ConferencePulse: Find Conferences, Sponsors and Speakers Easily [Review]

ConferencePulse: Find Conferences, Sponsors and Speakers Easily [Review]


ConferencePulse: What Is It?

ConferencePulse uses marketing and sales intelligence to help conference professionals make informed decisions about which conferences to invest in.

ConferencePulse allows access to deep insight on conferences, sponsors, speakers and venues. This gives customers the ability to make informed decisions, in line with their own business objectives. The web-based platform also gives customers access to proprietary quality and trending scores to help guide the decision-making process.

What separates ConferencePulse from most event comparison websites is its level of detail and availability of data. ConferencePulse gives customers detailed intelligence on over 20k+ conferences, 35k+ speakers, 9k+ sponsors, 2k+ venues and 5k+ key contacts globally. It allows the customer to compare and contrast based on detailed specifics about conferences, venues, speakers and sponsors.

By providing quick access to valuable conference data, ConferencePulse can save valuable time for companies employing staff to research data.

Let’s take a closer look at the features.

The Main Categories of Features Are:

Search. Conference professionals can easily search for conferences, sponsors, speakers and venues. Search results can be filtered by specifics relevant to what the customer is searching. E.g. conferences can be filtered by number of attendees, number of speakers etc.

Compare. Up to five conferences can be directly compared based on factors including the number of speakers, number of sponsors, location, as well as proprietary trust and quality scores unique to ConferencePulse.

Contact. Through the platform, customers can directly connect with sponsors, speakers, venues and other event stakeholders.

Profile Pages. All conferences, venues, speakers and sponsors have the ability to claim and manage profile pages and contact details viewed by other conference professionals within the platform.


ConferencePulse aims to simplify and optimize the process of matching speakers, sponsors and attendees with the right conferences. Where it differs from most event comparison sites is in the amount of data you get to play with and the level of customization to which you can tailor search results to meet your own business objectives. Think of ConferencePulse not as just another comparison engine but an intelligence platform.


Conferences are listed within the platform in a familiar spreadsheet style interface. This interface gives the user the ability to quickly filter and sort results with a couple of clicks. The powerful built-in filters enable the user to fine-tune the list of conferences based on details that are important to them. These include statistics like number of attendees, number of speakers, number of exhibitors, location information and ConferencePulse’s own proprietary quality and trending scores. The filters use simple AND/OR logic to allow for multiple level queries.

To further simplify the decision-making process, up to five conferences can be selected for comparison. The interface allows the user to select which elements to compare and presents them side-by-side, showing just the most important information.

Each conference has its own profile page within the platform. Here, the customer can view important information about the event at a glance. From here, the user can also drill down into the conference data to list its speakers, sponsors, and ticket information, as well as information about the venue.

Using the calendar feature, customers can view a global list of conferences based on specific dates. From here, the user can directly access profile pages for the conferences shown.


Conference speakers are listed within ConferencePulse in a similar way to the conferences. The spreadsheet-like interface allows the user to sort and filter speakers by elements such as number of conferences, number of attendees reached, as well as more personal information such as name and location.

As with conferences, each speaker has their own profile page showing key information such as a bio and top-line statistics, including the number of conferences and attendees reached. From here, customers can also contact speakers directly.

Speakers who claim their own profile pages can ensure that their bio is kept up to date. Unclaimed profiles don’t allow direct contact with the speaker and contain only the most basic information such as which events they spoke at and when. With profile customization, there is also an opportunity to list topics and publications on the profile page.


Event professionals can easily locate and reach out to sponsors within the platform. Using the spreadsheet-like interface, customers can filter and sort sponsors by elements such as number of conferences sponsored, attendees reached, company size and ConferencePulse’s proprietary quality score.

From the search results, customers can access profile pages for sponsors. Sponsor pages contain bio information and, where available, key statistics about the sponsor such as estimated marketing budget, annual revenues and real time twitter followers. From here, conference professionals can directly message key decision makers representing the sponsor.

From the sponsor profile, customers can access further details about supported conferences. This includes links to profile pages for those events. Using the tool, customers can gain insight on which sponsors have supported what kinds of conferences using metrics and filters such as industry, number of speakers, number of sponsors and more.

