Certain Platform for Event Management [Review]

Certain Platform for Event Management [Review]


Certain Platform: What Is It?

Certain Platform is a comprehensive event management and marketing platform that aims to automate and facilitate various tasks throughout the event planning process. It supports integrations with external tools, including payment systems, check-in apps, and CRM systems to provide a cohesive ecosystem for the user.

Pre-event, Certain Platform allows planners to create event websites and registration forms and is fully customizable based on the event needs. It includes payment processing capabilities, so attendees can pay any registration fees that may apply. During the event, the software can act as a check-in tool for both the event itself as well as individual sessions or meetings. It also provides real-time analytics to planning, marketing and sales teams to inform onsite decisions and follow-up actions.

Following the event, Certain Platform enables users to view event analytics and generate custom reports. It also allows planners and marketers to view and compare event data across a particular account and sync data to other tools or software.


Event Website and Registration. Using Certain’s Platform, planners can set up customized, branded event websites and registration forms using customizable templates that come with the software. If applicable, Certain Platform allows for UTM parameters in links so that marketers can track where their web traffic is coming from. Websites can also be customized by region to appear in different languages depending on where attendees are located.

Attendee Management. Planners can manage attendee travel and accommodation as well as communicate with attendees using Certain Platform. The software includes customizable email templates along with email scheduling and alerts. On the marketing side of things, Certain Platform integrates with CRM and marketing automation software, enabling marketers to gain a deeper understanding of attendee behavior and data.

Check-in Solutions. Certain Platform includes check-in capabilities once onsite, in either mobile or kiosk form, allowing planners to decide whether to have staff man the check-in or to make it self-serviceable. Certain Platform’s check-in feature can also be used to check-in attendees to individual sessions in order to capture additional insights and data on attendee interest and behavior onsite. Planners can optionally be alerted when predetermined guests arrive.

Analytics. The software facilitates data collection throughout the registration process and the event itself, providing both real-time insights and post-event data. Reports can be customized and securely shared with external stakeholders. Data collected by Certain Platform also syncs with the user’s existing CRM and marketing automation software for further analytics and follow ups with potential leads.



Certain’s Platform aims to provide end-to-end automated event solutions for everything from attendee registration to badging to lead follow-up. Its ability to integrate with other tools and software enables it to act within a more robust ecosystem and not just as a standalone tool. Certain Platform supports events of all sizes, allowing planners and marketers to manage their full event portfolio within the platform.

Certain Platform lets planners create branded event websites, emails, and registration forms. All parts of the process are customizable to fit the event and attendee personas. Website templates can be pre-programmed so that planners can more easily add fields and content to their site without much technical knowledge. If an organization already has a large web presence that they’d like to capitalize on, they have the option to use their own site as a landing page and link out to Certain Platform for the registration form, which can be branded to match the site.

The software also acts as a check-in tool, allowing attendees to check-in and print their badges onsite if planners have selected this option. For more complex check-in or badging needs, Certain Platform also partners and integrates with other tools, allowing for facial recognition or RFID, for example. Certain Platform is fully compliant with existing data privacy laws and updates as needed to ensure continued compliance in the countries where it will be deployed.

Data is collected throughout the event and can be shared with CRM tools in real-time, allowing marketers to follow up with leads and trigger campaigns based on attendee interest and behavior. Reports can be customized and generated following the event and can be copied from event to event. Any data from Certain Platform can also be sent to other sales and marketing systems as needed by the user.

Who’s it for?

Certain Platform is suitable for both event planners and marketers and can scale for smaller or larger events. Users with broad event portfolios and event marketing needs will get the most value from the software, with its function/tool set focusing not only on logistics, analytics and reporting,  but also on data capture before and in real-time during the event to allow sales and marketing teams to follow up with personalized content and offers.

Who’s it not for?

Certain’s event platform may not be the best choice for businesses that plan only small or infrequent events, or for users who are not willing or able to put in some time to train with the software. Because Certain Platform features numerous planning and marketing capabilities, those looking for a simple tool for a small, one-off event, such as their check-in app, may not see the value in the up-front onboarding investment.



