20 New Year Corporate Event Ideas

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Bring your corporate event to the next level with these inspirational ideas for a memorable new year.

There can be a lot of pressure to throw an amazing new year’s party, it creates a lasting memory and can define the atmosphere for the start of the new year. Here are some inspirational ideas to make an impact in the right way and give attendees a fantastic new year’s celebration to remember.


1.Exclusive Venues

Give your New Year’s event the wow factor and make it more memorable by hosting at an unusual or exclusive venue that aren’t usually available every day. For example, this stunning awards gala dinner that is hosted in the London Science Museum alongside some of the exhibits and displays. They can then form part of your event with private tours and exclusive viewings to experience exclusive venues differently to their purpose.

Credit: 7nine Entertainment

  1. Custom Dance Floor

This dancefloor is a fun custom design that, as a clock, fits into the New Years’ time theme and can match plenty of colour schemes and décor at your event. A unique dancefloor can showcase the finer details of your event making it even more special and memorable for the attendees, plus it’s an excellent talking point.

Credit: Letz Dance On It

  1. Handmade Signage

Signage can be expensive, particularly for one-time use but these funky frames are a cool reusable idea that work. The large ornate gold colouring makes them stand out and the writing is a personal touch that you can incorporate on tables, the bar or entrance table so that it is noticed.

Credit: My Unique Events & Décor

  1. Ballroom Casino

This ballroom has been transformed into a casino with these blackjack tables and stunning lighting effects. Attendees tend to feel lucky around the New Year so they are more likely to get involved and if you don’t want real gambling you can create “event money” with sponsor’s name and logos.

Credit: Crimson Haze Event Lighting

  1. LED DJ Booth

With evening events being the norm around New Year it stands to reason that you’ll need some lighting and if you can make this multifunctional by incorporating it into the furniture then even better. This DJ booth makes a statement and can also light up the dancefloor or change color throughout the event to suit the atmosphere or nearer the countdown.

Credit: Prelude Entertainment, Skinner’s Hall

  1. Champagne Toast

See in the New Year in style with a champagne toast at midnight when the clock strikes twelve as an elegant way to celebrate. Champagne toasts can be easy to set-up whether it’s a table that is signed for “midnight champagne toast” (if you’re doing this, let everyone know in ample time so they can go and get their drinks without a crowd.) or wait staff that bring the drinks to the attendees (also make sure these are circulated 5 or 10 minutes before countdown begins).

  1. Igloo Décor

If an igloo got a makeover by an event designer this would be it, with transparent vases, furniture and candelabras combined with the silver accents and candle lighting creates elegant effects! Draw in colder themes and palettes to enhance the event like this stunning example.

Credit: Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel

  1. String Light Centrepieces

Change the mood and atmosphere of your venue by lowering the lights and relying on different effects like in this stunning corporate layout. The centrepieces in particular use string lights hanging from branches, paired with the illuminated bases and floor gobos to showcase that lighting goes a long way when transforming a venue for a party.

Credit: Lauren Gough, 8 Northumberland Avenue, Venue Seeker

  1. Favours and Props

One of the few times you can get away with the tacky glasses, big signs and over the top props. Is it really New Year if people aren’t branded with the new date or celebratory favours? They are generally excellent mementos for attendees too, even if they don’t wear them they might take them home.  

Credit: DecoLab

  1. Giant Countdown Clock

A key feature of the party should include some sort of countdown clock because attendees are always watching the time, seeing how close the New Year is and choosing where and who they want to be with closer to the time. This can be done in a variety of ways by having a digital countdown, an accurate traditional clock or alternatively you could project the time onto a wall or larger screen which is easily connected to plenty of online countdown websites. If you are having a smaller party then you could have the TV coverage on low volume so that you can celebrate the countdown as they do it.

  1. Mirror Selfie Booth

Documenting the final moments of the year, and the first memories of the new one is important to attendees so if you have the budget, a photo booth is an essential. This set-up is quite a cool idea that has a roped off section so attendees know who is in the photo perimeter as well as the printing station close-by for the mementos.

Credit: NWA Magic Mirror, Rachel Haynes Events, Groove Productions,  

  1. Ceiling GOBOs

In a venue that is difficult to decorate, like this high ceiling atrium, GOBOs can be a game changer. As you can see there is little else needed which can be cost-effective for bigger events with smaller budgets. Plus, patterned ceilings can make a space feel more intentional and intimate.

Credit: Joe Kalamaras, Emily Jean Images, Jenn Robirds Events,

  1. Disco Décor

Disco is always a fun idea, particularly with the popularity of era themes for New Year events but these are a quirky way to mix things up as décor pieces. The “melting” disco balls can be placed around the room but combined with the right lighting and they can create similar floor effects that they are supposed to do. Plus they are weird to look at which is always a talking point.

Credit: Reserve Modern, ROTGANZEN

  1. The Drop

A fun favourite for New Year is what is known as “the drop” which is having something fall from the ceiling at the countdown as part of the finale. This could be confetti, balloons or even specific décor pieces and inflatables. Regardless of what you choose, the drop is both popular and tends to create memorable moments (particularly for event pictures if you have a photographer on hand.)

  1. Pink Fizz Truck

For larger venues and parties, you may want to consider a small drink truck such as this that can transport essential fizz to attendees. This can help reduce queues at the bar, particularly near the countdown and provide a better experience, especially if you are having a big, outdoor celebration that may mean a lengthy walk to the bar.  

Credit: The Fizzical Co.

  1. Balloon Clock

This is an exciting homemade décor project that is fairly simple to execute by having shorter strings on the weights for the balloons, to keep with the time and countdown themes of a New Year event. You could create this effect with balloons branded with the company logo and upscale it for large events or simply use it as a piece of entrance décor.

  1. Social Frames

If you don’t have the budget for a full photo booth, then social frames can be just as effective. Place these around the venue alongside some small, handheld props (which can also be handmade and budget-friendly) in order to create photo opportunities at a fraction of the cost, plus they are very shareable on social media so don’t forget to brand with your hashtag.

Credit: Will Lipman

  1. Pyrotechnics

Fireworks, sparklers and displays can bring your New Year party to life and a bigger level to make a lasting impression.

  1. Corporate Cocktails

For a corporate New Year, you don’t have to dispense with branding or marketing but you can incorporate this in an organic way. For example, these edible cocktail tops could be available for a signature drink at the event or a smaller version on the champagne toast as a reminder or unique sponsorship opportunity.

Credit: Haute Dokimazo, Snake Oil Cocktail Company

  1. Starlight Canopy

If the weather is not on your side, plan for an indoor event under your own starlight using star cloth or twinkle canopies like this one. The darkened venue lit like this, added to the shrubbery décor gives the illusion you are outside and it can be an excellent way to be memorable and transform a venue, particularly if you want an intimate setting.

Credit: Images by Lighting

In Conclusion

Keep it classy this new year (except for a few essentials) with some of these New Year event ideas for your corporate gathering. Regardless of your budget, if you are clever you can deliver on the venue and make it a New Year to remember.