Nick Borelli

With over two decades in digital marketing and live events, Nick Borelli’s mission is to bring the world together through intentionally designed experiences.

During his time as a meeting and event marketing strategist in his consultancy firm, Borelli Strategies, Nick had the opportunity to help create organizing principles, personas, and campaigns for B2B organizations as well as gatherings in the tens of thousands.

Most recently, Nick joined up with his one-time client, Allseated, on a full-time basis, where he lead his own team as well as many from various departments in the development of a hybrid meetings platform designed as a next generation persistent meetings space for global organizations.

In the past two years, Nick worked directly with Gartner analysts specializing in the future of work and meetings as well as implementing solutions for organizations such as 7-11 and Sephora. Both have given fuel to many thought leadership opportunities such as on-stage presentations, webinars, podcasts, and internal education courses.

Be it in-person events, digital engagement or the emerging Web3 space, Nick is a thought leader and passionate visionary in the world of marketing and engaging experiences.