eventcore Brings Advanced Registration to Your Event [Review]

eventcore Brings Advanced Registration to Your Event [Review]

Let’s start this review by saying that eventcore has been around for 34 years. It is a company that you may know of if you’ve worked on very demanding events that require sophisticated registration tools.

eventcore has been growing quite fast in the last few years, making the news on February 22nd, when it raised $4M. What you may not know about this company though is that it offers a service that is pretty unique in the event technology market. It is a service that builds event registration modules and elements based on the needs of your event. Yes, everything custom built for you. No platforms with one-size-fits-all.

Of course, that is not for all types of events. Large and small corporate events may find this approach very refreshing. Smaller, independent conferences may look elsewhere for a registration solution.

The approach eventcore has to providing event technology is very different from what I’ve seen reviewing hundreds of registration software solutions. And it is an approach that is in-demand. Our research, in facts, tells us that support is the number one reason for choosing a technology provider for 59% of eventprofs.

Well, eventcore has taken that concept further with a degree of customization that of course starts from a base technology they offer but counts on a team of developers dedicated to making the product work for your specific needs. It sounds more like service as a software rather than the other way around.

But let’s look at the specifics.

eventcore review

eventcore: What Is It?

eventcore is a registration platform for events. Where other companies try to do everything, eventcore is very focused on registration and doing it well. That does not mean the platform cannot talk to other types of technology. In fact, eventcore does integrate easily with event apps or your preferred CRM platform. The thing I like here is that each product is custom developed for your event. Think of it as the custom suit tailor of event registration.

Obviously, that comes at a cost and it’s not for all types of events. eventcore is for those planners working with complex portfolios or very demanding corporate events. This tool is for events that need highly supported and customizable technology solutions.

And that’s pretty cool.

If you are an event planner, you are not an event technologist. The misconception that event professionals need to action their registration platform is very superficial. While a general understanding of technology is needed to do our work and knowledge of the tools is important to better grasp what to do with them, we are not software developers. We want to plan events, not edit code. Next time you find yourself spending nights editing modules of your registration software, ask yourself if this is what you signed up for when you wanted to become an event planner.

In very challenging event environments there is no way the event team will put their hands on the registration software. You would have a team of experts working for you, customizing the software to your needs, sharing relevant reports and fixing issues with payment processing. That’s how things should work, and eventcore seems to get it.

eventcore offers very interesting features such as group booking management or hotel recommendations. The idea is to make the process usable and simple for very common corporate events processes.

Speaking of features, let’s look at what eventcore has to offer.

eventcore review

The Main Categories of Features are:

Registration. All the features you would expect in a registration software with deep customization. Group registration, advanced code management, white label, website with responsive design, advanced reporting and data management.

Onsite Tools. A suite of tools that allow all the functionality you need for guest check-in. Thanks to the custom API these features extend to a wide array of external tools such as badge printing solutions or mobile apps.

Housing Management. eventcore’s hotel tool provides real-time reporting and in-the-moment updates. Multiple room blocks and hotel properties are managed with ease, with smart-logic built into identify VIPs, speakers, executives, and other attendee types.

Networking and Appointments. Attendees can sync their phone’s calendar to easily have all the key dates of the event. Profiles can be edited to contain as much or as little information a person wants to share. Attendee directories that can define your level of connectivity and easy appointment RSVP management.


There are a few solid things eventcore offers that you will find appealing. Then some custom developed stuff that can really elevate your event. Let’s look in depth at eventcore.


The first elements I loved the most are the Technical Project Manager and Registration & Housing Project Manager you get once you become a client. With room blocks becoming a nightmare, the latter specifically can help you minimize the risk of exposure. The dedicated team is available to assist on various aspects from program planning recommendations to onsite planning. Oh, I almost forgot, they provide an onsite Concierge or technical staff to help your team and attendees with their questions.


The second element I loved is the integration. 30% of event professionals say that poor integration is the reason why they won’t buy technology. eventcore has stepped the game up with a custom API that can really integrate with a multitude of tools. Whether is deploying into an event app or getting insights from your CRM on who is registering, that can be done. The problem with many other tools I have experienced is that they tend to work as silos, adding frustration rather than value. Not the case here.

