Canapii Virtual Event Platform and Event Management Software [Review]

Canapii Virtual Event Platform and Event Management Software [Review]


Canapii Virtual Event Platform and Event Management Software: What Is It?

Canapii’s event software has been in development for over ten years and supports eventprofs through the whole event planning process, from registration through to post-event survey. Its event management platform allows planners to manage all aspects of their event, while the virtual event platform enables clients to host fully digital experiences.

It also includes a mobile app that is completely integrated with the virtual platform, which planners will find particularly useful for potential upcoming hybrid events. The virtual platform promotes engagement through features like live chat, Q&A, and gamification, and is highly customizable depending on the event goals and needs.

Canapii provides planners with robust analytics through the backend event management platform in order to help them prove ROI to sponsors and other stakeholders, and the team also offers support and guidance to planners as they build their event.



Content Delivery. Canapii supports live-streamed sessions, on-demand content, one-on-one meetings, and live workshop or breakout sessions through its platform. For live-streamed sessions, Canapii utilizes AWS infrastructure that enables it to work in China, which is not always the case with other virtual event platforms due to the country’s strict regulations. It also has the capability to integrate with other third-party tools if needed. When it comes to breakout sessions, the platform supports up to 16 people on video, and up to 250 people total per session. Breakout sessions may be displayed to everyone or only to pre-defined participants, such as those who signed up. In addition, live-streamed sessions can be turned into on-demand videos and stored on the platform once they have concluded.


Customization. While the virtual platform maintains similar structure and components across events, it can be personalized and branded as needed by changing the color scheme and uploading custom images to various modules on the home page. In addition, the tiles and modules can be reorganized as desired through a drag-and-drop feature on the backend, and the homepage can be updated on the fly if planners wish to highlight different content depending on the day of the event, or even post-event.

Engagement. Canapii includes various engagement features during live and on-demand sessions, including chat and Q&A. Event organizers also have the option of adding live polling during live sessions.


If they opt to make questions public, they will be displayed to everyone without moderation, and participants will be able to like them. The most popular questions are automatically displayed at the top of the screen, and session moderators can also choose to show certain questions to speakers on a designated screen so that they can prioritize which ones they will answer. The platform also includes gamification options, as well as a gallery page that can be used to host activities to help attendees connect.


Event Management Platform. Canapii’s event management platform is essentially the backend for the events it powers, whether they be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. It is integrated with the virtual platform, so any changes made to the backend are instantly updated on the front-facing platform. This is where planners can build out their events, change various event permissions, and customize the platform.

Analytics. Planners can access extensive analytics for their events through the backend to help prove ROI to sponsors. Metrics tracked through the platform include sponsor page views, most viewed sponsors, meetings scheduled, top sessions by views, most active attendees, and number of chats.

Support. Canapii’s global team offers dedicated support to event organizers when building and planning their events on the platform. While Canapii doesn’t offer production support, each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who guides them through the onboarding process, trains them on the platform, and consults on various aspects of the event.



Canapii offers a full event management system along with a virtual event platform and a mobile app. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be focusing on the CRM and virtual platform, although it’s important to note that the mobile app is integrated with and provides a very similar experience to the virtual platform, and is therefore suitable for hybrid events.

Through its event management platform, Canapii enables event organizers to manage everything from registration to post-event analytics. Planners can set up registration through the software and have the ability to set different ticket types and assign them costs if applicable for the event. From the backend, planners can also customize and brand the platform, including how the tiles on the homepage are arranged and what content is displayed.

For events with diverse audiences that require content to be available in multiple languages, Canapii offers built-in translations and subtitles powered by machine learning. Attendees can select the subtitle language for any given session (Canapii currently supports 71 languages), and the platform will provide AI-generated translations with 94% accuracy similar to the automatic translations on platforms like YouTube. For on-demand sessions, organizers can either upload their own translations or generate them through the platform and edit them for accuracy. The site itself can also be translated automatically and edited if needed.

