evenTwo: Event Mobile App with Private Network [Review]

evenTwo: Event Mobile App with Private Network [Review]


evenTwo: What Is It?

For many event planners the biggest barrier to having an event app can be the cost. evenTwo have positioned their event app with an entry level price to make it accessible to more events. Another function often requested but provided by moderately few providers and offered by evenTwo is a private network for attendees to connect, without using public social media channels.

Since launching in 2013 they have become the leaders in event app creation in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile and they have created apps for events in 23 countries. The app is available in 15 languages including English, Spanish and German.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from evenTwo.



The Main Categories of Features Are:

Information. Native apps for Android and iOS providing event information, push notifications and geolocation tools.

Interaction. Private event conversation walls can be created for all attendees at the event and also for specific sessions. Quizzes and challenges can be created to test your attendees learning.

Sponsors and Exhibitor Visibility. A carousel of images can give sponsors greater prominence and visibility. The exhibitor listings are linked to their position on the floorplan.



evenTwo is built natively for Android and iOS and an important part of evenTwo is that no instruction manual is needed, they wanted to create an easy user experience. Apps are generally available within two working days, which is the time it generally takes for Apple validation.

The drag and drop system allows you to customize the app menu into the order you wish, change icons, content and images to represent your brand. All the basics are there including agenda with tags and coloured tracks, maps and document downloads. As most modern event apps today have a good baseline of features we have focused this review on some of the most interesting and exciting functionality offered by the evenTwo app.

Private Network

Within the app there is a conversation wall, or group chat feature, where all attendees can chat and share photos privately. Conversation walls can also be set up for different sessions, for instance for each breakout session, conference track or fringe event. Having a private network could be a big positive in terms of networking and keeping attendees engaged before, during and after the event. It also means that everyone can get involved, without the need to comment publicly or even to be on social media at all. In some sensitive industries it is also forbidden to comment about events in the public domain so this will be an interesting feature for many.

Questions, Polls and Surveys

Questions can be asked to the speakers via the app, specific to each session on the agenda. The questions can be asked to one or all speakers. These can be moderated if you prefer and can be shown on the event screens, as well as within the event app.

Live polls can be set for concurrent sessions to get instant feedback. The polls can be set to appear for specific time periods. This can be viewed on the screen or a link can share the results with everyone via the main event screens. The number of votes or percentage information can be specified or hidden as per the organizers preference.

Surveys can be created for everyone and for specific sessions. Ratings of 1 to 5, multiple choice answers and text feedback can all be added, and questions can be mandatory or not. Responses can also be exported to CSV and Excel.


Bespoke quizzes, challenges and tests can be created via the app. This is a cool feature which can be used to test learning and attention at a session, create an icebreaking exercise or a gamification challenge such as a treasure hunt around exhibitors at the event. A leaderboard ranking all attendees can be shown.

Sponsor Visibility

The carousel rotates sponsors logos which can be clicked through for further information. This gives prominence at the top of the app and the movement also demands more attention than a static image does. There is no maximum limit for how many sponsors can be included, that is a decision for the event organizer to take in terms of diluting impact and the number of partners the event has.

Push Notifications

The app offers push notifications which can be scheduled in advance for specific times and dates. Messages can be sent to all attendees or just to specific user groups. There is no character limit to the push notifications, as there is with some other apps.


The app gives various stats including the number of downloads, the devices downloaded to, the app usage at each session, and the details of when attendees last accessed the app.

Multi Event

If you run multiple events for the same industry or audience, or even potentially internal events for your corporation, you will be interested to learn that evenTwo have a multi event app. This offers 10 event apps within one bulk price and the potential to add more events if required. This allows you to keep consistent branding across all of your apps, which are listed within one parent app. Each app remains bespoke and customized as per the requirements of each event and you can segment your attendees if you want to segment the app visibility.  




  • Agenda
  • Speaker profiles
  • Maps
  • Geo location
  • Social media feed
  • Documents
  • General event information (hotel information, transport, offers, parking)
  • Push notifications
  • Filter by category and tags
  • Download section
  • Micro event website with the same information as the app


  • Attendee list
  • Profiles
  • User registration
  • Private messages
  • Conversation wall
  • Live polling
  • Surveys
  • Questions to speakers
  • Image gallery
  • Video gallery
  • Gamification
  • Create quizzes and challenges
  • Beacons notification proximity (includes 3 beacons)
  • Heat map

Sponsor and Exhibitor Visibility

  • Carousel of sponsors images for greater prominence
  • Sponsor listings
  • Exhibitor listings
  • Filter by tags
  • Map showing location of each stand


Who Is It For?

The app is versatile and can be adapted for any kind of event including congresses, incentives, conventions, trade shows, product launches and everything in between. The price point will potentially appeal to many events, even potentially some smaller events or those with a limited budget. Likewise the multi event package will be appealing and cost-effective for organisations with multiple events for the same audience each year.

Pros and Cons


  • Private conversation walls for all event attendees and attendees of specific sessions
  • The ability to create bespoke quizzes and challenges to test learning
  • Push notifications can be pre-scheduled in advance


  • No event registration and payment form
  • No native app for BlackBerry or Windows Phone, however there is a responsive web version which can be accessed
  • The basic price doesn’t include the sponsor carousel and interaction features


Pricing and Plans

The pricing depends on whether it is for one event or multi-event and also depends on the features needed. The basic app with information features is 800€ (equivalent to $850 USD or £675*). To add sponsorship features the total price is 1,350€ or with interaction features it is 2,000€.

The cost of multi-event app is 3,500€ (equivalent to $3,700 USD or £2,950*) and this includes 10 events. New events (in addition to the 10 events included) can be purchased for 120€.

In Conclusion

evenTwo has lots of interesting features included for a competitive entry price, with the conversation wall, gamification features and sponsor carousel really standing out compared to other apps on the market. Not all features are included within the base price but evenTwo will be particularly good value if you are looking for an app for multiple events.  

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.

*exchange rate conversion as at 1 December 2016