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How to Use Events to (Professionally) Cut Loose

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Stress reliever, relationship builder, and business booster. Laughter has been proven by researchers to boost productivity in the workplace and alleviate stress in tense situations.

As meeting planners, it’s important to periodically cut loose to build internal relationships among co-workers.


When your internal team is in sync, your outside relationships – with clients, customers, and vendors – will benefit. Creating a fun and entertaining environment for attendees is a big part of planning an event, but what about creating that same experience for your own team? Continue reading for ways you can cut loose (professionally) with your team or at your next event.

Good for the Body and Mind

Laughter has been proven to have positive effects on the body. Increasing blood flow, boosting the immune system, and reducing the impact of stress are just few benefits of enjoying a good laugh.

The next time you’re in a stressful situation, take a break and lighten the mood. For example, consider implementing an activity to get a good laugh. Something small and simple such as ordering a pizza for lunch or sharing a funny photo can boost team morale. Employees and teammates will appreciate these small acts and work better together.

Not only is cutting loose beneficial for your health, but it creates a fun, enjoyable environment where people want to work. Cutting loose through an activity or a good joke can increase creativity among team members and encourage new ideas. Laughing together humanizes leaders making them more approachable to team members. This is central to building trust and morale within a team.

How to Professionally Cut Loose

Professionally cutting loose can be achieved through small steps that lead to big results.

– Start a meeting off with a laugh –show a funny video, ask the team to share a joke, or play a five-minute game to get everyone loosened up.
– Host a team lunch, and watch a short comedy film.
– To improve creativity, take the team outside of the office to see a project or event in a new light. This new environment will spur creativity and thinking.
– Try stepping outside of your comfort zone to laugh, solve problems and improve teamwork. A ropes course, roller skating, or paint ball will certainly get people out of their comfort zone and relying on each other – and definitely laughing!
– For cutting loose on a larger scale, take the team on a multi-day retreat to create a real sense of camaraderie.
– And of course, don’t forget to celebrate your success! After the completion of a successful event or project, there’s nothing better than celebrating with the team that worked so hard.

Cut Loose at Your Next Event

Naturally, incorporating humor into your next event is equally as important as getting your co-workers laughing, enjoying each other and working as a team. Take what you’ve learned with your team and incorporate it into the structure of your next event.

Consider unexpected forms of entertainment, such as a break dancing team, to really excite and surprise attendees. Team building activities, simple and silly games or a humorous emcee can jazz up any event. If laughter is important for your team to work together and cut loose, it’s important for event attendees as well.

In Conclusion

Having a good laugh with co-workers is a crucial part of building a strong team and surviving stressful moments together. Incorporate laughter into your next meeting, event, or your day-to-day work life and you’ll see increased productivity, teamwork, and an overall happier work environment.