17 Things You’ll Understand if You Are Dating an Event Professional

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Dating an event planner has the highs and lows of the tallest, fastest roller coaster. Here are a few ways you know you’re not alone.

An event professional is a good catch. They work in a lucrative industry, have a meticulous attention to detail, are more organized than a museum curator, and keep up with trends like a Hollywood starlet. But those who love us – or date us – know there’s also a dark side to what we do. So go get your significant other, plop them in front of this screen, and see how many times they nod their head in agreement.

  1. A Party Is No Longer a Party

No event planner can go to a party and simply enjoy it. Every party is a critique or a chance to learn something. Parties are a form of professional development.

  1. There Is no Such Thing as an Open Weekend

If your honey is a successful planner say goodbye to leisurely weekends and quiet evenings. That’s primetime event time.

  1. You Probably Won’t Have to Pay for a Plane Ticket for Vacation

If your significant other plans out-of-town events, frequent flyer miles from work will probably cover the next four vacations. Too bad they won’t have time for any.

  1. You Know Not to Do Much Talking the Night Before a Big Event

Stress and long conversation simply don’t go together.

  1. There Are Certain Songs You Can Never Play at Home

An event planner hears a lot of the same songs over and over again. If you want to listen to them, you’ll be doing it in your car alone.

  1. Dining Out Is an Audition

An event planner is always on the lookout for talent in the kitchen. A meal can’t simply be eaten. It’s consumed with the question of what client would love this dish. Don’t be surprised when your sweetie just has to “taste” a little of your meal too.

  1. Event Planners Know What Lighting They Look Best In

If you’re planning a special night with an event planner, you need to think of the details the way they would or they will spend the entire time thinking about how your selfies together would’ve turned out better if the lighting had been more flattering.

  1. Event Planners Like to Be in Control.

They’re not being bossy, it’s just a side effect of the job.

  1. Your Home Will Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine.

If you take your relationship with an event planner to the next level, your home life will be finely orchestrated. Most event planners translate their attention to detail and ability to rally the team into a very peaceful existence at home. However, there are also those of us who when we’re “off the clock,” organization goes out the window.

  1. This Job Has no Hours

If you love to call your significant other and propose a last-minute evening out, forget about it. Event planning is the type of profession that doesn’t have traditional hours – there will be late nights and early mornings. Your sweetie will be working around the clock and get weird calls at strange times, which brings us to…

  1. You Can’t Be the Suspicious Type

It’s not unusual for event planners to get calls at strange hours requesting their presence. If you are the type who needs to be by that person’s side all the time, this probably won’t end well for you. You’re also going to have to get used to the phone ringing.

Sometimes your event planner may even work with some top names in entertainment. While you may think your event planner is the cat’s meow, there are very few stories of A-list celebs running off with event professionals (not that event profs aren’t fantastic), so cool the jealousy.

  1. No, They Can’t Won’t Turn Off the Phone

Those blinking lights may very well disturb circadian sleep rhythms but you’ll just have to get used to it. Texts at inopportune times and putting up with phrases like “I have to take this” are all part of the event planner’s significant other’s role. You most likely will have to pry that phone out of your beloved’s hands. This, too, will not end well for you.

  1. They Turn it on and Off

Event planners are usually very personable. It’s how they land clients, but they also need to be able to fade into the background and make the party or conference seem like it’s effortless. This takes a special personality. Don’t be surprised when you see that masterful duality used in your relationship as well. It keeps things fun, doesn’t it?

  1. They Give It All Elsewhere

If you’ve ever dated an event planner or someone in the hospitality industry, you know they give everything to the client. That may leave very little for you some days. You’ll probably want to get a hobby.

  1. Wedding Planners Might Just Hate Love

Okay, here’s a broad comment meant solely for those of you lucky enough to be dating wedding planners. You know how people in the line of fire may develop an aversion to loud noises? Wedding planners see a lot. They may be gun shy about that big walk down the aisle or they may just really hate songs like “At Last.” Even if your beloved seems relatively unphased by all they’ve witnessed, please for the love of wedded bliss never ever use the phrase. “But it’s MY day,” even in casual conversation.

  1. They May Have Difficulty Slowing Down

You know who you are.

  1. How Will You Manage Your Stress

A great event planner is able to help others around them deal with stress from a nervous bride to an unsure client. But that event planner is also really good at hiding their stress. Dating an event planner means helping them off the edge on occasion.

In Conclusion

Event planners are fabulous people, very gregarious, and they know how to throw a party. But being in their shadow can be a lonely life if you don’t love what you do and thrill at seeing your honey be a success.

Have you dated an event planner? If so, did the phone ever get turned off? Just checking.