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9 Creative Ways to Display Company Logos at Events

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Events are full of branding opportunities. Here we show you 9 creative ways to display company logos and brand your events.

Today’s event planner is expected to ‘think outside the box’ and create unique experiences rather than run-of-the-mill corporate events. One of the main criteria that event planners must decide upon is where and how to display company logos at events. As expectations grow – and audiences and clients demand more ‘wow factor’ experiences – so every element of an event must be well thought out and individually tailored to an event.

9 Creative Ways to Display Company 1

Just relying on banners and flyers to be a sufficient way of displaying a logo is out of the question if you want your event to really stand out. Branded goody bags and logoed photo walls are no longer ‘new’ ideas. With the use of interactive technology, new ideas, entertainment and plenty of creativity, event planners can ensure that company logos are displayed in a variety of ways; some clever or modern and others simply mind-blowing!

Here, we look at a range of ways to display company logos at your next event:

Interactive Options for Company Logos

The use of technology and interactive art has been used at a range of corporate events to engage attendees, whilst at the same time cleverly displaying a corporate or event logo. These interactive options are a great way to get guests talking during the mix and mingle or drinks reception.


The use of photbooths at events is growing in popularity as they offer a great way of displaying corporate logos and leaving attendees with a keepsake of the event. This option can be used at events as a way of giving attendees an interactive element during arrivals or as part of the drinks receptions.

The new generation of photobooths will not only display branding and logos on the outside of the photobooth, but can also ensure that logos are included on photos that can then be instantly uploaded to social media!

Digital Graffiti Wall

Special software and an infra red spray can allow attendees to draw onto a giant screen, offering an interactive experience that has the added bonus of being able to display logos.
Digital graffiti walls can also be used in conjunction with a photobooth, so that you can add some artwork to your portrait. As with the photobooth, instant upload is available so that guest’s finished artwork can be instantly displayed on Facebook. A great way to get that company logo displayed to a wider audience!

3D Street Art

EMB streetart

A stunning visual spectacle that unfolds before your guests very eyes! A 3D street artist can create a pavement masterpiece at your event and incorporate a company logo within the bespoke drawing.
Attendees can watch the picture as it is created and interact with the finished result for a unique visual experience that can promote a brand at a corporate event by including logos.

Edible (or Drinkable) Logos

Food and drink is increasingly being used as a way of displaying messages, branding and of course, corporate logos. These neat ideas are great to use throughout your event as a way to display your company or event logo, and to dazzle your guests.

Live Ice Sculpture Luge

Imex 14 12

Your guests will love watching a talented ice sculptor create a frozen work of art that is revealed to be an amazing 3d corporate log … the perfect centre piece for your event with a unique function! Not only are ice sculptures great to look at, but they can also be used as a vodka/drinks Luge!
This is an extravagant way to ensure your logo is displayed at your bespoke event and a sure-fire way of attracting plenty of attention from attendees.

Coffee Artist

Emb coffee art

A relatively new and unique concept, this is a very unusual and exciting way to display company logos at events. Serve your guests coffee with a company logo on the top with a coffee artist at your next event!
Artistic skill and new ideas are combined to create a great tasting work of art that also incorporates bespoke logos or images. Guaranteed to impress even the most discerning attendee.

Something for the future – Ice Pop Logos

Whilst researching new and unique ideas for edible or drinkable logos for this article, I came across a neat idea! Whilst the other options in this section I have already seen and experienced myself, the Ice Pop Generator is a new (and exciting) concept for me that is a must have for events that want to break boundaries.

A European company is using ‘food, technology and art’ to create bespoke ice creams for events; including faces, animals and company logos. Wow! To help reinforce event logos or branding, the ice pop sticks can even have a bespoke message printed on them.

Entertain Guests and Display Your Logo

As corporate events demand more from their event entertainment, so performers have been quick to respond. Event planners looking for acts and shows that can wow audiences and display company logos at an event are spoilt for choice. So here’

Ipad Magician

Have your logo displayed in a memorable and magical way. Watch in awe as a digital magician pulls an inanimate object out of a tablet device. This is a great option for the drinks reception, as an after dinner show or at your trade show stand.
Ipad magicians can incorporate logos in to their digital routines which are guaranteed to draw the crowds at your event, create a real talking point at the event and leave guests spellbound.

Walkaround Robots

Walkaround robots come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes and are a great addition for drinks receptions, or to greet guests, at a variety of corporate events. One of the great things about walkaround robots is the ability of many of them to display logos thanks to their array of special effects.
These robot performers are a walking, talking logo display that is sure to wow guests and ensure that an event is a real talking point.

Digital Caricaturist

The ever popular corporate caricaturist has moved with the times and gone digital! As a result, company logos or branding can be included on each portrait which can be instantly uploaded on to social media or emailed.

Digital caricaturists are live entertainment that offers a great addition to events, with the ability to mix and mingle with guests whilst displaying your company logo to great effect.

In Conclusion

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the hard pressed event planner to find new and exciting ways in which to display logos at events that really inspire attendees. Thankfully, there are always unique concepts to be found thanks to the inspiration and creativity of those working within and supplying the event industry.

Using alternative ways of displaying a logo – through the use of entertainment, food or technology – will not only inspire your guests, but really create a buzz and a talking point at your next event. There is also the added bonus that a unique concept will also encourage guests to take to social media and talk about your event to a wider audience (with logos included!).