25 #Eventtech Startups to Watch This Fall

We’re three quarters of the way through 2017, it’s starting to get cold and autumn is here. You know what that means? It’s time for us to bring you the hottest eventtech startups to warm you up in time for winter.

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At EventMB, we have pioneered the recognition of innovation in the event industry and are once again happy to present you with some of the exciting startups that are shaping the future of the event planning industry.

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How Do We Collect the Eventtech Startups?

They submit their pitch here and we select only those that haven’t been covered by other media outlets and/or offer an innovative or solid business proposition.

We have also added the startups we have reviewed recently so you can catch up with a more in-depth analysis

Check out these amazing startups:  


  1. Corsizio

Users can view statistics in real-time to monitor the number of attendees and revenue generated in Corsizio’s online registration and payment platform.

  1. Arlo

Cloud-based training and event management software, Arlo is designed to promote, sell and deliver courses and events.

  1. SonorPlex

Do you want to know if your attendees are really engaged by your content? What are they most engaged with? Mark key highlights and review key moments on video post event with SonorPlex.

  1. Elysian

For a unique and in-depth approach to the new art of virtual reality storytelling, Elysian creates high-end VR experiences with immersive content.

  1. Nowsta

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, phone tag and email threads. Nowsta says hello to payroll, scheduling and attendance all in one integrated platform.

  1. Greetly

Visitors simply choose the purpose of their visit, who they are there to see, and enter their name in Greetly’s digital reception technology. Greet visitors to your workplace.

  1. MaxGate

Take care of the Master Delivery Scheduling with MaxGate from start to finish, designed to improve event efficiency, delivery and flow, using smart devices and technology.

  1. EVENTText

Want an easier, more effective way to reach and engage attendees with your content schedule and information? With EventText, things run smoother, people show up and they’re texted real time information.

  1. Octopai

Octopai turns weeks of manual work into minutes and enables the business to move faster.

  1. Diazam

From festivals to 5K runs, Diazam has simplified the process of creating and maintaining an event layout.

  1. Dryfta

Dryfta helps save time and money with its well-designed all-in-one event management platform for universities, non-profits and organizations.

  1. Mobsteer

Intertwining events, businesses, and participants through one centralized platform, Mobsteer bridges the gap between events and businesses.

  1. ContentLook

ContentLook can uncover marketing threats and opportunities by tracking the progress, metrics and tasks for each page on your website.

  1. Tangro Tang

Need to secure a deal, seal the contract and deliver a successful event below budget, but you’re uncomfortable negotiating contracts? Tangro Tang finds practical solutions for you. 

  1. Doo

Doo’s enables you to manage your attendees before, during and after your event: personalized, professional and intelligent.

  1. Agenda Panda

Last minute event schedule changes? Create and update schedules and agendas from one place with Agenda Panda and sync it everywhere.

  1. BienVenue

Select your event date, make your deposit online and invite your guests. BienVenue’s online marketplace for takes out the hassle for you.

  1. AIHello

Power up your online selling intelligence with AIHello’s technology, which offers an easy-to-use practical solution to your online selling challenges.

  1. WotNow

Know which other users are also at the same event as you with WotNow. Create events and invites, and also see how business sends deals to users driving through its area.

  1. Grenadine

Need help promoting and selling your events and would like to work with a single platform? Grenadine’s software offers a multi-event, multi-user, multi-language integrated solution.

  1. eObjx

No apps, downloads or logins. Everyone’s photos and videos auto-assembled into a new entertainment lifeform. Just press play. Watch it grow with eObjx.

  1. Hire4event

From event equipment and planning, to venue search and production, Hire4event is a one-point-solution for events and activations.

  1. FreshSqz

What if you could sell tickets and products online, in multiple markets, with one program that is built to help you maximize your revenue? Let us introduce you to FreshSqz.

  1. Sparxo

Sparxo offers a smooth check-in process for tickets on the day of your event, in an alternative way. This voice driven community app lets you tell a story with your tickets.

  1. Evia

Architecture is key to Evia. Delivering virtual event technology, utilizing a technology-agnostic approach, Evia leverages different technologies to provide multiple ways to get to the goal of an interruption-free livestream.

In Conclusion

As always the case for these roundups, we ask you to please share this article, it would mean the world to these startups and keep the positive cycle of innovation flowing in our industry.

Don’t just take our word for it! From hire apps to venue online marketplaces and VR storytelling, technology across the globe never rests. Check out these eventtech startups for all your event planner needs.

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