of attendees, speakers, sessions, tracks, etc, do not affect the user experience, neither from conference organizer nor attendee side.

Sava Events event app



The chatbot capability, which gives instant communications with event attendees without requiring them to download additional software.
Event planners can gain an insight into the most common questions being asked and other useful data.
Updates, offers, and follow-ups can be sent to anyone that has communicated with the chatbot.
The digital signage live display capability is perfect for conferences.


The solution will save time and effort in the long run, however an initial investment is required.
The event planner needs to promote the event chatbot to ensure it is well utilized. Some people don’t know what chatbots are or will ask unrealistic questions.
If the chatbot doesn’t know the answer it relies on human interaction to respond but can then store this information for future responses.
The subscription attendee credits expire after 12 months, they do not roll over if they are not used.

Sava Events speaker list

Pricing and Plans

Sava Events is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and you can purchase it on an annual subscription basis. The pricing depends on the total anticipated number of attendees in one year from all the events you organize, for example, this may be 1k, 10k or more than 10k attendees. There is no limitation in terms of the number of editors and events, which means that it is suitable for use with events of all sizes.



Sava Events is shaking up attendee communications and engagement with an event chatbot to offer instant support to your audience. Some participants less familiar with chatbots might need some initial guidance to get the most from it but we anticipate that chatbots will soon become essential for all events. The digital signage capability and flexible web widgets are other appealing integrated features, particularly for conferences and seminar focused-events.

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.