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7 Must Read Reports for Eventprofs

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The event industry never stands still and top event planners strive for continuous development to keep them at the top of their game.

These popular guides have been downloaded thousands of times. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of each of them, do it now! Start the New Year fired up with best practice you can implement right away in your own events.

CMP credits are also available – details are at the bottom of the post.


10 Event Trends for 2018

The original and most popular report for the event industry actually highlights 70 of the top trends in event technology, event marketing and social media, event experience, event decor and styling, venues, destinations and DMCs. Focused on ideas for the next 12 months, this is a must read report for every eventprof.

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The Event Tech Bible 2017

Event technology is here to stay and constantly evolving. This guide is the point of reference for modern event professionals who want to use technology strategically to achieve their event objectives. Included in the report are 1,001 tips to get more from your eventtech.

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The Future of Event Sponsorship

53% of event professionals struggle to secure sponsors. This report explains why the traditional sponsorship offering is no longer working for events and what event planners need to do to secure greater success and revenue going forward.

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Meeting Design: Trends, Technology and Tactics to Plan More Effective Events

Our research highlighted that 75% meeting design is extremely or very important to eventprofs to achieve the event objectives, for better engagement and increased learning and retention. 89% believe that the event planner and client combined have shared responsibility for good meeting design so are you doing enough? Read the report for innovative concepts and also how technology can be used to design better events.

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25 Event Venues and Destinations to Watch in 2018

Destinations and venues are playing an increasingly important role in the success of your event. Attendee expectations evolve and selecting imaginative and innovative venues and destination can make a huge difference. In this report, we showcase 25 exciting spaces and place for your consideration.

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The Art of Venue Negotiation

By looking at research of how experienced event professionals select venues and get the best deals, this report shares best practice and tactics to save money, including tips to negotiate on concessions and contract terms. The report also suggests how technology can be used strategically to find the perfect venue and get the best possible deal.

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The Event App Bible 2017: Reboot

The 5th edition of the Event App Bible had a lot to cover. 2017 is the year that will be remembered in the event app world. It is the year when event apps started to change. 145 app providers and chatbots are listed in the report and within the dynamic online tables. For anyone considering an event app, this is essential background reading.

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In Conclusion

Make sure you grab your free copy of these reports and make it one of your new year resolutions to read and digest the learning and inspiration they share.

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