19 More Aerial Décor Ideas

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Make use of your whole venue space with more of these aerial décor ideas to unleash your creative side, make your attendees look up and create an immersive experience.

Event planners don’t always make the most of the venue and it is easy to forget about the higher spaces which means that when trying to improve user experience something can feel like it’s lacking. Attendees look up and then the décor or theme illusion is ruined, particularly with unattractive venues or ceilings. Having previously given you some astounding aerial décor ideas we wanted to go one step further to show more possibilities with what you can do with that overhead space and the opportunities it creates to wow your guests.


  1. Script Banners

Use script and giant letters to give a floating illusion when in the air. This gives a more magical feel and can draw the eye better than a standard printed option which can come across as bland, particularly at trade shows or exhibitions where they are most commonly seen.

  1. Indoor Swings

You can have them hanging at higher levels for entertainers to swing above attendee heads as awe inspiring entertainment or incorporate them into a participatory activity or quirky event seating option for guests by having them lowered further to the ground.

Credit: MRJ

  1. Streamers

These can be budget friendly options that are extremely dynamic and adaptable to event themes, colours or textures and can be placed at high or low level depending on the effect. You could also braid or interlock them to make thicker streamers or place near windows to add moveement, colour and a level of mystery to your venue.

Credit: Noelle Vainikka

  1. String Lighting

Simple string lighting can transform ceilings and goes with many different venue types from modern to rustic and industrial as well as softening the mood and vibe if used as the only lighting source. String lights are also fairly inexpensive and easy to put up.

  1. Marquee Letters

Literally sign your ceiling with large and bold marquee letters like in this example to emphasise different areas at your event. Add another interesting element by making them light up and stand out among a dark background, particularly for evening events to add an extra level of sophistication.

Credit: November Design Group

  1. Murals

If you are looking for more permanent venue alterations, murals can be the way to go to cover up ugly ceilings and add colour. The mural itself can be themed or more nondescript so that it is easily adaptable for all types of future events.

Credit: Debjani Ghosh Gakhar

  1. Cogs

These handmade wooden cogs are an excellent example of how larger props can be used to cover exposed or industrial ceilings. They are themed to both complement and draw attention away from the space and also work well to lower the height of the taller ceilings and make the space feel more enclosed and intimate.

Credit: Olivia Murris

  1. Mandap

A mandap is a traditional pillared structure that is traditionally temporary and is erected for religious or wedding ceremonies within the Hindu religion. They have since however been adapted to suit a variety of events and are similar to a pergola that can be decorated with lights, floral arrangements and other décor. Commonly used outside to create more of an “area” these are great aerial ideas that are adaptable in size.

Credit: Var Vadhu Weddings

  1. Disco Ball

Bring some retro nostalgia to the event by adding a disco ball! It doesn’t have to be garish or cheesy, particularly if, like in this example, you add in some other hanging décor pieces to style it out. These hanging pearl shapes and bulb lights also help enhance the light reflection and tone it down to give softer lighting effects.

Credit: Monika

  1. Mini Hammocks

These cute little hammocks create interesting effects and work in a similar way as fabric draping to provide localised cover ups for certain areas. They could even hold confetti, balloons or other props that could be released at the end of the event for an entertaining finish.

Credit: Paulina AO

  1. Wreath

Floral or foliage wreaths are commonly hung on doors but scaling them up and suspending them from the ceiling adds extra wow factor. They can not only create beautiful central focus points but they can also further suspend props, lighting or other florals to expand and create the illusion of cascading flowers.

Credit: Caroline Hodges Flowers

  1. Curtains and Drapes

Curtains are a very diverse aerial option because they can be used to cover walls, ceilings and drape furniture too to give a totally different feel to a venue. In this example, they are also combined with up lighting to accentuate certain areas and allow different theme colours to be highlighted. Plus, they can also create intricate backdrop opportunities too.

Credit: Oh My Gosh Events

  1. Lit Props

Hanging props is one thing, making them light up is another and this example shows the beautiful effects that can be created by adding LED lighting to a simple concept. These butterfly décor pieces can easily transition from day to night events making them highly adaptable for brilliant effects.

Credit: Lavita D’souza

  1. Dim Sum Steamers

Adding normal, everyday items to the ceiling as props not only helps to easily tie into the event themes but can be very budget friendly as these items are easier to get hold of and in many cases lying around. As was the case for this oriental themed ceiling idea using dim sum steamers to create this intricate effect.

Credit: Phizzwhizzer

  1. Modern Globes

This beautiful and modern interior design not only creates a focus point but also an art piece as the globes hang intertwining. This is a clean and sophisticated example of how aerial décor can wow attendees and create certain vibes and aesthetics.

Credit: Robyn Fisher

  1. Balloon Ceiling

A variety of options are available here from filling the balloons up with helium, fixing to the ceiling or housing them in nets to be dropped. A balloon ceiling is particularly useful for bringing down taller venues, enclosing the space and making it feel more intimate. Additionally you can incorporate lighting to illuminate transparent balloons or hang further décor or flowers from them.

Credit: Arty Party Balloons

  1. Totem Poles

These are a fun way of creating landmarks at outdoor events that can be used as congregation or meeting points for guests. Quirky décor can be done on a large or small scale and is a worthy photo opportunity.

  1. Hanging Photos

Hanging photos can be a useful fundraising idea at galas and events as you hang photos of the charities or projects you are involved in that you are trying to fundraise for. You could also scale this down and string together polaroid images together for a further drop down effect for your event entrance or exit. It is also a unique idea for some recurring events to showcase previous year’s photos.

Credit: Okeanos Group

  1. Signposts

Useful for wayfinding as well as making an impact, signposts can be easily adapted to suit your décor and event. They can be fairly budget friendly if they can be handmade by a crafty planner. Tall signage ideas are also useful for showcasing everything you have on offer and can be used inside at trade shows or outside for larger events.

Credit: Hochzeits-Fee

In Conclusion

Aerial décor can add another dimension to your event and have a direct impact on the user experience which doesn’t always have to stretch the budget. If you are aiming for an immersive theme then aerial décor could make or break the effect you create. Consider some of these ideas and inspiration for your next events.