Post Events Straight To Search Results With Google Posts

Google has opened up a new feature called Google Posts. Google Posts now allows museums, sports teams, sports leagues, and movies in the US to post straight to the search results. According to Google, this will make search more relevant by putting information from verified sources first in the list of results.

Who Can Play With Google Posts?

At the moment, Google Posts is limited to museums, sports teams, sports leagues, and movies in the US and musicians in Brazil. Google is planning to add more sectors as time goes by.

What Do You Need to Post to Google Posts?

Firstly, your organisation needs to be one of the above. Secondly, your organisation needs to be registered with Google My Business. Once you have those, you can request access via the Google Posts homepage.

What Does Google Posts Mean For Events?

Depending on the kinds of events you plan, this could be big news. Straight out of the block, Google Posts is focusing on movies and sports in the US and music in Brazil, indicating that real-time events are front of mind for Google. Until now, search engines haven’t always been the best friend of events due to the way content builds relevance over time. Google Posts effectively allows those that qualify to jump the queue.

authoring on google posts

What’s Happening Right Now

The here and now has never been so important in terms of content on the web and Google isn’t the only content discovery channel to have noticed this. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have all upped their live game recently, focusing on real-time updates and live streaming. Google has also been working hard on this front by adding features to its YouTube-based live streaming package and introducing new products like Uptime. Now is more relevant than ever and every tech company on the planet knows it.

In Conclusion

Google Posts will change Google search from an almost static directory to a real-time content discovery engine like Twitter. Ultimately, this means that anything happening right now will take precedence over content from the past. With more and more live content coming out of events, this is a feature eventprofs cannot afford to pass by.