Meant to Be: The Event and the Mobile App

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Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, Ross and Rachael, Superman and Lois Lane, real or fictional, the most enduring tales of true love often involve soul mates. Like salt and pepper or hashtags and Twitter, great pairings are inseparable. Their collective power as a couple makes them a force to be reckoned with.


This Valentine’s Day, remember that the event management industry has its own dynamic duo worth doting on – the event and the mobile app. While their story may not be the stuff of great art, sentimental power ballads, or romantic comedies – make no mistake, the event and the mobile app were destined to be together.
How can these soul mates make your next event better? Let me count the ways.


In today’s frenetic, smartphone-saturated environment, love means never having to make your attendees lug around an unwieldy paper program full of pertinent event information. Antiquated is a sentiment unrequited by your mobile-toting attendees. Jettison the dead-tree editions and bestow upon your attendees a mobile event app that puts speaker bios, exhibitor profiles, schedule builders, maps and multimedia content right in the palms of their hands. Sparks will fly. The ease with which attendees will be able to navigate your event will leave them smitten for your modernity and yearning for another superior event experience.


While love may know no boundaries, your attendees could probably use help connecting with one another. Even if your event has a designated networking time slot, equipping attendees with a mobile app will really set the mood. Mobile apps with social media integrations make it easy for attendees to log in, tweet, share content, exchange contact information, connect on LinkedIn and ultimately ignite a promising professional relationship long before they shake hands.

When you empower your attendees to show their adoration for your event on social media, they aren’t the only ones that reap the benefits. Your event gains exponential exposure on attendees’ personal networks, reaching groups of people who wouldn’t have otherwise heard of it. And this kind of organic buzz is a lot like love; it can’t be bought.


Technology is an irresistible temptress that can seduce your attendees with the ping of an email alert or the lure of a glowing Reddit article. Since attendees have four screens lusting for their attention – a smartphone, tablet, lap top, and your event’s audio visual display – it’s no surprise they are prone to commit acts of attention span infidelity. The only way to redirect their attention back to your event is to occupy their screens with a mobile app of your own. You can successfully court their affection by sending them push notifications, fun scavenger hunt challenges and prompts to encourage them to tweet about peak event moments. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, and a mobile app is an effective way to open up a dialogue between you and your attendees. This not only increases engagement, it amplifies your event’s best moments, ensuring your attendees remember it fondly.

If you’re flirting with the idea of a mobile app for your event, you can learn how to unite these lovebirds by downloading a free copy of The New Event Essential or by signing up for a mobile app demo. Don’t make your event go it alone in this fast-paced digital age. A mobile app is the perfect way to give your attendees the convenience, connections and engagement opportunities they so desire in an unforgettable event.