AppMyDay – A Private Social Space for Events [Review]

AppMyDay – A Private Social Space for Events [Review]

AppMyDay is a platform to create a branded and private social experience for events. Here is our review.


We live in an exciting era where social media sharing and engagement online has become a vital part of almost any modern event. At the same time the question of privacy and appropriateness has become more important too. AppMyday allows organizations to customise their event online experience in one place, rather than relying on other networks and providers. It aims to keep your social buzz private but keep your audience tuned in.

Let’s have a look at the technology in more detail.

AppMyDay: What Is It?

AppMyDay provides a space to build an event community and social media engagement in one place and master the in-event experience, rather than disjointedly across multiple public networks. It acts as a “social middleman” for events allowing event organizers to create their own unique online social space, where attendees can share content and interact during the event, providing a virtual record.

The app can also be used to communicate marketing and promotional messages, with direct access to attendees’ devices in real time.

AppMyDay can be used as a social media wall and a mobile photobooth. Attendees can take pictures directly from the app, add fun stickers and share them on the platform to be viewed by other guests. The app will collect and allocate all the pictures taken into a chronological photo gallery. The most liked pictures are shown in a bigger size than the others on the timeline to give them more prominence.

A fully customizable White Label version of the product has just been launched offering any brand or company a dedicated native app to take their events online.


The Main Categories of Features Are:

You can choose from various colour themes. You are able to brand every picture to clearly communicate your brand and offer monetization and sponsorship opportunities through branded push notifications.


Photos shared are immediately updated to the Live Feed in the app and instantly visible to all attendees for them to like and comment. The posts can also be shown in real-time on the big screen as a social media wall.

Real-Time Moderation

You can control everything from the dashboard, even if you have multiple events. You can send live updates and announcements. It is possible to manage and assign access to your team members, regulate content and track attendees activity throughout the event.



AppMyDay is a self service platform. The app can be used on Apple and Android phones and tablets. To create a secure digital space for your event you create and customize the native app according to your brand preferences. You can invite guests to download the app via customized email, text message, Facebook invitation or QR code. The White Label solution removes all barriers to distribution as it is your brands own app, rather than a 3rd party app. It also automatically creates a poster for you using the brand colours, your cover poster and unique QR code. Text messages can be sent to thousands of people per month as part of the package if required, with a direct link to the app. The code allows guests to join right away.

To register via the app the guest can give as much or as little data as they wish. They can choose a nickname and skip giving an email address if they prefer. There are of course pros and cons to this as it limits the amount of contact data collected by the app however it does remove any barriers for people using the app if they are not comfortable or willing sharing contact details, they can still be involved.

Multiple team members can be granted access to the dashboard so they are able to moderate, track activity and send communications using multiple devices. The social wall can be displayed onto a HD screen in 16:9 or 4:3 format using a weblink.

An Internet connection is required for real time updates to the device and social wall, however if the WiFi fails the app stores the pictures safely on the device, identifies when the connection is back and automatically continues to upload the pictures. If you have international guests who do not want to incur data roaming charges their content will be stored securely until they have a WiFi connection.

Event planners can create custom stickers or upload their own for guests to experiment with or photos can be posted without any enhancement. Users can download individual pictures from the app to their device and the event planner can download all high resolution photographs shared by users from the dashboard.

Smart push notifications enable deep linking, branding and in app navigation which ensure visibility by all users and a monetization opportunity for your sponsors and partners.

As an event planner you need to consider whether a private sharing network is preferable to a public forum across multiple social networks. This is likely to depend on your audience and your overall objectives for the event. A private platform will lose some wider traffic and attention from your event as it will minimize event/brand awareness in the public domain, outside of your circle of attendees. Certain individuals and industry sectors will be more comfortable and active in a closed space though so you may see conversations intensify and deepen.


– Full customization including the mobile app icon, home screen, live feed, live stream webpage and web photo gallery.
– Various color themes.
– Brand every picture.
– Add custom stickers for guests to experiment with.
– Monetization and sponsorship opportunities through branded announcements..

– Real time live stream.
– Real time updates and notifications.
– Commenting and liking feature.
– The posts can also be shown in real-time on the big screen to create a social media wall.
– Tools for sponsors including announcements and customization.

Real-Time Moderation
– Moderator dashboard.
– Can control multiple events through the dashboard.
– Assign access to unlimited team members.
– Basic statistics.
– Track attendees activity.

Who Is It For?

AppMyDay can be used at all types of events where you want to create a private social space. It is perfect for conferences, team building and corporate events as well as for special social gatherings and celebrations like weddings, birthdays or parties. Larger events are likely to generate the most activity and content.

Pros and Cons

– Fully customizable, including adding stickers to photos. This takes effect in real time on all devices.
– Chronological timeline and record of your event with access to all content generated.
– A private space to encourage engagement and conversations.

– No video sharing.
– No hashtag search available or social media integration.
– No statistics available currently.

Pricing and Plans

The company offers two types of White Label (WL):

– One time WL – this whitelabel event app is for a specific event and will expire a certain time after the event ends.

– Multi-event WL – customers can take ALL their events online for continuous engagement, community management and one solution that fits all.

Both solutions have a setup cost, while in the multi event solution you will also pay a monthly retainer, that will be determined according to the nature and size of your events.

To learn more about AppMyDay White Label plans click here.

In Conclusion

AppMyDay offers a private space where event attendees can be comfortable sharing their content and connecting with other guests, generating resources for the event planner. Although some may prefer closer integration with social media, having a protected space will be appealing for many events and attendees. The added benefits of being able to send notifications directly to attendee devices and creating a social wall through the app offers a solid package of features for many event planners.

Disclosure: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any question please use the contact us section.