Event Proelio App [Review]

Event Proelio App [Review]


Event Proelio App: What Is It?

Event Proelio, previously known as Event Boosterapp, is an event app platform that promotes event engagement and converts it into business intelligence. It focuses on facilitating interactions and connections between attendees—as well as between attendees and exhibitors—through a variety of features, and capturing that data to provide planners and stakeholders with key takeaways regarding engagement during the event.

The platform also includes registration functionality and allows planners to manage attendees, speakers, and exhibitors within the app. It displays important event information to attendees, such as event agenda and speaker bios, and enables exhibitors to capture leads by scanning attendees’ QR codes.

Event Proelio also allows for importing and exporting, so planners can upload event information as well as export event data from the app to external databases. The app is fully compliant with data protection policies and never saves or sells any user data.



Networking. Event Proelio’s key focus is a networking feature that allows users to connect with each other via a Tinder-like interface. Through the app, attendees and exhibitors can view each other’s profiles and, using the same system as popular dating apps, can swipe right or left based on whether they would be interested in connecting. In order to connect, both parties must swipe right on each other. Once a connection is made, attendees and/or exhibitors receive each other’s contact information and have the option to set up a private chat within the app.

Lead Retrieval. Another way the app allows exhibitors to connect with and generate leads is through QR code scanning. Event Proelio generates a QR code for each registered attendee, which can be scanned by exhibitors using the app to collect contact information and other data from interested attendees that visit their booth during the event.


Cloud-based CMS. Event Proelio’s CMS allows planners to manage all of their events in one place. The platform allows for multiple login credentials, which can be customized depending on the level of access needed for each user. Event Proelio includes a web-based registration system for attendees and exhibitors and allows planners to send personalized emails. The CMS is also compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms.

Reporting. The app includes analytics and reporting capabilities to provide planners as well as exhibitors with various data points to inform their decisions and improve event performance. Planners can view data on app use and engagement such as how many people logged in and networked on any given day, who connected with whom, and who were the most and least liked users. Exhibitors can use the app to view their leads and data collected from attendees.


Event Proelio’s main goal and functionality are to facilitate engagement among users at corporate events and trade shows in order to provide data and insights to exhibitors and planners. The all-in-one platform allows planners to register attendees and exhibitors, add speaker information, manage attendees, and view all of the events that they’re organizing on one dashboard.

The app is customizable, depending on whether an event-specific app is needed or whether the planner chooses to use the generic app. Planners also have the option to make the event details on the app public so that users can view event information without logging in, or to keep it private and display only for attendees who have registered using an email address. Event Proelio is fully compliant with current data privacy regulations as it does not own or use any event data, and requires users to re-register for every event they attend. As such, users are never required to create an account and store personal data on the platform.

Attendees and exhibitors can network and engage with each other using the app’s networking tools, which includes a swiping system. When a successful connection is made, users can share contact information and chat within the app. If a user is registered as an exhibitor, they have the added function of being able to scan attendees’ QR codes to generate leads and collect information. Attendees, on the other hand, are able to scan products and store their favorites.

Event Proelio includes additional features such as live polling and treasure hunts to increase onsite engagement and help users make the most of the opportunities they have to meet face-to-face at events. Planners are then able to view all engagement and networking data through the reports generated by the platform and can export data to external databases as needed.



Event Proelio is geared towards planners and exhibitors of trade shows and expos as well as corporate events for its networking focus. It can also be useful for corporate marketing managers due to its data collection and reporting capabilities. The app is aimed at events with fewer than 5000 users, which include both attendees and exhibitors.


The app may not be ideal for planners who are organizing events with upwards of 5000 users. In addition, it is currently only available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so it won’t be a good fit for planners looking to include other languages.


Registration: Event Proelio allows attendees and exhibitors to register securely through a link generated through the platform and that is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Planners can also add users directly through the CMS if there are any last-minute attendees who forgot to register.

Data privacy compliance: Event Proelio is compliant with existing data privacy laws and is careful to review all of its systems to ensure continued compliance. Planners and event owners are the sole owners of related event data, and Event Proelio doesn’t sell or mine any data provided by attendees or collected by the app.

Data access management: Planners have the ability to create various access levels to the event app depending on the amount and type of information that they’d like to permit other administrators to see. At the highest level of access, admins can view sensitive user data and can push out notifications to users. Lower access levels are limited to other tasks, like printing badges.

Badge printing: The event app creates a unique QR code for every attendee, which is then used to identify the attendees and share data throughout the event. Event Proelio allows planners to pre-print badges with QR codes for attendees.

Push notifications: Event Proelio allows planners to send push notifications and messages to users onsite about important updates or reminders.

Treasure hunt: With Event Proelio, planners can set up treasure hunts at their events to further increase engagement and add a level of entertainment for attendees. Engagement data from treasure hunts is collected in the app and is available to planners through its reporting function.

Live polling: Live polling allows planners to engage users onsite in real time, gain feedback, and react by making any necessary adjustments or changes.

Favoriting: Attendees can scan products and favorite those they would like to remember and learn more about. They can also view more information about and favorite speakers and exhibitors. Planners have access to this information on the backend to gain visibility on which products and exhibitors were the most successful or popular.

Networking search: Networking within the app happens through a Tinder-like swipe function, but users also have the ability to search for anyone they are specifically interested in meeting (.e.g. someone from a certain company) and “like” them. The rules remain the same as with the swiping in that users must be liked in return in order to send messages.


App customization: Depending on the event needs, the app can be fully customized to create an exclusive icon and app for a particular event or series of events. Planners also have the option to use the generic app to avoid having several different apps for different events. If they opt for the generic app, the event’s homepage can be customized with the event image or logo.

Banners: Event Proelio allows planners to monetize the app space using branded banners on the app’s different pages, which can be sold as part of a sponsorship package.

Data exchange: The platform includes an import and export feature, which allows planners to import data into the app as well as export data for further analysis or use with external tools.

Pricing and Plans

The Basic Feature Bundle starts at $299 per event with 100 users and scales up based on the total number of users and optional additional features. Users are defined as anyone who will be using the app, which includes both attendees and exhibitors.


Pros and Cons


  • Engaging networking tools and familiar/intuitive swipe function
  • Extensive data on app usage and attendee engagement
  • Multi-vertical platform including registration, user management, and badge printing
  • Compliant with data privacy regulations
  • Simple uploading of information to the platform and exporting to external databases


  • Not optimized for events over 5000 people
  • No check-in capabilities
  • Only available in English, Spanish and Portugues



Event Proelio was designed specifically to encourage engagement and networking among attendees at business events. It also facilitates lead capture for exhibitors and generates insights based on engagement data for planners and exhibitors to prove ROI.

The platform includes additional features such as registration links and attendee management capabilities, providing planners with a multi-vertical tool that can assist with many different aspects of the planning process. The app is suitable for planners of events under 5000 attendees who are looking to improve and measure onsite engagement.


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