Customizable websites and registration forms: Certain Platform includes website templates for planners to customize depending on their needs. Websites can be branded to the event and can include multiple pages to display event information. Registration forms are also fully customizable, with the ability to include dynamic questions and fields based on attendees’ previous responses. Planners have the option to create multiple registration forms for one event and to designate different attendee types, which will determine which registration form attendees land on.

Custom domain/URLs: Domains can be customized to fit the event brand. Unique URL tags can be added to each attendee’s email link, which allows planners to pre-populate certain fields in the registration form based on data they may have in existing CRM systems. In order to add an extra layer of security and to ensure attendees are brought to the correct form, planners can decide to prompt attendees to sign in before accessing the registration form.

Badging: Certain Platform offers both pre-badging and on-demand printing options, provided that there are printers onsite. On-demand badges are printed as an attendee completes their check-in and are customizable. Planners can choose a pre-set size or create their own, and they also have the ability to edit badge fields based on attendee type.

Accommodation and travel management: Certain Platform can be integrated with GDS systems, allowing attendees to book their travel and/or accommodation during the registration process. Planners can also use the registration form to collect requests from attendees in order to be able to book travel for them, or they can simply collect relevant details, such as arrival time, if attendees are responsible for booking their own travel. Certain Platform also allows for different forms based on attendee type, so if planners are only booking travel for certain personas like C-suite executives, they’re able to provide different forms for that particular type of attendee.

Session management: While registering, attendees can search for sessions by several different filters, including dates, tracks, speakers, and location. Planners also have the ability to automatically assign or suggest sessions to certain attendee types, such as VIPs, as well as offer a waitlist option for full sessions.

Payment Processing: Payment processing with Certain Platform is completely secure and PCI Level 1 compliant. If attendees owe a balance at the end of the registration process, whether it’s a registration fee or an individual session fee, they can complete their payment within the form. Planners can assign up to 5 pricing tiers based on date and time as well as offer promo codes.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Certain Platform supports SSO, both from an enterprise and an attendee standpoint. If an enterprise prefers that staff use a single ID to log into their applications, they have the ability to access Certain Platform’s admin application using SSO. Similarly, attendees may be given the option to sign into their registration form using their credentials from a site like LinkedIn, which also allows Platform to pre-populate certain fields based on the attendee’s LinkedIn profile.

Compliance with data privacy laws: Certain Platform is compliant with major data privacy regulations, including GDPR, and regularly ensures that it is up-to-date when it comes to compliance with laws and regulations around the globe.

Customizable email templates: Email communications such as confirmations can be fully customized based on attendee type, so planners can target emails with different details, such as arrival instructions or travel information, to different attendees accordingly.

Email scheduling: The software allows planners to schedule registration emails, session info, and reminders directly within the platform.

Native integrations to CRM: Certain Platform integrates with planners’ and marketers’ existing CRM and marketing automation tools, allowing data to flow back and forth.

Custom and standard reporting: The software includes data analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing marketers and planners to make sense of the data collected before and during the event. Users can customize columns or fields on their reports within the platform in order to analyze what is most useful or interesting to them.

Mobile & kiosk check-in options: Certain Platform supports both mobile and kiosk modes for check-in, so planners have the option of having staff check in attendees on their phones, or providing tablets for attendees to go through the check-in process on their own.

VIP alerts: Planners have the option to set up SMS alerts in order to be notified when a VIP guest checks in.


Pricing and Plans

Pricing is based on a subscription model and varies based on the number of registrations processed through the platform.


Pros and Cons


  • Scalable functionality for events of all sizes
  • Highly customizable/personalized
  • Real-time data during event
  • Integrates with other event tools/software
  • Compliant with data privacy regulations


  • Training required to fully understand and use the full range of capabilities
  • Robust software not well-suited for use for small and/or infrequent events



Certain Platform provides event management services for both planners and marketers at each stage of the event planning process, and supports automation within them with a range of capabilities. It is designed with customization in mind, and custom branding is possible throughout.

Because the feature set is very comprehensive, planners who manage many events and have a need for a variety of tools and will be able to take advantage of the full breadth of the product and the saved time from automating workflows. They will get the most value. Those who plan small, simpler or infrequent events may find it exceeds their needs.


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