9 Tiny Booths That Make a Big Impact

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With attendees expecting more from booths, and stand space on the trade show floor being priced at a premium, many exhibitors are working within a small footprint. However, even when working with minimal space your tiny stand can still make a big impact.

It is often believed that the less space you have, the less impact you can make but this is not the case and low-budget doesn’t have to mean ineffective. Restrictive space can make you feel as though you have less to offer attendees but with plenty of imagination you can use it to your advantage and focus on the finer details, personal touch and developing an in-depth connection to those who visit your stand.  Here are nine compact examples to inspire you to find the power of little exhibition stands.

  1. Immediate Incentives

This fairly simple idea uses graphics to give immediate incentives to attract visitors and packs in plenty of storage space and a tasting station. The prize entry idea gets people to the booth and entering a giveaway by also trying your product, so it is successful on three fronts and achieves the aim of product testing and introducing products to attendees. Also, as a drink, the stand design lends to a bar layout with fridge and display behind and the tasting area up front. They even fit in a flat screen TV.

Credit: Chakman42

  1. Bedroom Comforts

Comfortable and familiar atmospheres evoke trust and draw people to you which is why chairs, seating and lounge areas work well as an exhibition idea. This showcase turns the entire stand into a chic, rustic bedroom and will have attendees wishing for their comfy place. This is the perfect example of how you can showcase your services and talents in unique ways as this interior designer lets her booth and work speak for her at Toronto’s Interior Design Show 2017.

Credit: Trish Knight

  1. Illusions

Incorporate the weird and wacky into your booth and get attendees talking. Illusions such as this make it very memorable and with the incorporation of a prize wheel, adds more value than the eye catching design that they first see. The illusion offers something new every time you look at it.

  1. DIY Pallet Repurpose

Pallets are a favourite DIY option because they can be so diverse, from furniture to event entertainment, they are now making their way into exhibitions as a unique, rustic way of displaying products, signage or artwork. This exhibition booth leaves an open feeling and allows attendees to walk around freely and the mini seating area makes it feel more welcoming to encourage guests to stay.

Credit: AL Gazal Signmakers

  1. Demonstrative Focus

Simplifying your focus at an exhibition is a good idea and this booth concept made reality helps to highlight the security products that are on display by the vendor. This simple but effective demonstration shows that the powerful security camera can capture details at speed as well as having great zooming capabilities. The design of the booth itself also encourages attendees to learn more and the green strip lights draw your eye to where you should be focusing your attention.

Credit: Repa Dizayn

  1. Indoor Pergola

The concept of “outside in” always goes down a treat with attendees enjoying seeing outdoor elements make their way inside and this small booth is clever because it is made from a garden pergola as well. Other elements that can be popular that fit this idea are live walls, garden furniture or games and grass mats or carpet (also shown here.)

  1. Neon Secrecy

Appeal to curiosity by enclosing your booth so that attendees have to enter or get closer to see what is going on. This neon party idea is fun and engaging, leaving attendees with something to showcase once they leave your booth or stand so others are signposted to come and investigate. The tent offers an alternative booth option to shell scheme but either way, secrecy can get attendees coming to you. It is important to make sure that you are worth the effort so there should be incentives or ideas that add value when inside your booth so that word of mouth spreads.

Credit: Beauty Day Girls Spa & Fun

  1. Miniature Kitchen

Food is a crowd pleaser, particularly for long exhibitions and trade shows so this is an excellent way to showcase products and let attendees get in on the action. The miniature kitchen has a TV screen with other bakes to showcase precious work and also information on ingredients but it also allows guests to try for themselves.

Credit: Wooden Style Interior

  1. Golf Gamification

Playing games at your booth can be a light-hearted way of encouraging interaction and participation and this idea is perfect for those who want to stay on message as well. The miniature course can have its own signage or branding and as you can see here, you can use the game to win prizes which offers a greater incentive too. Just remember to make prizes relevant to you and your brand in some way so that it’s more memorable and ties together nicely.

Credit: Putting Edge Ltd

7 Tips For Making Small Exhibition Booths Stand Out

Choose Staff Wisely

At a smaller booth, the experience needs to be fantastic, especially if you have little budget to spend on anything else. Your staff can make or break this experience. You want to opt for lively and outgoing staff who are friendly and engaging to draw in visitors, especially if your booth is not much to look at in order to share your message. You can also do this by using branded clothes, uniforms or costumes for your booth staff to make them more recognizable and approachable to attendees as they walk around. Be wary to find the balance between noticeable outfits and those that might make your staff uncomfortable, you want them to be proud of your brand or booth, not embarrassed by it.

Use Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool that can change the mood and atmosphere of your booth and are often fairly budget friendly on a smaller scale. Lighting can be used to highlight your products and make them noticeable from afar. Try to pick one element and focus on that rather than overcomplicating things by using a lot of different lighting effects in a small space.

Go Digital

If you don’t have the space to offer goods and services at your booth, make them digital so that attendees can still walk away with something but your stand won’t be cluttered or confusing. For example, use social media polling over questionnaires, QR codes for prizes and incentives or even information about your stand, brand or company or you could turn them into a game by finding the right code to win a prize like a digital raffle. Just because you can’t bring many tangible items to your stand, doesn’t mean you can’t add value in other ways. Solutions even exist to electronically add products to their basket to check out for delivery to their door after the event.

Don’t Dilute

Keep your message and idea simple when using a smaller booth so that things are not lost in translation. Stay on brand and ensure that every square foot has a purpose and is giving the right impression so that you don’t dilute what you want to say. The risk with a small booth is that you can’t showcase yourself well enough so try to combat this by having something simple and effective to relay and using your booth in the best way possible.

Include Tech

Just because you have a small booth or budget doesn’t mean you can’t add low-cost tech ideas to give attendees extra incentive to visit. Adding a small, free WiFi hotspot near your booth or a mini charging station which draws guests to you and makes them more inclined to stay and give you the opportunity to engage with them can be valuable. Always weigh up the cost of the tech versus the benefit it will bring you and if it isn’t going to be that effective or it is just a gimmick, leave it at home.  

Utilize Social Media

Encourage visitors to follow you on social media so that you can create that connection long-term, even if you aren’t offering massive incentives at the trade show itself you can still let them know that you are valuable. Use your channels to live stream, Tweet a Q&A answer session, make an impact by encouraging the first 10 followers who visit your booth to win prizes and reach out via social media to draw attendees. As previously mentioned you could include live polling or feedback options too which is invaluable.

Be Personable

The advantage to a smaller booth is that you look inherently more personable and approachable, compared to the massive “corporation” booths or brands that you see at exhibitions. You can use this to ensure that you give off the same friendly image, be willing to help people and show them that you are just as interesting (if not more) than those with a big booth and this will help make you more relatable to attendees.

In Conclusion

Whether it’s a lack of space or budget you should always come up with ideas to keep your attendees interested otherwise an exhibition is not going to work for you or your brand. The personal touch is the best thing you can capitalize on and creating relationships with attendees can often make the smallest of brands the most successful.