Group Booking

This is often times a set of features that is denied by major event technology companies. In eventcore you can make a record as the group manager, whether you are attending or not, with the ability to add others at their convenience. Group members can be added with registration codes or without and group managers need only provide basic information. Groups can pay all at once with one card, wire transfer, or check or split the payment to fit their needs. This last feature is extremely important with corporate audiences needing to enter multiple registration entries for the same company without getting annoyed.

Codes on Steroids

I also loved their take on registration codes. Nothing revolutionary in registration codes as such, but the way they use them is very interesting. eventcore’s registration codes let you determine what content and questions your attendees see and respond to, as well as define what they pay to attend (or don’t pay), what hotel they book, and what sessions they can select. They can provide you a code generation tool for your VIPs or ambassador programs.

Satellite Check-In

Another nifty feature they have developed for some clients include satellite powered check-in. For large events you can define a geographical area where check-in is allowed, giving an incredible value to speed up registration, enabling it at airports, hotels and the like.


Any internet connected device can utilize eventcore’s suite of onsite tools including Managed Check-In, Express Check-In, Self Check-In, On Demand Badge Printing, and Content Distribution. Conference staff can quickly find, check-in, and manage an attendee’s profile. It provides attendees with a streamlined experience that allows them to check-in within less than one minute. Once checked-in, attendees can be directed to a gift or content distribution booth.


eventcore is able to integrate with your technical provider to perform scalable solutions, no matter how complex your requirements are. They work with a range of technical providers for mobile apps and session management or onsite badge printing. They integrate with data analytics software such as Power Bi or Tableau to pass attendees securely. Very important in the GDPR era.


As an attendee, you can propose meeting times and locations, manage your schedule, and create reminders that sync with your event and corporate calendar. Getting your attendees and your corporate executives in the same room using their side meeting solution is very easy. You can also manage and approve requests for meetings, arrange times and locations, and

send meeting confirmations, all through a meeting administrator, with executives free from the need to manage on their own. You can empower your account executives to nominate and invite the attendees that meet your targeted goals. Stakeholders maintain overall approval rights to ensure the right demographic is reached.



  • Authentication
  • Reporting and data services
  • Hotel reservations, with or without roommating
  • Fee collection
  • Mobile ready platform
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Report and data management
  • Session management
  • Speaker management
  • Evaluations

Onsite Tools

  • Managed check-in
  • Self-check-in
  • Express check-in
  • Satellite check-in
  • Onsite statistics dashboard
  • Integrated on-demand printing
  • Onsite support team

Housing Management

  • Real-time reporting and updates
  • Multiple room blocks and hotel properties can be managed
  • Smart-logic built into identify VIPs, speakers, executives, and other attendee types

Networking and Appointments

  • Attendee directory
  • Networking
  • Dynamic agenda
  • Meeting room management
  • Session calendar sync
  • Schedule builder

Who Is It For?

eventcore is not for the smaller event. It’s not for music festivals or sporting events. It is 100% the platform for corporate event planners. It is tailored for that type of event. The user experience screams conference, trade show, convention and exclusive VIP gathering.

If you manage large portfolios with very complex needs, this is a serious contender to the usual names we’ve all heard of.

Pros and Cons


  • Custom service. Self-service is out of the question.
  • Strong support with onsite presence, concierge, development team, housing manager.
  • Flexibility and integration with a number of tools.


  • eventcore reports are fairly standard. However, eventcore will create as many reports as needed for the client. The team works closely with the client to understand their reporting needs and ensure the output meets expectations. Additionally, eventcore is actively working on enhancements to the reporting platform that promises greater flexibility and visualization.
  • Lack of onsite badge printing solution. You can achieve this through integration.
  • An eventcore mobile app would be great to avoid having to talk to other providers.

Pricing and Plans

eventcore is not disclosing its pricing, which respects the custom nature of their service. Get in touch to obtain a quote.

In Conclusion

My prediction is that this small company from Seattle will be one of the top 3 registration providers in a short period of time. Their sales and marketing team comes from the industry. They know event professionals. How many sales managers do you know that have CMP in their title? They have been growing through referrals and word of mouth. I think it is time to make them Internet famous as their tool ticks all the boxes.

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.