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5 Destinations Innovating With 360º Video

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Immerse yourself in these five stunning 360º video event destination tours.

Choosing the right destination for an event is essential but getting all of your stakeholders on board can be tricky. Not everyone will be able to visit and see it for themselves, and even the best photographer in the world won’t be able to catch every detail. Thanks to 360º video, it’s now possible to experience venues and destinations like never before.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite 360º destination videos below. Take in the sights and sounds of these amazing destinations for yourself.

360º Video Tours

Anaheim, United States

See the sights and experience the sounds of Anaheim. Anaheim, California prides itself on being a top event destination. Looking at this 360º video, you can see why.

Houston, United States

Houston, Texas is a truly modern American city surrounded by epic scenery. This 360º showcase highlights the impressive duality of one of America’s most popular event destinations.

Sydney, Australia

Watch the sunset over Sydney Harbour Bridge in time-lapse and soak up the scenery from the air.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Experience a day in Dubai, in under two minutes with this fast-paced virtual tour of one of the most futuristic cities in the world.

Whistler, Canada

Join virtual tour guide Magee Walker on a brief tour of the world renowned ski resort and Winter Olympics venue, Whistler Village.

In Conclusion

While there’s no substitute for getting on a plane and visiting a destination for yourself, 360º videos make a good starting point for venue research and are great for sharing with your event team.