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16 Photo Worthy Moments For Trade Shows

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Increase chances of attendees sharing enticing pictures and video from your exhibition across their social media channels by creating these photo opportunities.

Creating visually appealing opportunities encourages attendees to capture the moment with pictures, video or even potentially live streaming the moment. When they share on their social media channels it can improve your brand reach, give others FOMO (fear of missing out) and turn each attendee into a potential marketing machine, encouraging their friends and followers to come to the event or register so that they don’t miss out next year.

These are some prime examples of ideas that will get your attendees to stop, take a picture, get creative and create a buzz on social media for your event.


  1. Head in a Hole

These have limitless opportunities for different themes. Attendees put their head within a cutout shape to take on a different form or character and friends can snap a good shot. Depending on your budget you can opt to hand paint your design or alternatively have them designed and printed or opt for a manufactured, readymade option. Include your logo, hashtag and website address to ensure your event is given prominence in the photo too.

Credit: Dream Subjects

  1. Cupcake ATM

This vending machine takes your money and gives you a cupcake in return! This is the type of quirky idea that attracts photographs as attendees showcase what surprise treat they have received from it. Plus, food and desserts are always a favourite to be shared on social media.


Credit: Georgie

  1. Lounges

Offering attendees a luxurious place to relax can end up in a photo shoot as they admire and take photos of quirky seating and their surroundings. Simple curtains and drapes can offer a more exclusive environment and act as an intriguing backdrop for photos.

Credit: Aviancenj

  1. Mascots and Cosplay

Popular and trending trade show photos and videos tend to be those that include popular anime, cosplay characters or well-known mascots. Comic Con is famous for the effort attendees put into dressing up and showcasing their own costume skills. There are entire social media groups and online forums dedicated to cosplay and those who make them. Whether you are encouraging your attendees to dress up or providing characters to walk the floor, many visitors will want to get pictures with their favorites.

  1. Marquee Letters

Giant letter signage goes down a treat and you can even incorporate your hashtag, like in this example. You can use these letters at your event entrance to entice attendees to take more pictures at the venue and share right from the start of your event. Although you can have different sizes of marquee letters, the most popular (and photo worthy) are large human size versions that attendees can pose next to – bigger is definitely better!

Credit: Marquee-Marc

  1. Digital Graffiti Wall

Graffiti walls, digital or otherwise are ways for attendees to express themselves artistically and have a little fun being creative. It is definitely something that they will want to be documented, to show off their skills. Graffiti gives a feeling of mischievousness and digital walls create a buzz due to the clever technology, so either way it’s a winning idea.

Credit: jacobmadwed

  1. Product Tests

Being the first to try out “the next big thing” is good for your social status as a trend setter. Videos and photos of product tests are a favourite to show off the new and latest technology and interesting inventions. This also usually sparks conversations on social media as the products are discussed and reviewed by the attendees giving their opinion on how they found them and whether they will be making a purchase.

Credit: Suvi Suovaara

  1. Performers

From aerial artists, circus performers and those with weird and wonderful talents, everyone wants to document notable and strange skills with photos and videos. Hiring walking performers at your event gives little glimpses rather than a timed display and allows more interaction between attendee and performers.

Following the performance you could even offer an opportunity for attendees to try out some of the skills themselves and have a staff member take photos of them “performing” themselves.

  1. Influencers

Famous faces draw a crowd and influencers, industry experts and minor celebrities have their own following that will get people snapping. Having photo opportunities, meet and greet and autograph or book signings at your event will encourage plenty of photography not only with them but in the lines and from afar as well. Ensure you have good signage and backdrops to make it extra appealing and a decent marketing opportunity.

  1. Participatory and Community Activities

When attendees try something new or contribute they like to document it, particularly if it is quirky, interesting or part of a larger showcase or idea. This wishing tree participatory activity idea is fairly simple but creates a photo worthy moment, intrigue and a reminder for all those who contributed to it.


Credit: Lauren Mccormick Fisher

  1. Step And Repeat

Step and repeat logo boards are a traditional event photography idea and get your sponsor logos featured. If you don’t want to create a formal backdrop though you can create a more creative version using colours, shapes and encouraging movement and textures.  

Credit: Calvin Lee Photography

  1. Food Displays

Did we mention that food is a social media favourite and having interesting and beautiful displays such as this just screams “take a photo” particularly if you can incorporate interesting lighting and décor too. A good way of doing this is to incorporate fun and quirky food stations into your event like this example or have niche food bars and make-your-own options where attendees can showcase their creations too.

Credit: Chef Burke Conley

  1. Oversized Props

Giant props and replicas gain attention, even using everyday items – like this 5 foot tall lip gloss. Anything supersized will grab people’s attention, purely because it is cool to see things in weird sizes and perspectives. Bigger props also allow attendees to take funny photos and showcase just how big they are! If you don’t have the budget to go massive you can still oversize them and attempt to get attendees to “use them” as props in photos, creating strange effects and optical illusions.

Credit: Bridgewater Studio

  1. Selfie Mirror

Who doesn’t love a selfie? These interactive, digital mirrors are increasing in popularity as you can now incorporate filters, images and captions which can be shared on event social media and tag in the attendee themselves. These mirrors allow attendees to pose without worrying about holding a phone or camera and can get that illusive full length shot!

Credit: Say Cheese Media

  1. Balloon Backdrops

Event backdrops are a given for photography opportunities but this balloon backdrop idea adds a different dynamic that translates well on camera. The colour theme and positioning could easily be adapted and you could brand the balloons too to create a balloon step and repeat, combining two photo opportunity favorites.

Credit: DW Balloons

  1. Photo Booth

This is a pretty self-explanatory example as the whole idea behind them is to encourage photos. Photo booths are an event trend that don’t seem to be going away, particularly when you incorporate props, speech bubbles or fancy dress too (which can also be branded) as groups gather together for photos to share over social media. Aside from the fun element they are also a favourite because many photo booths also provide printouts or digital copies of the photos which attendees can have as a memento of the event and tag or share on their social media accounts.

Credit: Snaparazzi

In Conclusion

Trade shows can offer lots of opportunities for event photos and give an excellent chance to increase brand recognition and reach, as well as provide prominence for sponsors in unique and interesting ways. These are just some examples of how you can adapt your signage, décor or even food to make them more photo worthy and encourage more photography opportunities and buzz at your trade show.