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Innovative Destinations Guide 2022

How Forward-Thinking Regions are Reinventing the Meeting Experience It’s no secret that in-person events are back in a big way, but many attendees are still saving face-to-face participation for only the most buzzworthy events. How can planners raise the bar with truly innovative event experiences? Here’s where that old saying from real estate comes into […]

Ultimate Guide to Event Tech at IMEX in Frankfurt 2022

Created in partnership with IMEX, this guide lays out a clear and up-to-date view of event tech today. It offers simple advice on how to make use of different types of event tech in the new world of events. What You’ll Find Inside Insights: A snapshot of the state of event tech today Context: A […]

Delivering Outstanding Event Experiences in the New Era of Events

Your Guide to Event Success in 2022 Charting the evolution and intersection of in-person and digital event experiences What You’ll find Inside Trends – Keep on top of industry shifts with 5 trends drawn from the latest survey data Benefits – Explore the benefits of a blended approach to event experiences Tips – Discover the […]

Virtual Event Tech Guide 2022

Discover the Right Tech for Your Virtual Event What You’ll find Inside

Guide to Event Engagement

Your Guide to the Latest Event Engagement Trends Learn how top event professionals are delivering their most engaging events yet What You’ll Find Inside Checklists – Questions that will help you understand attendee needs and master event analytics Tips and Tricks – The best event design strategies and the tools needed to make them shine […]

Mobile Event App Guide

The Complete Guide to Mobile Event Apps Explore all the latest mobile event app products and services for your events What You’ll Find Inside Purchasing Advice – Expert advice on purchasing mobile event apps in 2022 Questions Analyzed – Top sales and support questions analyzed Insights – Valuable tips and advice from three industry leaders

The Playbook for the Return to In-Person Events

The Playbook to Prepare You for In-Person Events in 2022 Learn about the challenges and solutions everyone was talking about on the show floor at IMEX What You’ll Find Inside Event Design Tips – Learn how to meet new expectations for in-person events New Priorities – Learn how to adapt to new priorities for everything […]

2022 Event Trends Report

The Trends That Will Shape Events in 2022 Find out what to expect next year and how to plan for it. What You’ll Find Inside Forecast – Learn what the experts are seeing ahead and how you can deal with it. Best Practice – Practical, actionable tips on everything from tech features to event safety. […]

The State of the Event Industry 2021

Survey-backed insights into top event industry trends.

Event Tech Integration Made Simple: The Event Planner’s Guide

The event planner’s guide to event tech integration