Eventtia: Event Management Software Committed to Better B2B Networking [Review]

Eventtia: Event Management Software Committed to Better B2B Networking [Review]

Eventtia: What Is It?

Eventtia event management software is for eventprofs who want a self service platform to manage the full event lifecycle including email marketing, event registrations, task management, event website and networking. Eventtia aim to help event organizers to create more successful events. The software is designed to give event managers absolute control and autonomy over their events to work faster, manage planning and logistics, and foster the value of their data across different projects. Eventtia enables event managers to own their data and their processes without outsourcing or depending on third parties, such as developers, registration providers or email marketing platforms.

Networking can be one of the main motivators for event attendance but participants often appreciate some help finding the right people to connect with, rather than just leaving it to fate and chance meetings. Eventtia offers a powerful tool for planning networking events and increasing networking success. The B2B matchmaking module enables event planners and attendees to find the people they want to target and schedule one-to-one meetings, encouraging better business connections and opportunities. 

The Main Categories of Features Are:

Online Registration and Check-In. Sell tickets for your events via a customized event website. Manage event badges, check in and access points on site.

Event Management Software (EMS). Manage the event schedule, speakers and activities and allocate tasks to your team members.

B2B Matchmaking. Attendee networking profiles and matchmaking to find the most relevant contact matches. Schedule appointments at times to suit both parties.

Email Marketing. Manage email communications and marketing within the system sending up to 50k emails per event. Segment lists and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Eventtia is quick and easy to get started, without any training needed. It is a tool built for teams and you can set detailed access permissions for team members overall or set on a per event basis. The greatest value comes if you can commit to using Eventtia as your event management system across all projects and have at least six events per year using the platform. It also means that it is easy to clone events for even faster set up. The more you use Eventtia the greater the benefits are in terms of building the data and attendance history of your attendees. The global dashboard gives a quick overview of your event activity – ticket sales, attendee types, meetings organized, stand bookings, etc.

A great bonus which many event planners will appreciate is that the fee charged by Eventtia is per event, regardless of the number of attendees. Other than the payment processing fees for credit card transactions charged by your provider (e.g. Stripe or PayPal), there is no per attendee fee.

Attendee Types and Tickets

The event planner can set up as many different attendee types as the event requires and these can be visible to everyone or hidden from view unless you have a special link. Each attendee type can have different prices, rules, messages, forms, and be set to require validation after registration to accept or reject their application if you wish. The planner chooses whether to allow editing from the attendee after booking and if registration without payment at the time of booking is accepted. Single and multiple use discount codes are easy to set up and payment reports can be run at any point to see the event revenue.

Event Website

A responsive single or multiple page website is automatically created based on the information entered into the back end. If no data is entered the section isn’t visible – you chose the content that is relevant for your event. The set up can be adapted to fit your needs, for example, instead of having an exhibitor or sponsor catalogue you may want to showcase testimonials from former attendees. You can drag and drop fields and see the layout automatically reflected on your site. Eventtia supports complex multi-day and multi-session timetables and you can add rich content, including embedding videos.

The event calendar widget enables you to embed directly onto any website and for it to be automatically updated with new events as they are added to the platform. If you want to use a custom URL (e.g. www.thebestevent.com) you can redirect and mask the Eventtia web address completely via your registrar.

Qualified B2B Networking

The event planner can set the categories relevant to the event attendees to make it easier to complete their profile and search and validate matches. Importantly attendees can specify whether they are seeking a product or service or offering to provide it. Attendees can log into the website and view and set up meetings. The planner can allow appointments to be set one week to three months before the event and can allocate specific networking time within the event agenda. Emails can be sent via the system, without sharing email addresses, for meeting requests to be accepted or rejected. If accepted the system identifies common availabilities between calendars when the two parties are available to meet at the event.

The event organizer can set rules for specific attendee types, for instance hosted buyers cannot set appointments with other hosted buyers and only attendees can request meetings with exhibitors, not vice versa. Organizers can book in appointments on behalf of participants. It is easy to appreciate that it would be impossible to facilitate this level of connection and networking without using a system such as this.

Attendee Data and Emails

Attendees that haven’t paid are given a red “not paid” label making them easy to chase up, record an offline payment received or add a discount code. The directory of attendees gives the individual’s activity history and the audience break down shares the overall attendees gender, interactions, and so forth.

Each event has a limit of 50k HTML emails which can be sent, and you can view statistics for the number of opens, clicks and so forth. It is easy to personalize emails with merge fields and contact lists can be segmented to target specific groups, such as those that haven’t paid or everyone that checked-in at the event. If you send an invitation to 60 guests – when those invited register they become attendees and it is easy to chase up those that haven’t responded.


The in built project management tool allows you to add tasks and notify or allocate to specific team members. Some tasks are populated automatically too – for example if someone uses the contact form on the site to get in touch it automatically emails the details to the organizing team and also adds it as a task to the task list so other team members can see if it is awaiting a response or has already been dealt with.

