18 Drinks to Create a Stir

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1. Space Themes

Drinks are drinks, right? How much effort do you really need to put in?

You’d be surprised how much of an impact these smaller details can make to your event attendees.

From tying the theme into the occasion, creating sponsorship opportunities or giving guests something Insta-worthy, drinks can be very diverse offerings. Think about presentation; colors, decorative touches, vessels, and the location where drinks will be served. Here are 18 inspirational drink ideas for your next event to get you started.

Holding an interstellar event? Why not match your drinks to the theme? Opt for a galactic color palette, with bright hues and stacked gradients. Check out these amazing drinks served at the National Space Centre during a networking break; the team have used eye-catching shades and optimized the visual impact by presenting them with dry ice. This is perfectly in keeping with the theme of the venue.

Organising an event @spacecentre was such fun. I got to host my event in the planetarium so attendees could watch the action on the giant domed screen. The rocket tower counted down to blast off with smoke and lights to signal the start of the event. Cocktails and canapés were served during the networking break but not just any old cocktails though… themed cocktails 🚀🛰️👩‍🚀 – – – – #eventprofs #eventplanners #eventplanning #eventprofslife #meetingprofs #meetingplanners #eventcatering #networkingdrinks #creativeevents #eventinspiration #businessevents #corporateevents #wranglersonsite #networkingeventts #NationalSpaceCentre #Leicester #hospitality #eventmanagers #EventOrganisers

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Credit: Amanda Thurlow

2. Glass Lashes

Adding neat decorative touches will make your drinks stand out. Keep embellishments connected with your brand, or the theme of your event, for maximum impact. When creating these drinks, they opted to include eyelashes on the cocktail glasses which could be the perfect decoration for a cosmetic industry event, a glam-themed dinner, or a bridal shower. A simple and effective way to set the tone of the occasion.

Credit: theSquad Creative Events

3. Shaped Fruit

Use the texture and shape of fruits to add an elegant twist to unfussy drinks. For an enhanced visual impact, go for the more unusual fruits like this elegant G&T; elevated by the inclusion of starfruit, pomegranate, and mint. Perfect for a summer fair or afternoon event.

Credit: Meloree

4. Popsicle Spritzers

A grown-up twist on the childhood summer favorite! Check out these mini popsicles, made from cocktail components, carefully presented in a wine glass with a bonus drink to enjoy. They’re visually impressive and thoroughly enticing!

5. Game of Thrones Styling

When winter is coming, there’s no better way to get into the mood than with a Game of Thrones-style drink! This cocktail has stenciling on it with the symbol of House Stark. TV shows and movies can provide useful inspiration for the theme of your drinks and using popular culture makes them picture worthy. Taking Game of Thrones as an example, aspects of the show’s imagery, such as ice, fire, and snow, can be integrated easily into a cocktail menu.

Credit: The Blind Bartender

6. Jellyfish Shot

There are some cocktails that are so visually impressive, it makes you wonder how exactly they were crafted! These components have been carefully fashioned to provide the illusion of a jellyfish, which makes this cocktail the perfect choice for an underwater-themed event. Options like this give the wow-factor and create memorability!

Credit: The Dutch Bartender

7. Foam Art

The popularity of latte art has exploded in recent years, with ever more intricate designs poured atop your favorite coffee. Did you know that a similar effect can be enjoyed with a cocktail? This team has produced this stunning cocktail with sophisticated foam art, and a sprinkle of gorgeous dried petals that extends down the glass.

Credit: Locale

8. The Multi-Pour

It’s not solely the drinks themselves that will delight your guests; try adding a dash of showmanship to the process! Bartenders have amazing tricks that add extra magic to their craft; like this amazing multi-pour technique. You could host cocktail workshops as part of your corporate event as an effective way to build teamwork and learn an exciting new talent.

Credit: Ignite 1917

9. Rock Candy Champaign

Whilst a tiny paper umbrella might historically have been considered the quintessential accessory for a cocktail, there are infinite creative touches you can add to the drinks at your event. As well as fruit and foliage, candy is a sweet addition to celebratory beverages. This simple and stylish addition perfectly complements the elegance of champagne using a candy icicle.

10. Floating Flowers

There are many unique approaches to giving drinks the wow factor, and adding elements of a cocktail sequentially can build a spectacular design. Check out this glass of floating flowers. Petals and springs combine with the iced drink to give the illusion of blooms suspended in a glass. Depending on the flora used, this approach can enhance the flavor profile of the cocktail. At the very least, it will delight your guests and have them reaching for their phones to take a snap!

