Get Your Technology Talking – And Let It Take the Strain

This is a sponsored post written by George Sirius, CEO, Eventsforce.
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Event managers are increasingly expected to handle large numbers of events and present a tangible ROI to clients and board members. It’s fantastic to see that new technology is beginning to be embraced to help with this, not only as a means to improve the event experience for delegates but also assist planners in their day to day role.

Event technology talking

The next step is to ensure the wide range of technologies used across the organisation are talking to each other effectively.

You Don’t Have to Drown in Event Data

Anyone that has organised even a single event will understand how important it is to stay on top of the large volume of data that events generate, and will realise the necessity of collecting the right information at the right time and using it effectively post-event.

When you multiply this across hundreds of events throughout the year, as with many of our clients, you have an administrational mountain to climb. The clever technology out there will be able to turn that mountain into a molehill.

How the Technology Can Help

There is an increasing requirement to integrate data across organisations, especially between sales and marketing departments, and of course events are a critical element of this. Events teams will undoubtedly be required to make data available to the sales teams wherever possible in order to fuel the sales pipeline and events teams will need updated lists of leads to invite to events.

Therefore, if it’s possible to integrate the event management system with the CRM used by the sales team then not only will you be maximising opportunities by filling your events with the right people, but you’ll be keeping the sales team happy by automatically generating leads as people register for your events.

As a company, you’ll enhance your ability to remain agile and respond quickly, and your customers will benefit by being able to get all the information they need from one person rather than multiple departments, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. You’ll also be reducing the admin burden for yourself and for the sales team, as the latest event registration details will update existing contacts in the CRM system.

With the accurate synchronisation of data you will also eliminate dual data entry problems, freeing up valuable resources for other projects, and creating more accurate and reliable records whilst at the same time reducing duplicate records and all of the associated problems and inefficiencies.

In Conclusion

At Eventsforce we have taken time to ensure our system can do exactly this, integrating with the market leading CRM system Salesforce.

We’ve had some great feedback from clients that have used the integration and look forward to rolling it out to more organisations. We’re ultimately aiming to fuel event planners with the data they need to make their events great and free up their time so that they can focus on doing what they do best.