On Site Check-In and Checkpoints

With Eventtia there are plenty of options to manage badge printing, check-in and access control internally and cost effectively. Through the system you can create two specific badge designs. Badges can be personalised and sent to attendees to print out themselves and bring along to the event or badges can be printed by the organizer at the event registration desks. Eventtia recommend the DYMO450 model – a small, portable thermal printer – which costs less than 100 Euros. This printer enables you to print sticky labels which can be used directly as quick and easy badges or added to a wider coloured badge design for a more professional look.

Self check-in is possible via QR codes or if you prefer to manage the process registration staff can verify attendees against their social media profile pictures and check in guests. The system pulls pictures from social media accounts linked with the registered email address. Checkpoints are not just limited to the entrance, you can manage multiple points throughout the event to verify who is registered for a specific session, control access to VIP areas or ensure that only one goody bag is issued per person.

Exhibition Management and Lead Retrieval

Eventtia also has an exhibition management module and lead retrieval system suitable for exhibitions of any size. This would require a whole dedicated review in itself, there isn’t space to go into detail here, but in brief it allows event planners to manage exhibition spaces, collect information from exhibitors, register exhibition staff, sell products and services, generate online and mobile exhibition catalogues and much more.


Online Registration and Check In

  • Online registration and ticketing
  • Management of multiple attendee types
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Multi-session registration
  • Guest management (manage guest lists and send personalized invitations)
  • Payment processing
  • Responsive event websites
  • Single and multiple page sites customized to your event branding
  • Custom url’s
  • Badges – two types available for printing by the attendee or printing on site by the event planner
  • Single and multiple use discount coupons
  • Check-in and tracking on site
  • Mobile app for attendee check-in
  • Set checkpoints to control access to activities and extras
  • Single entry and multiple entry checkpoints.

Event Management Software (EMS)

  • Event program management
  • Schedule activities and speakers
  • Tasks
  • Community analytics
  • Team management (administrators and users)
  • Detailed permission management (per event and per feature)
  • Mobile app (will be relaunched Q2 2017)
  • Clone events
  • Calendar widget – integrate a calendar automatically updated with Eventtia events

B2B Matchmaking

  • Configure networking profiles
  • Establish networking rules (meeting duration, who can meet who)
  • Personalization of business categories for attendee matching
  • Online networking space for attendees within the event website
  • Customizable filters to help attendees find the most relevant contacts
  • Segmentation for ‘offer’ and ‘demand’ (activation of I’m looking and I’m offering modes)
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Targeted reminders
  • Meeting space allocation
  • Personalized agenda generation and distribution
  • Control center – event planner can also appoint meetings on behalf of participants

Email Marketing

  • Manage communications within the system rather than working with a third party email provider
  • Customizable emails
  • Automated filters to segment communication (payment status, check-in status, attendee types, activities)
  • Send a maximum of 50k emails per event
  • Enriched attendee profiles
  • Contact management (people and organizations)
  • Mailing lists management
  • Email statistics
  • Audience insights

Who Is It For?

Eventtia is for anyone who plans events and wants to be in full control using a self service tool. It is ideal for those wanting to find a platform to manage all of their events and to build up attendee data and history. The back system is in English, French and Spanish only, but the front facing website is available in any language.

Eventtia is perfectly suited for corporate organizers, universities and agencies who plan conferences, seminars, conventions, and training sessions for internal and external audiences. It also adds value to associations and federations that organize multiple events within their communities and want to build up the attendance history and interests of their networks.  

The B2B matchmaking module is well used by those that prioritize networking, including economic development agencies, departments of commerce, chambers of commerce, trade associations, and anyone wishing to increase networking or appointment booking at their events, including hosted buyer programmes. Eventtia’s exhibition management module will be of interest to anyone producing trade shows and fairs.

Eventtia doesn’t have a seating plan tool so it is less suitable for those organizing gala dinners or events with allocated seats, such as sporting events.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers unlimited registrations within a set per event price.
  • Strong focus on improving event networking and facilitating appointments.  
  • Manage email communications and marketing emails within the platform.
  • If you use Eventtia for all projects you can build up attendance data for all attendees, across all of your events.


  • Integrated mobile app not available yet (will be relaunched Q2 2017).
  • Backend is available only in English, Spanish and French.
  • No seating plan tool or abstract management.
  • Few native integrations.

In Conclusion

Eventtia is an easy to use event management platform, competitively priced on a per event model, regardless of the number of attendees. If you need abstract management or a seating plan tool this is perhaps not what you are searching for, but there are lots of advantages to using the system including the email marketing, responsive event website and data analysis. The B2B networking and exhibition and lead retrieval modules are further reasons to take the free trial of the Eventtia system and find out if this is the event management software you are looking for.

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.