Attendify Leads: Exhibitor Lead Capture With Social Intelligence [Review]

Attendify Leads: Exhibitor Lead Capture With Social Intelligence [Review]

is a social lead retrieval technology for exhibitors. Here is our review. 

Attendify Leads: What Is It?

There are many reasons companies exhibit at trade shows and conferences, including increasing brand awareness and positioning, developing and strengthening business relationships, sales or maybe even recruitment. But the top reason most companies go to exhibitions is to collect leads. There are still many age-old, traditional techniques used to gather data from attendees including business cards, paper forms and clunky lead scanners, but this gathers flat and limited information and insights. Follow up from exhibitions can be low which is a wasted investment from the exhibitor and may mean they think twice about returning next year.

Attendify Leads is a newly launched product which enables exhibitors to collect leads via their own smartphone and mobile devices. However, not only does it collect contact and sales information, Attendify Leads is socially enabled. Once a new lead is scanned, the exhibitor is notified any time that lead comments, likes or interacts with the Attendify event app’s activity stream.

The tool has been set up to help event organizers drive exhibitor ROI and create new revenue streams for events. We all know that event networking isn’t just limited to the exhibition booth or conference rooms so the system can be used wherever an interaction happens. Attendify Leads can work even without a wireless network, which is essential to ensure lead scanning is not interrupted by network failure. Furthermore the real-time social notifications enable exhibitors to build relationships with their prospects and continue the conversations and interaction away from the show floor.

Intrigued? Let’s find out more.


The Main Categories of Features Are:

Relationship Building. Capture leads anywhere on your own devices and continue to build relationships via social media interaction.

Customizable Set Up. Exhibitors can easily segment and qualify leads based on their unique criteria. In addition, they can score leads, take notes and snap a picture of their business card and associate it to that lead’s record.

Return on Investment. Attendify Leads offers two pricing models and potential revenue streams for event planners. Monitor exhibitor performance to identify what is working best and use this information to generate more leads.



Attendify Leads is simple to set up as a bolt on from the Attendify app. Event planners can add an exhibitor from the app list, confirm email, first and last name and they are ready to go. The exhibitor can then customize their requirements via the Attendify hub to capture and grade the attendees as they require, or simply work with the suggested input fields to capture information from leads (hot/cold lead and extra written notes).

Capture Leads

To record a lead exhibitors just launch lead retrieval via the leads tab of the app on their own device, so it works intuitively with the native operation of iOS or Android. Of course exhibitors will need to ensure their device is well charged as if their battery dies the app will not be able to function. Importantly though it doesn’t rely on WiFi so connection is no barrier.

It scans via QR codes, which can be added to each attendee badge for printing in advance or on site. It is also possible to use the “Contact scan” to scan contact details via the app, even if someone doesn’t have their badge with them.

Having used lead retrieval tools in the past one thing that struck me immediately was how fast it scanned, with virtually no delay. One of the biggest issues similar tools can have is struggling to scan effectively in low lighting conditions (which can be experienced in exhibition halls) but Attendify Leads has an automatic flash which operates in such circumstances.

Social Activity

Instead of just flat contact information and notes you are notified of the social activity of each contact, such as photos posted, comments and likes and interactions with your content without having to go and hunt for it. This makes it easier to naturally reach out to them and build stronger relationships, without missing their updates. Social monitoring like this is not currently offered by any other provider.


The system can be used by multiple staff and devices, there is no limit or cost per user. There is also no limitation in terms of the number of leads which can be stored. Data can be exported via a CSV file or can automatically drop into Salesforce and added to different campaigns.

If a device was lost or stolen it is possible to lock someone out of the app and remotely stop the account if required, which is good peace of mind.

Through the exhibitor portal exhibitors can see all leads and activity by staff, which can encourage some friendly competition between booth staff, as well as helping with a more personal follow up by the team after the event.



Relationship Building

  • Scan leads wherever and whenever an interaction happens
  • Fully Mobile – not limited to a specific location
  • Does not require an internet connection to process leads so can be used with or without WiFi
  • Learn the system easily – uses exhibitors’ existing smartphones and mobile devices
  • Notifications when that lead comments, likes or interacts with the Attendify event app’s activity stream
  • Use that information to facilitate conversations during the event and help follow up afterwards
  • The leads and accompanying social data can be exported in a variety of formats or synced directly to many CRM systems

Customizable Set Up

  • Exhibitors have the ability to create custom surveys, to segment and qualify leads based on their own unique criteria
  • Score leads
  • Take notes
  • Snap a picture of a business card and associate it to that lead’s record

Return on Investment

  • Get exhibitors set up in a matter of minutes
  • Exhibitor portal to view analytics
  • Event organizers either pay a flat fee license per exhibitor and are free to charge whatever they want, or can choose the revenue-share option and split the income with no up-front costs and zero risk
  • Monitor exhibitor performance to help them show success and generate even more leads


Who Is It For?

Attendify Leads is for trade show organizers and expo planners who have at least 5 exhibitors with physical booths.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides exhibitors with social and behavioural data based on interactions with the Attendify event app for more effective follow up
  • In-depth analytics to give both trade show organizers and exhibitors performance and ROI data
  • Potential revenue stream for event organizers


  • Individual exhibitors can’t purchase Attendify Leads, it must be offered by the trade show organizer
  • Uses QR code scanning using a badge or event app, not RFID
  • Needs a minimum of 5 exhibitors


Pricing and Plans

Attendify Leads licenses start at just $199 per exhibitor and there is a revenue-share option to maximize revenue for the event organizer with no risk.

Leads is a bolt on to the Attendify event app, which is $999 for one event or from $1999 for multiple events and integrates with Cvent, Eventbrite and Regonline.

Click here for pricing information.

In Conclusion

Attendify Leads is a great solution to capture contact and sales information and offer a natural way to develop relationships via social channels. For many event organizers it can offer a potential additional revenue stream and importantly encourage more effective data capture and follow up by your exhibitors. To find out more contact Attendify Leads.

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