Regpack: A Tailored Registration Experience [Review]

Regpack: A Tailored Registration Experience [Review]

Regpack: What Is It?

Regpack enables you to create intuitive registration forms for your event and embed it within your organization website. Using the ‘conditional logic engine’, every applicant receives a bespoke experience to complete their individual registration.

We all know the power of personalizing the event experience, however many event planners are still not using it to its full advantage. Personalization is more than adding a name merge field into an email, it is ensuring that you ask the right questions and get the right data, and tailor communications and marketing to specific needs. If you have one standard event registration form for everyone and ask for irrelevant information not specific to the user, you have a higher chance of bookings being abandoned. Personalization therefore has a direct impact on your bottom line.

With this in mind, let’s check out what Regpack can do.


The Main Categories of Features Are:

Register. Use conditional logic to create a tailored registration experience, with unlimited email communication.

Charge. Payment processing in multiple currencies, with the ability to set up automatic billing and payment plans.  

Manage. Use the filter to generate custom dynamic reports on all of your data and see  information focused on each individual rather than on the event.



Regpack has a powerful form builder, which enables you to drag and drop the fields you need to create complex forms and a database of user information. The data is validated into the right format to only accept numbers, dates and email addresses as appropriate. The form then can be dropped into your website using an iframe. Any data point and all of the information collected can then be searched and filtered to generate in depth statistics and custom reports.

Conditional Logic Engine

The conditional logic engine ensures that attendees are only shown what they need to see. For example exhibitors won’t see options to choose workshop sessions and returning attendees won’t be asked about how they heard about the event. It can auto select products, show bespoke pricing and ask questions only to users with specific statuses or that give specific answers. Based on responses Regpack can know to skip irrelevant questions to avoid any frustration. You can enable applicants to continue the process only when set actions or data are completed, e.g. authorization to continue and complete the booking only if they have paid in full.

By creating bespoke registration forms all your stakeholders can go through the online registration process and have a tailored experience relevant to them, instead of having to track and monitor exhibitors, speakers, and others separately outside of the system. This reduces the need for chasing and having to make additional contact with stakeholders as you can ensure their submission is asking for all the data you need from that specific group, first time around.

All of the information and actions taken by an individual is noted within their account. They will never be asked the same question twice and if two questions are related the system can pull the information already entered into the right field.


Regpack uses trigger-based communication to automate the information issued throughout the process. You can also manually set email reminders to send when you need them to. The emails can include important information like session dates, registration deadlines and payment balance outstanding. Regpack works intelligently and knows when and how often you have communicated with your applicant. If you are sending out the same email twice it will warn you beforehand.

It is also easy to filter the applicants you wish to get in touch with and schedule bulk mail outs. There are no sending limits on your account. Templates can be saved to save time sending out in the future. Emails are automatically personalized based on the information collected throughout the registration process, including names, event dates and specific financial details like payments owed and payments received.  

User Account

The user account is automatically set up during the registration process and they can revisit at any time to update their saved information and manage payments. The application wizard guides the applicant to the specific forms they need to complete, show their payment balance and important information relevant to them – messages, updated event information and additional products and services which may appeal to them.

One of the benefits of Regpack is that the system is attendee based and works like a CRM system focused on the individual, rather than the event. If you work in a specific niche, with a clearly defined target audience and repeat bookings it can be a powerful way to manage your interactions with them, such as seeing which events they have attended, targeting marketing information and giving a more rounded overview of the individual.

If you have a varied client base and work across numerous sectors you will not be able to benefit from this as much and it could make Regpack a less cost effective option for you. The Regpack fee is based on the number of active accounts so you would need to archive past attendees to avoid being charged unnecessarily. This drops them from the count but still enables you to reinstate historic data at a future point and gives access for reporting purposes.



80 currencies are accepted by Regpack. If a user has an outstanding balance, the system will automatically trigger emails to remind him of this balance. As well as accepting card payments online admins can log offline payments to keep the system up to date.

I really liked the ability to set up a payment schedule, with deadlines for when specific payment amounts are due. The payment plan can be seen by everyone or specific to certain booking types, e.g. students. This is handy to give attendees the option to stagger payments but it particularly appealed in terms of exhibitor and sponsor payments too, making it easy to set up when the deposit and balance are payable and for the system to automatically chase up the outstanding amount. If a card is on file it can be authorized to automatically collect the payment.

Backups, Servers and Updates

Regpack backs up all data daily, with more substantial changes backed up hourly. A full backup of every applicant, including files they have uploaded, is performed once a week. All customers get full access to new features, as soon as they are available. Many events have peak registration periods where it is vital that servers can cope with the demand. Regpack have created a distributed system to cope with these spikes.




  • Form builder allows you to create unlimited forms and fields.
  • Use conditional logic to set any user on their own registration path – attendees, speakers, vendors, etc.
  • Unlimited email communication with applicants or admins of each event.
  • Embed the registration form onto your website.
  • Mobile optimized.
  • Family and group registration.
  • Registration in any language.


  • Payment processing in multiple currencies.
  • Ability to set up automatic billing and payment plans.  
  • Automatic invoicing to attendees.
  • Payments integrated into the registration process, no redirecting to a 3rd party payment site.
  • 256 SSL encryption, PCI compliant.


  • Custom reports, export vis CSV or PDF.
  • Filter to generate dynamic custom reports on all of your data.
  • Unlimited free guest admins, to share the registration platform with anyone in your team.
  • Scheduler functionality with check-in ability.
  • Data in the cloud, to access data from anywhere.


Who Is It For?

Regpack is for anyone with a need to capture information from an audience and a back end to efficiently manage, communicate and collaborate with that audience and other admins. This works for all types of events, conferences and tradeshows, as well as camps, schools, volunteers, memberships, trips, sports, etc. It can also be used to capture data for surveys, applications, internal processes, grants and leads.

Pros and Cons


  • Generate tailored registration forms and personalized communications.
  • Bespoke payment plans can be offered to specific registration types.
  • No contract.
  • Attendee based model, not event based.


  • Back end only in English.
  • No badge printing within the platform (you need to export data needed for badge printing).
  • If you have a varied audience and work across numerous sectors it will push up the number of users and therefore the cost.
  • No barcode or QR code functionality for checkin.


Pricing and Plans

Pricing starts from $49 per month. Regpack has no contracts allowing organizations the freedom to use services only during the month’s where registration is needed. The cost automatically adjusts up or down dependent on the number of users. Click here for more information on pricing.

In Conclusion

Personalization is important to the attendee experience and Regpack enables you to customize the registration and communication process more effectively to your different stakeholders and groups. If you have a varied user base you may not benefit fully from the attendee-centric system but for those with a specific niche and repeat attendees Regpack could be a powerful and cost effective choice.  

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.