When it comes to networking, the platform enables attendees to chat and schedule meetings with each other and with sponsors, depending on the precise permissions and time slots set by the organizer. Attendees can request meetings with each other from the attendee list, or from the meetings tab, which shows an overview of their meetings throughout the event. However, the platform does not currently include more advanced networking features such as matchmaking.


In terms of sponsorships, Canapii provides designated pages for each sponsor, which includes a company description, any sessions they may be sponsoring, company reps with whom attendees can book meetings, resources, and more. The platform also includes robust analytics to help planners prove the ROI of their events, including analytics specific to each sponsor page as well as overall event analytics. Planners can export various reports from the event management platform, and Canapii can also provide assistance in producing reports if needed.


Who’s it for?

Canapii supports events of all types, from conferences to online trainings to board meetings and more. The tool is ideal for both in-house corporate planners and agencies looking for tailored digital solutions for their clients. Its AI-powered translation capabilities also mean that it can be used for international events with diverse audiences, including China thanks to its streaming integration.


Who’s it not for?

Canapii may not be suitable for planners who are looking for marketing support or automation as it does not currently offer personalized email communication campaigns pre, during, and post event (though the platform does send out automated reminders such as confirmation emails). In addition, the platform does not provide production assistance to help run the event on the day of, so planners who require this kind of support may want to outsource that help if they choose Canapii.



AI-powered subtitles and translations: Canapii provides AI-generated translations for all event content if needed. It currently supports 20 languages, but it regularly adds new languages that are requested by clients. Live sessions include automatically-translated subtitles, while translations for on-demand sessions can be generated and edited in advance.

Automated follow-up emails: The platform sends out automated emails to participants that are prompted by various actions within the software. For example, when someone registers for the event, they will receive a confirmation email, and when an attendee requests a meeting with another participant, the platform will notify them and send a calendar invite.

Customizable tiles: The homepage of the virtual platform is made up of several tiles, called Playlists in the backend. Planners can create different categories of content and drag and drop the tiles to organize the homepage as desired.

Gamification: Canapii includes a gamification feature, which allows organizers to assign point values to various actions that attendees take throughout the event to encourage engagement.

Gallery Pages: The platform also includes a Gallery Page, which can be used for different activities depending on the event, such as a virtual run. The page allows attendees to post photos or videos, chat, and connect with each other.

Meeting scheduling: Event organizers can designate times during which meetings can take place, as well as which attendee types are able to schedule meetings with others. Participants can then create new meetings directly from their Meetings tab within the platform, or they can go to the attendee list and click the schedule meeting icon under the attendee they wish to connect with. Depending on the event permissions, attendees can also schedule meetings with sponsors, which can be done on the individual sponsor pages. Attendees can then join private video calls through the platform at the designated time.


Ticket tiers: From the backend event management platform, planners can designate whether an event is paid or free and set various ticket types and prices. They can also set a limited number of tickets per tier if needed, and they can update certain event permissions based on ticket types, such as who is able to schedule meetings with whom.


Pricing and Plans

For more information on Canapii’s pricing and plans, visit their website to schedule a demo.


Pros and Cons


  • Experience with in-person, virtual, and hybrid events
  • Uses AWS infrastructure for increased reliability, scalability and ability to stream in China
  • AI-powered subtitles and translations
  • White glove customer service and support
  • Virtual platform is fully integrated and doesn’t require attendees to leave the platform at any point during the event
  • Robust real time analytics
  • Dedicated account manager to go through onboarding and event setup



  • No marketing automation support
  • No day-of event production support
  • No matchmaking features until 2021


In Conclusion

Canapii supports in-person, fully virtual, or hybrid events. Its event management platform allows planners to oversee and manage all aspects of an event, while the integrated virtual platform provides a customizable experience for remote attendees. Canapii also includes a mobile app, which brings the benefits of the tech to in-person or hybrid events.

Planners who organize international events will get the most out of the tool’s unique AI-powered translations. In addition, Canapii provides extensive support in building and customizing events if desired or needed by the planner.

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