20 Comfortable Event Lounges For Attendee Networking

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Network in style and comfort at your next event with these lounge upgrade ideas for any event format.

Event lounges are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a respite for many events and show you have thought of attendee comfort. But they are also becoming the go-to place to network or have meetings to maximize business opportunities at B2B events. Regardless of your space or budget restrictions, lounges can adapt to suit you and with a few extra accents or décor pieces can look intentional and welcoming. Here are some more fantastic ideas for incorporating these areas into your event.


  1. Corporate Lobby

Turn your lobby into a meeting or breakaway lounge when organising corporate events like this example at the Perot Museum. The low, backless furniture creates an open welcoming feel to make attendees feel more comfortable and less formal to break away from the luxury event going on.

Credit: DFW Lounge Rentals, Perot Museum

  1. Light Up

For evening or dimly lit events combine lighting effects with furniture to create this funky LED lounge. It creates an otherworldly feel and attendees are definitely not going to miss the furniture when looking for a place to mingle. The combination of furniture and LED props helps to transform the space with minimal décor pieces!

Credit: VIP Lunar Rentals

  1. Vibrant Benches

Who said your lounge couldn’t have a little flair? These mini lounges are perfect meeting spaces at an event with draped benches and lavish textiles and colors. They are in keeping with the event’s color palette while also having added comfort and interest with the throw cushions.

Credit: Mr. G. Events, DT Floral & Decor

  1. Branding Activation

Use your lounge to show off your brand and create promotional opportunities like this comfort zone at the Jazz Winnipeg music festival. Using a marquee tent and real furniture can offer a relaxing break, particularly at walking or standing orientated festivals and events. Plus, utilizing surfaces such as table tops, cushions, banners and signage makes you memorable in the space.

Check out the TD comfort zone @jazzwinnipeg tonight in old market square! The events by emma team created this awesome branded lounge!! Had to make a few adjustments due to that darn wind but it’s a great place to hang out in over the next 3 days!!! #eventplanner #eventsbyemma #winnipegeventdesigner #winnipegeventproducer #corporatelounge #jazzwinnipeg

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Credit: Events By Emma

  1. Rooftop View

Offer open-air lounges with a view by setting up on a roof terrace or higher outdoor space. These low seats are informal and the added cushions scream comfort for event attendees they are likely to use this as a mingling or networking space. This would be particularly good placement at a work party to encourage guests to come together in a scenic setting.

Credit: Reserve Modern, La Maison Fete

  1. Headshot Lounge

A different idea that also offers incentives when attendees visit by having professional headshots taken with lighting and photographers. An excellent sponsorship idea for corporate events and would probably be very popular for conferences and trade shows too.

Credit: Miami Headshot Photos

  1. Piano Lounge

Adding live bands or music can add an interactive element to the lounge and make it come alive but this corporate lounge idea has a lot of different features that make it successful. From the aerial décor and hanging pieces to the furniture arrangements that allows for different breakaway groups to sit in comfort it makes great use of the space.

Credit: Estudio Luisa Manau

  1. Themed Lounge

Make your lounge part of the décor and have it fit into the theme of your event like this Addams family party that recreated the living room lounge from the franchise into the event. Large ornate  pieces such as this need to be considered as they can take up a lot of space per attendee so this large lounge may only fit 4-5 people at a time.

Credit: Ana Cuellar

  1. Garden Cubes

Sprinkle these cubes and modular sofas around the garden to create an informal lounge area like this one for a party or other events. They are simple and effective but show more thought has been put into them and gives everyone somewhere to sit outside that doesn’t require false flooring.

Transforming your backyard with our beautiful and elegant furniture #jglowlounge #loungefurniturerentals #eventfurniturerental

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Credit: Jglow Lounge Event Rentals

  1. Soft Modular

Modular furniture is incredibly flexible and diverse and in these situations, can be put together in ways that suit your venue or space. In this example, wavy bench seats and benches are used to utilize this event corner while adding a fun and unusual element to the lounge. Plus, the soft texture can be more inviting and comfortable for guests.

Credit: Burns Rent Alls Special Events

  1. Circular Space

Using curved sofas in this way can create informal brainstorming spaces that are comfortable and promote creativity that don’t require tables and an office setting. This can make it more enjoyable for employees and guests with a functional material that is perfect for warmer environments.

Credit: DFW Lounge Rentals

  1. Breakaway Lounges

Create breakout areas for your conference or trade show that suits different spaces or numbers by using these quirky miniature houses. They can be perfect for quick brainstorming or mini-meetings or consultations for services and you can either sit in them or remove the seating for groups to interact.

  1. Mood Lounge

A lot of candles and string lights can make mood lounges successful and by adding a few accent elements to these circular benches it can spruce up simple ideas on a lower budget. The best part about these circular benches is the ability for different people to perch on the sides meaning you can completely utilize the space, so even though this event only has five benches it could accommodate 20 people.

Credit: Boheme Tipi Events

  1. Sponsored Lounge

Incorporate lounges as part of your sponsorship package with plenty of marketing and branding opportunities for sponsors to utilize. Adding color to naturally plain areas or boring furniture can make your lounge more special and encourages attendees to visit.

Bold Branding & Pops of Color… We know how to make a statement!

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Credit: EventLab LLC

  1. Pillar Focus

Pillar seating is a clever space-saving idea that allows you to have benches with backs for more support and comfort while using a singular space. Attendees can face outwards and arrange seating to suit but the pillar can give extra support for guests who can’t sit on lower or backless seating offering an option for everyone.

Credit: DFW Lounge Rentals

  1. Stadium Lounge

Add comfort to a space by creating a homely lounge for your VIP’s backstage. The use of rugs and living room furniture transforms this this football locker room into a kitsch green room.

Credit: Suite Treatments, Inc.

  1. Terrace Meetings

This terrace with a sea view would be the perfect meeting place for a corporate retreat to get work done in an unusual but comfortable environment. This furniture would also work well at an office that has outdoor areas because it is weatherproof (minus the cushions) to create a permanent outdoor brainstorming lounge.

Credit: Cortevents_holly, CORT Events

  1. Multi-Lounges

If you have the space, like at exhibitions or trade shows, incorporate different lounges to suit attendee types like this example that has low group seating and more comfortable options for smaller groups or individuals. Adding lounges in this way can break up space and draw the eye as a central meeting point away from specific booths or crowds which can be overwhelming.

Talk about a power lounge! This one by @cortevents has it all!

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Credit: Kim DuBose, CORT Events

  1. See-Through

This lounge helps to make the space look more intimate by using fabric draping to block out some of the natural light and combined with the transparent furniture which creates funky effects in a darkened room. The stools are space saving for larger groups and to accommodate more attendees while the high tables add a bit more dimension than traditional coffee tables which is more suitable for a cocktail layout and networking.

Credit: Avaincenj

  1. Lounge Chargers

Charging stations are fairly popular at events and can draw attendees, especially in the digital age we are experiencing because everyone has devices of some description. Take this one step further by adding charging points for extra comfort like in this example which could be utilized more with signage, branding and décor.

Credit: Jeff

In Conclusion

With these examples in an array of settings, you should now feel inspired about how you can adapt these ideas to incorporate lounges into your next event. Always remember that seating and furniture may take up space but can be a worthwhile investment to improve networking and the overall event experience. Even if you only have limited space available with some clever pieces you can completely utilize the space and cater for many more attendees than you could have imagined.