Credit: helGINki

11. Color Swirls

If you’re working with higher viscosity drinks they will have the perfect texture to hold a bold design. Cocktail creators can use swirls of color to create gorgeous effects, giving the illusion of tie-dye, abstract paintings, or even a galactic scene. In this example, the cocktail has the effect of shimmering water in a swimming pool. This is perfect for summer parties, or simply bringing the excitement of outside into your gathering!

Wenn schon nicht am Swimmingpool dann zumindest Swimmingpools 😉…

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Credit: Vio Berlin

12. Lavender Smoke

There are no limits when it comes to a fabulous drink; the more elaborate the better! Delight your guests with the unexpected by utilizing unusual materials, flavors, and textures. This amazing cocktail is contained within a lamp filled with lavender smoke. The technical brilliance and sheer creative craftsmanship is outstanding, and the visual impact of the entire concoction creates an exclusive experience that guests will not forget!

🍸 LAVENDER MARTINI in a cloud of lavender smoke.

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Credit: lanemonemarina

13. Neon Cocktails

Are you holding an event under ultraviolet lamps? As well as glow sticks and UV paint, you can add light-attracting elements to your drinks to create a stunning effect. Check out these science experiment-themed cocktails. Measuring beakers and dry ice are used to deliver laboratory vibes, whilst the bubbling brew lights up in glorious technicolor. Consider how the lighting and ambiance of your venue can be utilized to influence the drinks menu and create a unique experience for your guests.

Credit: Niyoti

14. Mason Jars

Mason jars are on trend for event catering. The humble glass container has experienced something of a revival in recent years and is particularly popular for the presentation of smoothies, juices, and cocktails. Tying in with the trend for repurposing, mason jars have taken their place as the ultimate in upcycled kitchenware. If you’re aiming for a straightforward, chic, rustic look, they’re a perfect choice. In this example, a delicious chocolate-infused White Russian has been given the mason jar treatment. Simply grab the handle and enjoy!

As it’s Easter Sunday and I thought I’d try a Kinder #whiterussian. Vodka, kahlua, milk and a Kinder blitzed. Just call me “The Dude”. . . . . . . #eastereggs #cocktailhour #chocolatedrink #kinder #vodka #kahlua #lentisover #treatmyself #sugarhit #moderncocktails #drinksondrinks #drinksonme #diabetesinadrink #coffeeliqueur #rum #sundayspecial

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Credit: Zenmaster

15. Fire

If you’re looking for a drink that will really set the night alight, why not go for a flaming cocktail? The burning blue flame is visually impressive and can alter the flavour profile of the drink. Different glasses will produce unique effects, as will the placement of the alcohol. Shake it up to set the entire drink alight, or use a thin layer at the top for an intense flame that will burn brightly for just a few seconds.

fire drink

16. Light Up Ice Cubes

Want to change the hue of your signature cocktail without using food coloring or liqueurs that will change its flavor? We’ve got you covered! Simply use light-up ice cubes. Not only will they produce dramatic color-changing effects, but they’ll also keep drinks at a refreshing temperature. Most varieties will activate when submerged in liquid, and they’ll stay luminous for hours! Add a pop of color to clear cocktails, or mix up the palette in tinted drinks. They’re perfect for events shrouded in mysterious darkness, or al fresco occasions that extend into the late hours.

Light up ice cubes

17. Cookies

What could be better than a delicious cookie, cake, or pastry? Only adding it to your favorite cocktail! There are plenty of ways to integrate your favorite baked treat; include a scattering of chopped cookies at the top of a milky drink, add birthday cake sprinkles to a sweet cocktail, or garnish the glass with a cake pop. In this example, a peanut butter tuille is used to decorate a highball glass, to tie in with the theme of Girl Scout cookies.

Credit: Royal DC

18. Pastel Elegance

An elegant affair requires only the finest ingredients. If you’re hosting a sophisticated occasion, keep ornamental pieces understated. Use subtle hues for the cocktails and embellishments that are beautiful without being showy. In this example, they’ve opted for a soft pink cocktail, decorated with edible flowers.

In Conclusion

Making your event drinks intriguing and exciting can make up for other little details you can’t necessarily afford and help to create immersive atmospheres and themes. It’s important to remember that sometimes less is more, but be thoughtful and you’ll make the impact you’re looking for!