Sponsors using the platform can claim sponsor pages to ensure that important company information is kept up to date. Sponsors can also add social media feeds to their own profiles.


Venues can also be filtered and sorted via the platform by details such as location and number of attendees. From here, customers can access venue profile pages which include location and contact information for the venue. As well as listing contact details, customers can directly contact the venue directly from the profile page.

Profile pages also list past conferences hosted at the venue, allowing customers to dive into the specifics of each event and ensure that the venue is the right fit. Like speaker and sponsor pages, venue profiles can also be claimed and kept up to date by paying customers.

Proprietary Metrics

ConferencePulse includes proprietary scoring systems which allow for quick and easy comparisons between speakers, conferences and conferences.

The unique metrics offered by ConferencePulse are:

  • Quality. This gives an at-a-glance view of the overall quality of an event based on various metrics gathered from the data including number of attendees reached, number of sponsors and more.
  • Trending. This gives a real time view view of how an upcoming event event is performing in terms of tickets sold, sponsors attracted and speakers signed up for the event.


All filtered results can be exported for sharing with colleagues, further analysis and use with third-party applications such as business intelligence software and spreadsheet applications. Exports are available in CSV (comma separated values) format to ensure compatibility and ease of import to third-party software.


  • Search
    • Find events by date using the built-in global conference calendar.
    • Filter conferences, sponsors, speakers and venues by factors important to business objectives.
    • Export search results to CSV.
    • Access detailed profile information and statistics for individual conferences, sponsors, speakers and venues.
  • Compare
    • Compare up to 5 conferences side-by-side.
    • User-configurable comparisons.
    • See at-a-glance the most important statistics and details.
    • Access detailed conference profiles from the comparison page.
  • Contact
    • Contact speakers directly from their profile pages.
    • Contact individual representatives of sponsors directly from sponsor pages.
    • Contact conference organizers directly from conference profile pages.
  • Profile Pages
    • Conference pages give customers access to attendee, sponsor, speaker, venue and ticket information for the event.
    • Location information for conferences, speakers and venues.
    • Send messages directly to conference stakeholders, speakers and sponsors.
    • Key statistics for conferences, speakers and sponsors.
    • Follow conferences, speakers and sponsors for updates.

Who Is It For?

ConferencePulse is a useful tool for conference professionals including event planners, sponsors, conference speakers, venue holders and conference attendees. It can also be used by event, media, PR and marketing agencies employed by larger companies to help them decide which events to attend or sponsor.

ConferencePulse is suited for:

  • Sponsors looking to find the right conferences to support
  • Event planners seeking sponsors and speakers for conferences
  • Conference speakers researching events to pitch to
  • Venue holders, speakers and conferences seeking extra promotion
  • Attendees seeking high-quality conferences to attend
  • Agencies working on behalf of large companies sending attendees or proposing sponsorship
  • PR companies
  • Directors of Sales and Marketing
  • Account executives at conference organizers and convention centers

Pros And Cons


  • Data is clean and well presented with many options for sorting and filtering.
  • Uses sales and marketing insight to inform the decision making process.
  • Large global database containing over 20K conferences, 35K speakers, 9K sponsors, 5K key contacts and 2K venues.


  • Detailed audience demographics for conferences are not yet available on the platform.
  • Sponsorship levels and amount invested is not yet available for individual conferences.
  • Exports limited to CSV – visual reporting is not yet available.

Pricing And Plans

Access to all features is available for $125 per month. This is billed via an annual subscription fee of $1,500 per seat/user. ConferencePulse is looking into creating monthly plans at $249/month for SMBs and sole proprietors in the future.

In Conclusion

ConferencePulse is a great solution for helping conference professionals decide which events to attend, sponsor or speak at based on their own unique objectives. The conference intelligence platform gives quick and easy access to important details and statistics relating to conferences, sponsors, venues and speakers. With built-in messaging and detailed insight based on real data, the yearly fee could be offset by some conference professionals, however, the cost may still be prohibitive to some SMBs and individuals.

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.