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20 Infographics That Are Too Real For Eventprofs

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Infographics are a quick way to present visual information such as data, facts and knowledge. Here are some useful infographics that every eventprof should view.


Sometimes words are not enough, your crazy eventprof schedule doesn’t lend much time to reading lengthy articles and research, so graphs and infographics are what you need. Images really can speak a thousand words. Here are some essential infographics for the event industry.

  1. How To Increase Engagement at Events

This infographic looks at the 5 ingredients for live interaction and how event planners can increase engagement at events.

  1. Project Management Terms

Project management is at the heart of event planning and this image provides the specific terms and jargon event planners need to know.

  1. Fun Facts About Event Planners

Get the lowdown on event planning in the US with this infographic with fun facts, from salaries to training, which states you will find the most event planners and even the highest paying states! You may want to consider moving.

  1. The Event Planning Landscape

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek at what event planning really looks like in this ever-changing industry, from budgeting, venue choice, staffing, mobility and social media statistics you can get a lot of information on what is really going on and how adaptable you have to be as an eventprof. This infographic is precious to get a brief snapshot of the industry, understand the bigger picture and find out if it is really for them.  

  1. 33 Ways to Visualize Ideas

Event planners are creative people. This handy image will give you some powerful ways to organize your thoughts and visualize your ideas!

  1. Seasonal Marketing Calendar

Marketing underpins many events and it is all about leverage. With this seasonal marketing calendar you can stay ahead of the game and take advantage of holidays, seasonal events and potential promotions that you can incorporate into your themes or events to provide you with inspiration and make the most of your marketing efforts.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Events

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing events. Here are just some of the ways AI is having an impact on the event industry, which all eventprofs should take note of.

  1. How To Have The Perfect Work Day

The perfect work day is often elusive to many eventprofs as unpredictable tasks or ridiculous amounts of emails can take hold, but this infographic helps to keep you on track, schedule your day to get the most out of it while also including ways to take care of yourself through breaks and decent sleep!

Based on a study that the most productive way to structure a day is by working 52 minutes then resting for 17, this chart may look ambitious at first glance but it is quite straightforward. While the commute is not appearing and can represent a large chunk of some people’s schedule, this time chart could be an objective for those who try to make the most out of their 24 hour days.

  1. The Environmental Footprint of An Event

Events can be one of the most wasteful industries. This handy infographic shares research about a typical conference event footprint to give an idea of what to measure, how to measure and a few tips you can follow to shrink your event waste and carbon footprint.

  1. Creative Routines

If you’re wondering how Einstein, Freud, Mozart and Dickens, among other geniuses, managed to achieve what they did with the same 24 hours in each day, you need to look no further. This fun infographic showcases the usual schedules of 16 of the world’s geniuses, establishing an average pattern based on their unique lifestyles. It is a relief to know that there is a diversity of paths leading to success and you just have to find the right way that suits you.  

  1. Ways To Stay Creative

Creativity is at the heart of event planning and allows for innovation and original ideas that set your event apart but it can be hard to maintain this and keep up a constant stream of new ideas. This picture gives various tips to maintain and stimulate creativity, which range from life adjustments to exercises and new hobbies.

  1. The Wonderful World Of Clients

The event profession is a client facing role and this means facing a variety of different people day in and out. Let’s be honest, some can be difficult. This funny infographic depicts 15 recurrent client types, offers tips to overcome their challenges and how to deal with them in the best way possible.

  1. Types Of Business Conference Attendees

The participants make the event and their are different types of attendees you can expect to see at your events. Focusing on conferences but lending to the industry as a whole, this infographic gives good hints on how to identify the most recurring attendee types and what that could mean for you.

  1. Legal Livestreaming

With increasing technology trends and a need to be accessible in events now live streaming and video have become the norm. There are a plethora of social media platforms available to easily stream content but people often forget about the legality of it all so this image makes the perfect checklist to legally livestream and keep your event out of trouble!

  1. Storytelling

Creating a narrative at an event can connect the attendees on an emotional level and get them more invested, so it is no surprise that event professionals value the power of storytelling. This image perfectly describes the psychological process behind a good story, giving you the golden rules to planning your event with storytelling in mind.

  1. Trade Show Booth Design

Standing out at a trade show can be difficult and in a highly competitive environment, struggling to get noticed won’t do you any favors. This infographic gives insight into design tips for your trade show booths that incorporates your brand and message while engaging with attendees.

  1. Different Types Of Marketing

Marketing is key but there are hundreds of ways to market a business and the same goes for events. This useful infographic has everything from experiential to content marketing and plenty of stats to help you choose which one is right for you and your event.  

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  1. Habits Of Punctual People

For event planners and organizers, punctuality goes a long way towards productivity and is generally an important trait to have. If you are hoping to be more punctual this infographic highlights the tricks and habits that you need to adapt, with quotes that represent the perfect punctual eventprof.

  1. How To Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Although this graphic is aimed at those planning an outdoor wedding and being weather-ready, it is still useful information for any type of outdoor event.

  1. Types Of Media Influencers

Working with online media influencers can prove to your audience that you are current and keeping up with trends as well as reaching new demographics, but not all of them are created equal. This infographic provides key info on the type of media influencers you will encounter, how they can be categorized and how to work with them.

In Conclusion

With infographics on everything from marketing to project management, event planning and the environment, these infographics give a visual snapshot of things event planners need to know. So, whether you are looking for quick reads or more insight, infographics are the way to go and these are 20 of the best that eventprofs will be able to relate to and learn from.