Goomeo: A Unique Take for your Event Mobile App [Review]

Goomeo: A Unique Take for your Event Mobile App [Review]

Goomeo is an event show guide with networking and live interaction features within a single app. Here is our review.

Goomeo: What Is It?

Goomeo works on Apple, Android and Windows devices and is focused on trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and corporate events.

Different event stakeholders involved can access different content and functionality within the same app. Attendees, exhibitors, speakers and VIPs have very different expectations and requirements from an event app and the profiles can be tailored to meet their needs. Understandably many apps focus only on the attendee experience, but it is appealing to be able to offer relevant content to other event partners so they can get more value from the app and your event all round.

The Goomeo event mobile app has some interesting features which differentiate it from other providers, such as the branded selfie tool and audio note taking. In the competitive world of event apps unique features within a single app package are exciting to discover.

Let’s take a closer look.


The Main Categories of Features Are:

Event show guide. Full, customized event information. Programme, abstracts and poster management and lists and profiles for exhibitors, attendees, speakers, sponsors and product catalogue.

Personalization. Display different content based on the attendee profile. Manage personal event schedule, appointments, useful content, notes (text, voice and highlights) and location based navigation.

Engagement. Live interaction features including Q&A, surveys, branded selfies, gamification, social media feed and QR code reader.

Contact management. Network by searching profiles, connecting and messaging via the Meeting Manager. In-app lead retrieval is available for exhibitors.



Goomeo is focused on information, networking and engagement to help event planners to achieve the most common event objectives. 

Design and Layout

The event app it is fully white labelled. The opening splash screen can be linked to a webpage outside the app, or to specific content within the app itself. Everything is customizable, even in terms of the information icons within the app and the font used. 

The CMS is intuitive and it is easy to publish a first version of the app content and update the content fully when everything is confirmed. All saved changes are reflected automatically in the event app and the native cross-platform technology will adapt to any device.

Goomeo don’t offer an event registration platform yet so if you are looking for a complete event registration system from the same provider as your event app you will need to look elsewhere. It does however connect with the main registration providers in France and the UK and can be connected to any registration provider with an API to pull automatic registration updates into the app.

Tailored Content

Most apps are focused firmly on the attendee only so I loved the fact that when setting up the app it is possible to specify multiple profiles to determine exactly which content different users can view and access. For instance you can give permission for exhibitor profiles to access the lead retrieval functionality offered by the app but not be able to ask questions to the speakers. The features are hidden from view or locked if not available to the user.

Users of the app can save text notes and also audio messages. I thought the ability to record voice notes was a useful feature for busy events. You can also highlight important information from within the app, such as information within an abstract, and save pictures and other content. All of this information can be accessed via the My Visit tab, which can be renamed if you wish. All saved content can be emailed to the user to access independently of the app.

It is good to see that push notifications can be sent by the organizer, including specific proximity updates based on location.


When an attendee first logs into the app the My Meetings and Networking icons are locked until the attendee gives further details to enhance their basic profile. They can then specify whether they want to have a public or private profile and whether they are available or not available to be contacted. The event planner can also enable who can connect, for example you may not want VIPs to be contacted by general attendees to respect their privacy. Once a contact request has been accepted between two users they can then message each other. The contact details can be added directly to their phone.

The Meeting Manager can be accessed and updated from the app and also from a desktop computer. In your personal schedule you can add meetings or set periods of unavailability. It is possible to request meetings and to invite more than one person to attend. The organizer can set the primary meeting places available, for instance within the networking lounge, at the booth or the VIP area.

There are automatic message templates and these can be adapted in the dashboard as you wish. There is a “running late” status in case you are delayed at the event. The user can send a pre-populated message updating meeting colleagues and giving a timescale update. When you are running late on the show floor, I could see how valuable a simple time saver like this would be.


Goomeo detects the language of the smartphone and ensures all content is delivered to the user in their primary tongue, which is great for international events. The app and back-end platform are available in 10 languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, German and simplified Chinese. Other languages can be added if needed.

Branded Selfies

One of the engagement tools I appreciated within the app is the branded pictures feature. The organizer can add a PNG file in the specific sizes given to create a bespoke frame or mask for your event. The picture can be shared on social media and saved by the user. Anyone using this feature must give permission to the organizer to use the pictures. You can adapt the disclaimer and legal notice as you wish. The pictures can be moderated and can be shown as a live feed on one of the event big screens.

Social Media

The app can pull a social media feed using specific hashtags or social media handles. Instead of just focusing on Twitter a comprehensive feed can be built including content from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and an RSS feed if you wish. Within the app dashboard the start date and update frequency can be specified.

Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors can use the app to scan attendee QR codes on their badges and access 5 or 6 pieces of information about the attendee (determined by the event planner). This feature works offline, WiFi is only needed to export the contacts to a CSV file. It is possible to save notes about a specific lead to help with follow up after the show. If it is a multi-day event you can choose to export the leads scanned on that particular day or all of the event leads.

Interactive Floor Plan and Navigation

The app offers an interactive 3D floor plan with route management which can locate and direct you to specific exhibitors. A dwg or dfx file can be uploaded and will work with the geo-location features of the user’s smart phone. The interactive plan is available at an additional cost, based on the number of event halls, but for large exhibitions this will be a welcome upgrade.  



Event show guide

  • Intuitive CMS with admin and user access
  • White label
  • Full, customizable event information and branding
  • Programme
  • Abstracts and poster management
  • Lists and profiles for exhibitors, attendees, speakers, products and sponsors


  • Display different content based on the attendee profile
  • Manage personal event schedule
  • Request appointments
  • Save useful content
  • Make notes (text, voice and highlights)
  • Location based navigation


  • Live interaction features
  • Q&A
  • Surveys
  • Branded selfies
  • Gamification
  • Social media feed
  • QR code reader
  • Advanced statistics
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Geo-marketing
  • Push notifications

Contact management

  • Attendee profiles
  • Organizer can decide which profiles are contactable
  • Availability set by the attendee
  • Searching profiles, connect and message via the Meeting Manager
  • Set up individual or group meetings
  • Notify people if you are running late
  • In-app lead retrieval for exhibitors.


Who Is It For?

Goomeo will be of interest to event planners organizing trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and corporate events.

Pros and Cons


  • Customized content available for your different event stakeholders within the same app.
  • Branded pictures, using your bespoke event overlay, can be taken within the app.
  • Interactive floor plan and navigation


  • No registration module available yet.
  • No leaderboard feature.
  • Live polls and Q&A design isn’t as modern as some standalone interaction tools on the market.


Pricing and Plans

A global license is available (per event and per year) giving access to 80% of the features. Optional upgrades are available for in-app lead retrieval, the meeting manager and interactive floor plan.

In Conclusion

Goomeo offers a solid package of features. Some of the functionality that really stood out included the tailored content specific to different users, audio note taking, the branded photos, the comprehensive social feed and the meetings module. If you are looking for an all in one registration and event app provider you will need to look elsewhere, but if you need an event app to enhance networking, interaction and communication at your event you should consider Goomeo.

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.