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EventMB Best Posts of 2017

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Just in case you were too busy planning events, we have pulled together ten of our most popular posts for 2017.

Of course, as the number one blog for event professionals, EventMB shares a lot of great content, all year round. If time is short though and you want to catch up, make sure you don’t miss these essential reads and inspiration.  

Are you intrigued to find out what made the list? Read on to find out!

101 Event Planning Ideas For Under $100

event planning ideas under 100 dollars

$100 can actually go a long way! This post shares 101 affordable ideas for your events to help you add special touches, without breaking the budget. Covering marketing ideas, decor, catering, branding, signage, entertainment and more, this fun posts provides heaps of event inspiration.


100 event theme ideas

100 Event Theme Ideas

Themes can create a buzz around your event and offer a coherent way to share your vision and tie together multiple elements. You want to be inventive and stay away from the most frequent and uninspiring choices. The right theme can transform your event, improve user experience and make everything flow together. This post offers 100 tried and tested ideas which could be suitable for your consideration.


23 Instagram Event Planner Accounts to Follow in 2017

Instagram is one of the hottest social media channels around right now, offering a dose of visual stimulation and a whole host of exciting new features. In the world of event planning, we highlight 23 key accounts you should be following. Permission to drool over stunning event projects is granted.


The Dark Side of the Events Industry

As event planners, we are passionate about events and the industry as a whole, however, there is a dark side that cannot be ignored. This post outlines 19 dangers and unsavory elements of the world of events and what we can do to ensure that these things don’t happen to you. Event planners beware! Let’s work together to unite and keep the industry fair, honest, professional and even better than it is today. Let’s work together to keep the event industry great.


100 Virtually Free Event Planning Ideas

When funds are limited (or non-existent!) it can be difficult to create the vision you have pictured in your mind’s eye. Event planners regularly have to work magic on very limited resources and creative thinking. In this post, we suggest 100 ideas that cost very little but can have a big impact on your future events.


50 Life Lessons Event Planners Have Learned Well

Event planners learn quickly. This honest and insightful list shares 50 life lessons we bet that any event planner will agree with! We guarantee you will be nodding away in agreement and chuckling at these observations and realities of eventprof life.  


why event planners love their job

11 Reasons Event Planners Love Their Job

Event planning is not for everyone, but for many, it is the job of a lifetime. This post celebrates the positives and highlights some of the real reasons we love to do what we do. This is the essence of why we are proud to call ourselves event planners.


17 Event Signage Ideas

Sick of the same old, tired signage options, that attendees often don’t see anyway? This post shares some very different and creative examples of signage and wayfinding that you could consider stealing to use in your future events.


15 MORE Creative Sponsorship Ideas

Securing sponsorship is getting harder than ever for many event professionals and sponsors are bored with the same branding options. As an event planner, you need a constant stream of sponsorship ideas that are creative, fun and ahead of the game. Here are 15 more ideas to consider and pull out of the bag.


30 Motivational Quotes For Eventprofs

We all need some motivation to pick us up from time to time. These quotes seem to be made specifically for event planners. Whenever you have had a tough day, bookmark and check back to this post, to get back to event superstar status.


In Conclusion

It is easy to see why these ten posts have made our list of the best posts of 2017. Packed full of ideas and inspiration and learning, these are valuable posts to read, digest and come back to tie and time again.

What are your top posts of 2017? We would love to hear in the comments below.